The Top 5 Biggest LoL Champions in Size in the Runeterra Universe

The Runeterra Universe is home to many characters that has given life to the game by adding many different storylines that make every gamer feel like they’re living in the ideal fantasy world filled with the right amount of action and drama. With so many lore pieces that help us imagine what the world is like, today we’ll be talking about the top 5 biggest LoL champions according to how they were described in the lore to give us a better idea on how large these characters really are.

The Top 5 Biggest LoL Champions in Runeterra

Champion sizes in the League of Legends are scaled up or down to benefit the game mechanics and prevent certain champions from taking up the entire map. Most champions are actually larger or smaller than their in-game model if you would compare it to how they are described in the story. Right now, many people are curious as to which characters can actually be considered the biggest LoL champions if compared to their sizes in the world of Runeterra.

While a lot of videos and forum threads try to give a definite number on the actual size of these champions, Riot Games hasn’t really given a numerical value regarding the body sizes of all their champions. That means we can only guess their sizes according to lore descriptions rather than ranking them according to their actual size. Now, let’s take a look at some of the biggest LoL champions in the Runeterra universe.

5. Nautilus

Nautilus is the first name on our list and it shouldn’t be a surprise. While he was described to be a drowned man seeking for revenge, his biography describes that he is anything more than just a normal man as he became some kind of sea goliath along the way. Even though many say that the anchor is the best feature that gives us an idea on how big he actually is, we believe that the anchor has actually scaled up in size, similar to his diving gear that couldn’t possibly contain the body of a titan.

Nautilus capsizing a bunch of ships - Biggest LoL champions
Capsizing ships like it’s nothing!

Nautilus establishes himself as one of the biggest LoL champions because his lore dictates that he simply grabs ships from the bottom of the sea. His lore states that he simply wades in the water rather than swim and assuming that the waters surrounding Bilgewater are deep, he needs to have a considerable height to be able to reach the surface of the water and grab unsuspecting ships that try to pass through his territory.

4. Ornn & Volibear

Ornn and Volibear are gods residing in the Freljord and are brothers according to the lore. The two share the same stature and the size difference may actually be really small. The reason why we ranked them together is because we believe that the two gods have an acceptably similar size that make sense of their rivalry. The two are often depicted in battle, clashing and bringing devastation to the lands in which they fight.

Ornn and Volibear fighting - Biggest LoL champions
The titans of the Freljord

While it makes sense for gods to be gigantic, Ornn is often described as living “inside” a mountain, meaning that he’s not bigger than one. In Riot Games’ latest cinematic – The Call it shows Volibear’s kin, but it doesn’t showcase Volibear himself. Take note that these gods are depicted as towering in stature and can easily destroy cities by simply walking through them, meaning that they are big enough to break through walls just by passing through them.

3. Galio

Galio is an interesting case because it’s very hard to scale his size because his lore entries often change the way he is described. He was initially created to be a shield that protects the Demacian army from magical attacks, meaning his size alone can cover an entire army. As a statue, he was often place outside the gates of Demacia and according to passerby’s, he would tower over the high walls of the city and be a true monument that showcased the kingdom’s identity.

Galio judging souls - Biggest LoL champions
A monument of Demacia

The reason why we ranked Galio above Ornn and Volibear is that he’s actually closer to the size of a mountain than either of them. Though, the size may actually be closer with only a few meters being the difference. In his original lore, it is said that he can’t find a being that’s worth sparring with because everyone he faced so far can easily be demolished by smashing them with both of his fists.

2. Malphite

Malphite is a true monolith of a champion and is probably the biggest being on Runeterra. He was created by the Ixtali to become a moving fortress that took many powerful mages to move around. In fact, the lore states that he is so big that he is the size of an entire city. He is often compared to being the size of an entire mountain and with how he is often depicted in his splash arts, we are confident that our assumption of his size is fairly accurate.

Malphite trampling an army - Biggest LoL champions
A massive monolith!

Just like Galio, Malphite requires a ridiculous amount of magic to even control. If a creature like him was allowed to roam Runeterra, he would trample entire civilizations without even realizing it. It is said that when Malphite finally fell in battle, the impact dug towards the bedrock of Runeterra, opening a massive portal to the void in its wake. If that isn’t proof that he’s a big boi, nothing will convince you on how large this champion actually is.

1. Aurelion Sol

There is no question that among all of the characters currently in the roster, Aurelion Sol takes the top spot as the king of the biggest LoL champions currently available. While the last four champions were being compared to mountains, Aurelion Sol is as big as an entire solar system. As the cosmic dragon who devours and creates star systems in the universe, there is currently nothing bigger than him.

Aurelion Sol harnessing the power of lightning - Biggest LoL champions
The devourer of worlds!

The fact that Aurelion Sol was introduced as a playable character, looking at the lore, is pretty funny and ridiculous. There is no battlefield that would fit this titanic threat to the universe. He is the biggest and baddest villain to Runeterra and will someday take revenge on Runeterra and the Targonians for deceiving him into wearing a crown that suppressed him and prevents him from returning to their galaxy.

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