The Top 5 High Skill Cap Champions in League of Legends

The best players in the world often display their skills by masterfully using the most difficult champions in the game. Each champion in League of Legends has a particular difficulty but not all champions share the same skill cap. If you want to be the best player in League of Legends, here are some high skill cap champions that will prove whether or not you have what it takes to be in the Diamond tier or above.

The Top 5 High Skill Cap Champions

A champion with a high skill cap doesn’t necessarily mean they are difficult to use. There are a lot of easy-to-use champions with high skill caps. When talking about this factor of gameplay, we’re talking about the range of difficulty for a certain champion. Even if a champion is easy to pick up, it might take a lot of time, skill, and practice to fully unlock that unit’s full potential.

High skill cap champions are unique because you always see the best players in the world using them. However, you’ll notice that these champions perform really poorly when people are using them in your ranked games. Professional players take the game seriously and it is basically a part of their job description to master the best champions in the game. These professional players spend hours practicing unique combos in the practice tool mastering these champions for every possible situation.

5. Thresh

Thresh is definitely one of the champions that belong on this list. This champion’s abilities are extremely reliant on the player’s innate ability to observe, predict, and outplay their opponents in every stage of the game. Thresh has such a high skill ceiling that the pilot’s skill level is noticeable according to their usage of the champion. A great Thresh player will always showcase their ability through the champion by proper usage of their abilities.

Thresh as a poison dragon - High skill cap champions
Predict your opponent’s movements.

Players who want to use Thresh need to understand how opposing players will behave to be able to use their abilities properly. Being able to Flay opponents in the right direction when they try to engage will always show if a Thresh player is average or insane. In addition, Thresh players also need to understand how their teammates will act to fully utilize his kit as a support champion. If that’s not enough, Thresh is a champion that can be extremely predictable so only a really smart player can maximize this champ.

4. Jayce

Jayce is a unique entry on this list. There are a lot of people who believe that Jayce isn’t that complicated and that his combos are extremely easy to execute. While it’s true that his combos aren’t as difficult to master as champions as Lee Sin, being able to press buttons in sequence isn’t the only thing that defines high skill cap champions in League of Legends. The most important factor to keep in mind is how much a skilled player can affect the dynamic of using a certain champion.

Jayce as a mystical cyber fighter - High skill cap champions
Make decisions according to the situation.

Transformation champions like Jayce, Nidalee, and Elise are innately difficult to use because there are many options that players can choose from. In Jayce’s case, all of his abilities basically interact with other abilities that players need to properly sequence his abilities not only according to his basic combos but also to how they want to fight. There are many combinations in the usage of his abilities that Jayce has gained such a low winrate since most people don’t know how to use him.

3. Lee Sin

Lee Sin is the most obvious entry on this list and everyone can agree that he is definitely one of the high skill cap champions. A lot of people even go as far as saying he has the most difficult kit on the roster but that might be too much of an exaggeration. Nevertheless, Lee Sin has an incredibly high skill ceiling because there are a large number of unique combos that rely on proper positioning and split-second decision-making that players need to keep in mind according to their current situation.

Lee Sin with his fist glowing - High skill cap champions
Insane combos

The unique thing that makes Lee Sin one of the most skill-based champions in the game is that his abilities have continuations that don’t always necessarily need to be used once they pop up. There are many different combinations that Lee Sin players can do to maximize their utility in a fight. In fact, Lee Sin is so difficult that he even relies heavily on the proper usage of his trinkets, summoners, and items to fully unlock his potential.

2. Kalista

Kalista is a unique champion on the list because there is no skill expression on her usage of her abilities. Unlike champions like Lee Sin and Jayce, Kalista doesn’t have any complicated combos. However, Kalista’s passive ability that allows her to leap toward a direction after attacking is probably the hardest ability to use in all of League of Legends. Combining her status as a squishy marksman and her relatively short range, she heavily relies on the player’s ability to utilize her mobility to survive.

Kalista as a forest guardian - High skill cap champions
Mobility is key.

If a player isn’t even above average in terms of positioning, Kalista will be a deadweight to the team. The higher the ELO of the player, the more demanding Kalista will be since her need for proper mobility and positioning becomes impossibly high. Keeping a safe distance also isn’t the only thing she needs to keep in mind because she’s almost always the primary source of damage as the AD Carry so she also needs to dance around the enemy team to land autos while keeping herself alive.

1. Azir

Azir takes the top spot of our high skill cap champions since he is the one unit in League of Legends that heavily punishes the user for improper usage of this champion. He is a champion that is extremely mobile and explosive, giving him and his team so much safety and threat at the hands of the right player. However, players who aren’t even remotely good at playing the game will end up punishing themselves and their entire team when using this champion.

Azir as a high commander in the warring kingdoms - High skill cap champions
Only the worthy can use him.

Managing his resources and cooldowns will make your head explode. Being able to make split-second decisions to use his abilities are near impossible for 99.9% of active players in League of Legends. That’s why you see players like Faker and BDD do so well on this champion because their mastery over the champion in addition their innate skills in League of Legends makes this champion a dangerous threat to the enemy team.

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