The Top 5 Most Aggressive Champions in League of Legends

League of Legends has a very unique roster of champion that each has their own identity both in Runeterra universe and in-game. Their character lore often reflects how they act in the game so we get a good idea what a champion’s playstyle will be just by looking at their champion design. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the most aggressive champions in League of Legends according to their overall gameplay.

Top 5 Most Aggressive Champions in LoL

When talking about the most aggressive champions in League of Legends, we’re talking about those units who like to get into the middle of the fight for the sole purpose of dealing as much damage as possible. There are many engage champions, but we wouldn’t say that they’re aggressive since they most likely expect to die immediately after diving into the fight. These champions are looking to live despite facing the entire enemy team. Here are the champions we consider to be the most aggressive picks:

5. Irelia

Irelia is a champion that we always hate fighting against solely because she makes the laning phase a living hell. She’s aggressive in the laning phase and even more so when she gets to the later stages of the game where she’s constantly threatening to 1v5 your entire team. This champion will always try to find a way to get as many champions possible while jumping around the fight, making it extremely frustrating to fight against her.

Irelia wearing a dark suit - most aggressive champions in LoL
Dancing around the battlefield.

The only thing really stopping Irelia from being the most aggressive champion in the game is the fact that she often waits until she lands a stun or lands her ultimate on multiple enemy champions. She can dance around the fight to avoid crowd-control effects and get kill after kill on the high-priority targets. A good Irelia player knows when to find the perfect opportunity to dive into a fight and it’ll feel like a completely difficult game when doing so.

4. Kai’sa

AD carries are also extremely aggressive in fights and we have TWO who have secured a top spot on our list. Kai’sa is a short-ranged AD carry, meaning she doesn’t really have the luxury of standing in the backline while her entire team tries to defend her. On the contrary, Kai’sa has abilities that promote going face-to-face against the enemy team and trying to take them down one by one while avoiding everything they try to throw at her.

Kai'sa in a cyber suit - most aggressive champions in LoL
Flying into a fight from half a map away!

Kai’sa has a reputation for being one of the few AD Carries that will actually be the first to arrive in a fight. Her E ability and ultimate allows her to reposition safely in a fight while maintaining a good distance to assassinate the enemy’s high priority targets. It’s really scary if you’re isolated and let her W ability or her ally’s CC abilities land you because you know there’s a chance for a Kai’sa to start flying in your direction like a really hungry beast.

3. Olaf

We can’t have a list of the most aggressive champions in League of Legends without mentioning the berserkers of Freljord. Olaf is a true berserker, charging into fights with a heavy craving for battle and you’ll almost never see him retreat from a fight. He’s LITERALLY unstoppable with his ultimate ability preventing anything from stopping him on his mission to take down the champion that he marked as his target.

Olaf as a cold weather berserker - most aggressive champions in LoL
Nothing can stop his thirst for battle!

As a jungler, he’s often inhibited by his duty to stay alive so that his team can secure the objective but whenever he goes into a fight, he’ll charge at the enemy until death claims his hunger for battle. You might be wondering why this champion is only top 3 on the list and there’s good reason for that. The following champions are even more thoughtless about their own safety and usually lives or dies on the battlefield.

2. Samira

Samira takes the top 2 spot on our list as THE most aggressive AD carry in the game. Just like Kai’sa, Samira is designed to have really short range and even has a pseudo melee form to complement her playstyle of being a short-ranged AD carry. Since her entire kit is designed to force her to make plays, you’ll never see Samira not attacking an enemy champion with any regard for her own safety while she tries to get that sweet S-rank to activate her ultimate.

Samira hiding behind a wooden table during a shootout - most aggressive champions in LoL
Need to earn those style points some way!

Samira is the only AD Carry for now that NEEDS to be in the middle of the enemy team. Most AD carries will die instantly if they get too close to the enemy team and Samira is an exception since she spends the entirety of the fight trying to get in the middle of the enemy champions. She isn’t only recklessly aggressive, she deals a ridiculous amount of damage as well so letting her get her ultimate off is usually a death sentence for your team.

1. Tryndamere

It’s pretty difficult not being the most aggressive champion in the game if you literally can’t die. Tryndamere‘s champion design is pretty simple, he’s so angry that he can’t die and during this period of invulnerability, it’s only natural that he doesn’t think of anything except killing other champions. As a Freljordian berserker king, it’s only natural that he takes the top spot of this list as a champion that jumps into the middle of a fight expecting to take everyone down.

Tryndamere as an eastern warrior - most aggressive champions in LoL
He simply refuses to die!

This champion is very aggressive both in the laning phase and in fights. He literally taunts every member of the enemy team to face him because if you leave this champion alone, he’ll wreak havoc on your allied structures pretty easily. However, nothing stops this champion from diving under tower to take you down if he’s confident that it’ll take less than 5 seconds to finish the fight and send you back to the base with a gray screen.

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