The Top 5 Most Exciting LoL Champions to Play

League of Legends can have some pretty spicy moments where we get to see the most insane plays from specific champions that make the game so fun to watch. Some champions have extremely boring designs but some are made to create hype. Let’s take a look at some of the most exciting LoL champions to play in the game that will get your blood pumping and give you every reason to queue up for another match.

The Most Exciting LoL Champions to Play

League of Legends has over 160 champions in the roster to date with each of them having a unique playstyle that makes them fun to play. Different people have particular playstyles so it’s not correct to say that specific champions are more fun than others. However, the rush we feel from seeing the most exciting LoL champions do their thing on Summoner’s Rift is a universal feeling that all League of Legends share.

Choosing the top 5 most exciting LoL champions to play might feel overly subjected but if we’re setting a metric, we’ll be taking a look at the champion’s overall abilities. It’s easy to fill up our list with assassins that always go for the kill with their flashy skills. However, we’ll take a look at all of the champions and their ability to pick a fight and how explosive they can be once the battle begins. These champions need to be impactful and have a lot of versatility when it comes to battling 1v1 or teamfighting.

5. K’Sante

K’Sante is probably not a surprising addition to this list despite being built as a pure tank. This champion breaks every rule in League of Legends where tanks are this boring archetype that purely relies on chaining CCs and taking short trades with abilities that have underwhelming animations but surprisingly deal a lot of damage. For K’Sante, he can pick a fight and dish out the damage while providing exciting gameplay for the viewers.

K'Sante wearing heavy luminous futuristic clothing - most exciting LoL champions to play
He’s going ALL OUT!

The most exciting part about K’Sante is his ultimate ability where he sacrifice 50% of his HP and a large percentage of his defensive stats and converts them into Attack Damage. As a player, this can be an extremely dangerous gambit which adds to the excitement of playing this champion. In addition, he has a lot of dashes and displacement abilities that simply make it extremely amusing to watch the enemy get caught time and again in a disadvantageous position.

4. Rakan

Rakan is the only champion on this list that doesn’t have any kill threat but that doesn’t mean he doesn’t deliver an exciting show for both the player and everyone who’s watching. Rakan is one of the most explosive support champions in the game that takes advantage of an opening whenever he sees one and simply snowballs the fight with excellent mobility that comes off as a true battle dance that mesmerizes anyone who watches him.

Rakan in black and white rugged clothing - most exciting champions to play
A mesmerizing dance!

Despite being a support champion, he can explode on the battlefield by exploiting openings from the enemy team. It is his team that really does the heavy lifting but that doesn’t mean he isn’t the primary reason for success. Even in esports, Rakan plays are often so exciting to watch that it is almost always the focus of the casters. Unlike most supports that only really have one flashy ability, Rakan’s entire kit makes it really fun to watch him in fights. He is truly one of the best support champions ever created.

3. Yasuo

Now we get into the champions that are actually exciting to watch. Yasuo is a champion that everyone knows about because he is so iconic to the identity of the game. He has a lot of mobility and his abilities have a cinematic feel to them that proper usage alone already makes for an amusing watch. There’s a reason why he’s an extremely popular choice among players and that is because it doesn’t take a lot to draw out his potential in the game.

Yasuo holding a neon green blade - most exciting champions to play
Guided by the wind.

Yasuo’s abilities have such low cooldowns that there doesn’t feel like any idle moment when watching him. Even though he’s just farming in lane, it can already be extremely amusing to watch. There are moments where he can be an extremely silly champion to watch as well so we can’t really justify placing him at the top spot but at the hands of a really skilled player, you’ll find that Yasuo games can keep you at the edge of your seat.

2. Viego

Viego is undoubtedly in the top 3 of the most exciting LoL champions to play in the game because he always feels like a champion that makes a huge impact in fights. The reason he’s such an exciting champion to play is that he takes the form of the enemy champion he takes down. That alone already makes it exciting to play such a champion because you have to know how to play various characters and be able to use them properly to adapt to the situation.

Viego standing on top of modern buildings - most exciting champions to play
Reset city is here!

As a jungler, this champion’s advantage is he gets to be part of all the fights as a central figure. He begins every gank by sending out an ominous trail of black mist that truly gives off the aura of a boss villain about to crash the party. His abilities are all so exciting to use and getting resets from his ultimate makes you feel rewarded. This champion has so many merits to using him that it’s impossible for anybody not to want to try him out.

1. Samira

Samira stands at the top as the true queen of League of Legends action. This champion was literally designed to include as many exciting mechanics as possible with her risk-heavy gameplay that makes players always feel like they’re fighting every fight with the high chance of laying down their lives. As a short-ranged AD Carry that can choose to play melee or short-ranged. However, the main thing about Samira is that she always plays to get in the middle of the teamfight.

Samira hiding behind a wooden table from gunshots - most exciting champions to play
Truly S-Grade gameplay!

An AD Carry who readily discards the important aspect of proper positioning to deal as much damage as possible is the true essence of living on the edge. The fact that you need to get an S-Grade before being able to use her ultimate ability is an absolutely badass mechanic. That’s why we consider her the most exciting LoL champion to use in the current roster.

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