The Top 5 Most Heroic LoL Champions in Runeterra

League of Legends has a complex set of characters in the lore. There are many who are considered the biggest antagonists of the series while others play a more protagonistic role. There are some who are neutral in terms of standing but aren’t exactly considered minor characters in the overall universe. Today, we’ll be taking a look at some of the protagonists in the story by taking a look at the most heroic LoL champions in the game.

Most Heroic LoL Champions

There are champions in the game who can be considered heroes. Even though the game doesn’t restrict protagonists by simply having morally good intentions and personalities, there are some who can be considered to have the qualities of a hero. We’ll list down the top 5 most heroic LoL champions that fit the standard description of traditional superheroes that people grew up idolizing in comic books, movies, and TV.

To look for the most heroic LoL champions, we need to find characters in Runeterra who have already fulfilled the qualifications of being a hero. Most heroes in traditional stories have undergone a great journey that often results in a sense of self-realization to fulfill their goals. They often challenge a great evil or go on grand quests that put the fate of the entire world on their shoulders. Here are the characters that perfectly fit those descriptions:

5. Poppy

Poppy is probably the only person on this list who isn’t actively pursuing a heroic role. However, Poppy qualifies since she is the chosen hero in the adventure she’s currently pursuing. As the chosen wielder of the Hammer of Orlon, Poppy has been given the grand destiny of being the prophesized “Hero of Demacia”. Unfortunately, Poppy herself doesn’t realize this fact and is desperately trying to search for the “rightful owner” of the Hammer of Orlon.

Poppy as a battle-hardened warrior - Most Heroic LoL Champions
The Wielder of the Hammer

Even though she’s not actively pursuing the role of the hero in her story, she does exemplify the qualities of a hero. She wields the Hammer of Orlon masterfully and is able to bring out its true potential. She’s also on a grand journey to find the “Hero of Demacia”. The most obvious outcome of her journey is that she’ll realize that the hammer has chosen her all along and that she is the fated hero that Demacia has been waiting for.

4. Galio

Another entry from Demacia, Galio is your average “beacon of hope” hero that descends from the sky to inspire their allies in battle. As a character, Galio knows that he is Demacia’s greatest weapon and every time he fights, it’s for the sake of the kingdom. He also relishes the thrill of battle, wanting to battle stronger opponents that will make his existence more exciting during the short time that he’s able to move.

Galio as an enchanted stone golem - Most Heroic LoL Champions
Demacia’s Warrior of Justice

Unfortunately for Galio, he’s just a statue that can only move when he is needed to defeat a powerful enemy. He’s not exactly the type of hero who patrols the kingdom to defeat the evil-doers that disrupt the peace. However, he still qualifies as one of the most heroic LoL champions in Runeterra due to his actions and personality. Even his entire kit revolves around justice and heroism.

3. Lucian

People consider Lucian to be an anti-hero but that’s not really true. Characters like Zed can be better considered to be anti-heroes. Lucian doesn’t have any dark motivations and doesn’t really stray from the path of light. In truth, he’s just so engrossed in the darkness around him that his gloomy personality is often misunderstood to seem anti-heroic. Even though his ultimate goal is revenge, he doesn’t resort to violent acts on living beings to get his way.

Lucian surrounded by light - Most Heroic LoL Champions
The Sentinel of Light

Even though his original journey was selfish in the journey, his grand destiny to defeat The Ruined King eventually gave him a new purpose. Once he was reunited with Senna, a new journey began for him to fulfill his duty as a true sentinel of light. Even though the poorly executed ruination event cut off the importance of characters like Lucian, it is still a fact that Lucian played a big role in subjugating The Ruined King and Thresh in the end.

2. Irelia

Liberators are always considered heroes. Against all odds, the warriors of Ionia stood up against the fearsome Noxians despite their overwhelming military might. Irelia was a figurehead in the revolution and could be considered the shining star who brought hope to the Ionians who did not submit to the cruelty of Noxus. Even though there were many important figures in both the shadows and the light, Irelia was the one who stood out most in the eyes of the people.

Irelia surrounded by divine blades - Most Heroic LoL Champions
The Hope of the Revolution

Irelia stood up against her oppressors and led the Ionian forces on the front line. She became a symbol of hope for her people and gave their people the morale boost that they needed to push back a gigantic force. She is a true hero to Ionia that the people will surely celebrate in their history books. However, her job isn’t finished yet because Noxus has already launched a second invasion which will require her to defend her homeland once again.

1. Jayce

Jayce is called the “Hero of Tomorrow” and for good reason. In terms of heroism and the qualities that determine this title, Jayce fits all of them perfectly. A simple man with a standard goal, eventually betrayed by his best friend whose ambition threatened the freedom of humanity forced him to take matters into his own hands by using his limited powers to overcome adversity. That’s the stock-standard story that all heroes have.

Jayce covered in battle gear - Most Heroic LoL Champions
The Hero of Tomorrow

What makes Jayce stand atop the most heroic LoL champions in Runeterra is the fact that he has the personality of a true hero. He spends every essence of his being on the betterment of society. Even though he’s not out fighting crime and evil, he’s always making inventions that are aimed at making the world a better place. He has one of the best champion lores in the entire Runeterra universe.

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