The Top 5 Dumbest Champions in League of Legends

Intelligence and cunning is one of the most powerful weapons in the Runeterra universe. The most powerful creature in the universe – Aurelion Sol – was brought down by sheer cunning from the Targonians. On the other hand, not everyone has the luxury of having a sharp mind. Today, let’s take a look at the dumbest champions in League of Legends who would probably get outsmarted by a rock.

The Dumbest Champions in League of Legends

The dumbest champions in League of Legends are also some of the most interesting characters in the story. Not everyone uses their brain to fight and some take that to the next level. Even though they aren’t smart, they compensate by being excellent fighters who don’t need complicated plans to splatter their enemies’ insides all over the battlefield. Battle IQ is definitely one of the different types of intelligences but let’s take a look at the overall sharpness of these 5 champions.

Graves as a mercenary - Dumbest Champions in League of Legends
Who do you think are the dumbest champions in League of Legends?

When taking a look at the dumbest champions in League of Legends, let’s consider overall sharpness of characters who have independent consciousnesses. It would be unfair to rank monsters/animals who only rely on instinct. There should be some level of independent intelligence from these characters. While some champions are crazy, they’re probably not dumb. For example, Jinx may act dumb but she’s actually an intelligent mechanic and inventor. Here are the true less intelligent champions in the roster:


Poppy is your average airhead character. Even though her entire personality is filled with good-will and kindness, we can’t help but notice that she’s completely oblivious to some of the most obvious facts around her that it’s bit frustrating. Even though she is obviously the hero that the hammer picked but she continuous on her journey to find the “chosen one” but the fact that she is heavily implied to be makes it hilarious.

Poppy forging weapons with her hammer - Dumbest Champions in League of Legends
How many more clues do you need!

She is one of the most heroic champions in League of Legends. She isn’t dumb in the way that she doesn’t know the difference between a hammer and a nail. However, being too simple-minded can also be dumb in its own way. She’s extremely cute but, respectfully, she needs help figuring things out and a bit of common sense can help her complete the arduous journey that she has placed herself working on.


Kled is crazy and dumb at the same time. He is the most simple champion in the game with his brain probably focused on where the next battle will be. Despite being a commanding officer of the army, he’s probably not the kind who draws up complex battle strategies but the one who inspires people by leading the charge. He is absolutely nuts that he is a yordle who rides a giant lizard throwing around a bear trap tied to a rope. That says a lot.

Kled as a vampire rider - Dumbest Champions in League of Legends
Stop charging in!

Despite being a beast in battle, he probably doesn’t have much of other things in his mind. The only other thing that he’d probably want to think about is Skaarl, his pet lizard. Other than that, he is completely locked into his own world that is filled with absolutely nothing at all. It may be a crude existence but at least he is living his best life and is an excellent fighter that contributes to the glory of his country.


Trolls are humanoid beings that still retain their savage nature. Despite surviving in a world where advancement in magic and technology have advanced, they still retain a lifestyle that wouldn’t help them survive in the modern world of Runeterra. Luckily, they have an enhanced biology that makes them able to compete against powerful creatures and the cunning and intelligence that the advanced races have utilized in war.

Trundle lazing around in his throne - Dumbest Champions in League of Legends
Missed opportunity!

Trundle is a true example of the savage nature of the trolls. They believe that strength is everything and that the strongest among them have the right to lead the people. Looking at it from this angle is pretty romantic and admirable but to be honest, it’s probably really dumb. They are only isolated from the world because they refuse contact with the outside world. However, if they had access to the knowledge of the modern world, they’d be as strong and powerful as Jax.


Gnar is a literal caveman. If you thought that trolls were savages, Gnar is literally a being that existed in ancient times. He doesn’t even have knowledge of basic civilization and is probably closer to an animal which relies heavily on instinct than a humanoid that has intelligence. Regardless, it is still true that Gnar has a shred of intelligence since he is able to use weapon and wear pieces of clothing and accessories.

Gnar as a traditional spirit monster - Dumbest Champions in League of Legends
Too old for this era.

In terms of pure dumbness, Gnar can probably have a pass. It’s probably unfair to say someone is dumb if they simply have never experienced, seen, or learned any of the things that is considered “common knowledge” in the world today. Regardless, there is a reason why we use the phrase “lived under a rock” and that’s because there are people out there who are simply too clueless to know anything at all.

Dr. Mundo

Dr. Mundo is undoubtedly the King of the Dumbest Champions in League of Legends. Even though he is insane after he was experimented upon by the scientists of Zaun, there is no doubt that Riot Games wrote and designed him in a way that highlights the fact that he is a big dumb walking piece of met that uses his skull to demolish towers. Let’s not defend intentional design when it’s clear as day that he is made to be completely brainless.

Dr. Mundo trying to dress as himself - Dumbest Champions in League of Legends
He goes where he pleases?

Unfortunately for Mundo, he doesn’t have any redeeming factor in terms of his intelligence, even in terms of battle IQ. Even though he is very strong in League of Legends, the fact is that he is simply a dumb juggernaut tearing through the battlefield because he doesn’t even understand what pain is anymore. Unlike Sion who doesn’t have a will of his own anymore, Dr. Mundo definitely regained his independent consciousness but in a way that’s twisted really badly.

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