The Top 5 Most Boring Champions to Play in League of Legends

Games are meant to be enjoyed, but there are times when we feel other emotions towards the ones we play aside from happiness. Despite League of Legends being purely repetitive in nature, the experience we have in each game is completely different so players have fun even if they play hundreds of matches. However, that isn’t true in all cases as we take a look at the most boring champions to play in the game.

Top 5 Most Boring Champions to Play

League of Legends champions each have their playstyles, but there are some weird champions that really diverge from the common theme. While there are some eccentric characters, some are simply too basic that you really can’t draw out any fun out of them when you use them on the Rift. They are designed in ways that simply leave very few interactions and give them a lot of limitations in their gameplay.

TANK MAOKAI vs TANK NAUTILUS - Auto Attacks Battle! How long will it be?
Vandiril experimenting on the most boring fight ever!

Today, we’ll be ranking who we think are the most boring champions in League of Legends according to their gameplay. These champions are ranked according to their lack of flexibility, dullness of animation and gameplay, and their overall pacing. Of course, we’re not planning to place all the tanks on our most boring champions list so you can expect some champions that you may not have expected to be here.

5. Malphite

It’s no surprise that Malphite makes it into the list. The rock monster is one of the worst champions to play in the game because he literally has one purpose in the game and that is to land and ultimate on the enemy team. During the laning phase, all he does is farm minions and harass the enemy with his Q, which can bring a little bit of joy but isn’t really that much of an interactive ability to really make the game interesting at all.

Maokai as a haunted plant - most boring champions to play
Not all treants should be slow!

Malphite spends the rest of the game being tanky and hunting for the best moment to strike. He will literally just roam the map when there’s a chance for a teamfight but will rarely find an opportunity for himself. At the very least, Malphite’s design is very fun to look at so he isn’t totally the most boring champion to play in League of Legends but it doesn’t change the fact that he’s just a big rock waiting to get thrown in the middle of a fight.

4. Yuumi

The way Riot Games creates champions is that they try to create new mechanics that would provide a unique identity to a champion. However, someone at HQ messed up when they made Yuumi. This champion isn’t only one of the most annoying champions to deal with, she’s also the most boring champion to play. You may think it’s fun to play this champion until you get to play her yourself in a game.

Yuumi sitting on a textbook - most boring champions to play
Can’t go where she pleases!

The reason why Yuumi is one of the most boring champion to play is that she’s heavily dependent on an ally. Yuumi can’t decide where to go and can’t really move around the map by herself. During the laning phase, she’ll literally only use one ability, which is her Q to poke the enemy. If your allies like to play passive, you have no choice but to follow their lead and hype that you don’t end up getting bored to death.

3. Kayle

You probably expected a scaling champion to be included on this list and for sure, there’s one. While many may think that Nasus might be boring, the fact that you need to time your Qs to hit minions makes him kinda interesting to use. On the other hand, Kayle does absolutely nothing for the first 15 levels except farm minions using auto attacks and one ability while trying not to fight in any way possible.

Kayle placing judgment on the people - most boring champions to play
Farming ’til she drops

Kayle’s whole purpose is to reach Level 16, since she’s one of the strongest late game champions in the game. However, everything you do before you reach that point is an absolute snooze fest because you’re stuck sidelaning the entire time you’re below that threshold. The ADC gameplay is boring already and combining that with the fact that you need to reach the 30-40 minute mark before you even become a fully-fledged ADC means that you’re better off watching a movie on the side too.

2. Maokai

There’s so many reasons why Maokai is one of the most boring champions to play, but it all sums up to the fact that he’s a tank. Everything about him is slow. Whether it’s the way he moves or the pacing of his ability animations, the delay between things happening simply takes too long that you can barely watch what’s going on. We get that he’s a tree, but you could at least give him an ability that doesn’t have a 0.5 second delay.

Maokai as a haunted plant - most boring champions to play
Not all treants should be slow!

All his abilities take time before they actually hit an opponent and there’s also the fact that he doesn’t really do any damage to enemies. The most fun we’ve ever had playing this champion is when I sat for about 3 minutes on a bush, stacking saplings until an enemy accidentally stumbled upon us. Even then, the enemy didn’t receive enough damage to actually die so it wasn’t really worth it.

1. Malzahar

There’s no question that Malzahar is the most boring champion to play in the entirety of League of Legends. This champion has three goals in the entire game – farm minions, survive, and land his ultimate. Malzahar is an extremely dull champion because he doesn’t want interactive gameplay. In fact, his entire playstyle is to make the game as uninteractive as possible by preventing enemies from making any plays on him or his teammates.

Malzahar as a desert genie - most boring champions to play
Point and click until the game ends!

Aside from his absolutely boring gameplay, his entire champion model is so boring to look at. He is the only champion in the game that literally doesn’t move any part of his body when he moves from one place to another. When the enemy team builds a Quicksilver item, Malzahar loses the entire purpose of his existence and ends up being just another subpar generic damage dealer who doesn’t do anything relevant for the rest of the game.

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