The 5 Coolest LoL Weapons in the Runeterra Universe

The Runeterra universe is filled with interesting characters and a rich lore that gives fans so many things to imagine about. In a fantasy world filled with so many magical elements and legendary artifacts, the one thing that a lot of fans like to appreciate is the vast selection of armor and weaponry that the characters have in their arsenal. Let’s take a look at the coolest LoL weapons that we can find in the Runeterra universe.

The 5 Coolest LoL Weapons in Runeterra

The shopkeeper has some a wide selection of weapons that you can buy but we’re not going to talk about those items. We’ll be selecting the 5 coolest LoL weapons that belong to any of the League of Legends champions that they use in the Runeterra universe. We’re also disqualifying Darkin weapons because if we were to include them, they’d be at the top of the list since the Runeterra universe artists and writers really put a lot of effort into bringing them to life.

Leona holding a golden sword and shield - coolest LoL weapons
Ready to take a look at the coolest LoL weapons?

For our top 5 coolest LoL weapons, we’ve chosen armaments that have really stood out in the game. These are the type of weapons that you’d want to have a life-size replica of somewhere in your room. They should also be so iconic that if you look at them without the owner, you’d know which champion that picture is associated with.

5. Atlas Gauntlets

The Atlas Gauntlets are the baddest weapons in League of Legends and they belong to Vi. These gigantic hextech gauntlets are absolutely stunning to look at and everybody has imagine wielding a weapon like that in real life just to knock the consciousness out of the people that get on their nerves. Swords may look awesome but there’s nothing that’s more practical than some fist weapons in a street fight.

Vi wearing giant steampunk gauntlets - coolest LoL weapons
Can you take a punch?

The Atlas Gauntlets aren’t just a pair of giant metal fists, it has some unique details on it that give off the traditional steampunk vibe that Piltovans are associated with. If you’ve watched the Arcane series, you’ll get to see this weapon in action and how Vi’s character really stands out when using it. Sorry Mercury Hammer but the simple yet stunning appeal of the Atlas Gauntlets simply outshined the impracticality of a hammer/cannon hybrid weapon.

4. The Empress’s Ohmlat

Sivir’s Chalicar may be the original circle blade weapon in League of Legends but Qiyana’s Ohmlaht simply beats it out in terms of design. The Ohmlat adds a layer of grace that really expands on Qiyana’s status as the Empress of her empire. Her League of Legends model makes it look like she’s flailing the weapon around which doesn’t really do justice to the fact that the weapon is supposed to emphasize smooth yet flexible movement to swing around such a big weapon.

Qiyana inside a giant circular blade enchanted with the power of the elements - coolest LoL weapons
Surrounded by the elements!

The design of the Ohmlat is further adorned with the addition of the elements enchanting it’s blades. Seeing it burn with flames, covered in vines and plants, or surrounded by a stream of water can really make the person feel some sort of Avatar vibes. Sure it might look like it’s impractical but the way this weapon looks simply makes it look like you can imagine more than a hundred ways to take down your enemy with it.

3. Blade of the Exile

The Blade of the Exile is a unique weapon that fans have always adored since the early days of League of Legends. Riven’s iconic weapon is one that has been recreated thousands of times around the world due to how recognizable it is among the community. People will recognize Riven’s blade first before they even realize that a cosplayer is trying to portray the character no matter how well they put the effort into the clothes and hair.

Riven holding a giant shattered blade held together by mystical energy - coolest LoL weapons
What’s broken can still hurt you!

Riven’s Blade of the Exile is a gigantic weapon that adds the sheer awesomeness of a giant sword with the mysticism of runes and magic. Even the broken version of the sword still looks a bit cool in its own right so it’s not surprising that so many players like playing Riven and flexing their ability to dance around with this weapon. The edginess of this weapon makes it one of the weapons that you really want to have in your room where your friends will immediately see it.

2. Nightfall

Nightfall is one of the weapons that you really fall in love with if you’re the type of person who appreciates all types deadly armaments. A regular mace is already a difficult weapon to master because the weight makes it really hard to use in a fight but Mordekaiser takes it to the next level by having a gigantic mace that’s probably the same length as the champion’s height. Many people like to joke around saying that it looks like a lamp post but even Jax probably can’t handle a weapon like that.

Mordekaiser carrying a giant mace of death - coolest LoL weapons
Into the death realm with you!

The coolest thing about Nightfall is its unique tie to the death realm. Being able to channel the power of death and using that energy to tear his enemies asunder is absolutely insane. The way the mace is swung around makes you imagine how enemies will just get flung about an entire stadium away with just one hit makes you really imagine how devastating this weapon can be. A weapon forged entirely from death definitely proves that it’s in the right rank.

1. Blade of the Ruined King

The Blade of the Ruined King is definitely the most iconic weapon in League of Legends history and while this piece started out as a regular item in the game, the introduction of Viego has elevated its standing in the lore. Being the literal blade that Viego’s true love used to stab him in the chest simply adds such a layer of depth into its existence that every person can appreciate its existence in the storyline and the game.

Viego holding a giant Flamberge with a death aura - coolest lol weapons in Runeterra
The coolest LoL weapon in the game!

In terms of design, there’s no cooler looking sword in the game than The Blade of the Ruined King. It’s overall aesthetics makes it really easy to appreciate a weapon like that. The aura of death that emanates from it adds just the right amount of edginess that makes it not too flashy that it tries too hard. It definitely deserves its spot as the coolest LoL weapon in the game since it is widely emphasized in the story and the games.

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