The Top 5 Most Influential Women in LoL’s Universe

There are a variety of powerful characters in the Runeterra universe that prove to impact the world in different ways. In this universe, it doesn’t matter if you’re a colossal space dragon or a small, fluffy yordle since you can create massive waves of changes to the conflict-driven world. Needless to say, women are a massive force in the story which is why we’ll be talking about the top 5 most influential women in LoL’s universe.

The Top 5 Most Influential Women in LoL

Influence is power and being able to impact the actions of those around you is something that can move entire nations. Of course, the most powerful woman in the universe isn’t always the most influential. There are people whose words and positions can make them as powerful as the biggest villains in Runeterra. The most influential women in LoL have the exact power to do that. For example, Ashe and Sejuani are great leaders who can lead their tribes to change the environment of the Freljord.

Syndra as a space villain - Most influential women in LoL
Who do you think are the most influential women in LoL?

The most influential women in LoL should be able to impact more than just small villages to war. The scope of the change they bring should make great waves. Until the story progresses, some characters will only be able to share a small part of the overall lore. Also, to look for the most influential women in LoL, we can only rank characters that exist in the current champion rosters. So women in the lore that aren’t in the game yet will not count.

5. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune is a massive force in the world of League of Legends because she has become a pivotal point in saving Bilgewater in more ways than one. For one, she led a revolution to dethrone the tyrannical Gangplank to become the leader of her people. With her leadership, she is making massive change in one of the most dangerous cities in Runeterra by leading a lawless bunch and using their strengths to essentially create a working army.

Miss Fortune corrupted by the ruination - Most influential women in LoL
The Pirate Queen!

Aside from that, Miss Fortune also stood as one of the heroes that defeated the Ruined King – Viego. Despite not being as powerful as other characters in the Runeterra story, she is able to influence pirates, thieves, assassins, and other types of troublemakers to contribute to the community she is creating. She uses her influence, reputation, and connections to achieve her goals regardless of the method that has to be used.

4. Irelia

Irelia is one of the central figures in the liberation of Ionia from the Noxus Invasion. She became a symbol to a nation where individuality, isolation, and idealism became huge hindrances to creating a force that was willing to fight against foreign invaders. Ionia was filled with a lot of internal conflict and a powerful invading force almost ruined the entire region if not for the rebellion of Irelia and her companions.

Irelia wielding divine blades - Most influential women in LoL
The Symbol of Hope

Despite the Ionians having several leaders and key figures that helped defend against the invading force, it is fair to say that Irelia’s presence and heroism helped lift the morale of the entire army and gave them the light they needed to continue fighting a powerful enemy. Even though it was ultimately Noxus’ own internal issues that ended the war, Irelia’s symbolic presence helped Ionia stand long enough to survive this ordeal and she is hinted to be a central figure again in the 2nd invasion of Noxus.

3. Lissandra

Lissandra is probably one of the most important figures in the current League of Legends universe. She is an ancient entity that has been keeping a powerful force called – The Watchers – at bay by sealing them under the Howling Abyss. However, as her power slowly diminishes over the thousands of years that she has existed and, without rest, been using her powers to keep the most powerful enemy that the universe will ever know sealed.

Lissandra sitting in the dark forest - most influential women in LoL
The Frost Witch

She is an influential woman because she is the one creature in the entire universe that is keeping the apocalypse at bay. She also commands an army of powerful witches to manipulate the current world in search of a power that can help her keep the Watchers sealed longer. In her origin story, she even stood as the central leader character that stood against her own sisters who decided to side against the Watchers.

2. Qiyana

Qiyana is the Empress of the most powerful city in all of Runeterra. Ixtal is one of the most powerful magical cities in the world and even an anti-magic city like Demacia would be trampled by the magical forces that this city boasts. In addition to that, she is described to be the most powerful mage that the city has ever produced and is chosen to be their Empress purely because of this feat.

QIyana as an Eastern Empress - Most influential women in LoL
The Empress of the most powerful city.

Ixtal is a city that can raze the entire world if it wished but as they fear more powerful forces like the Void and World Runes becoming massive threats, they decided to isolate themselves from society and keep their existence a secret. Right now, Ixtal is absent by choice but if they ever decide to reveal themselves, all kingdomes in Runeterra will want to be allied with them. At the helm of all that, Qiyana is a powerful mage that gets to decide it all.

1. LeBlanc

LeBlanc is implied to be the most influential person in the entire history of Runeterra, not only among women but amongst everyone that ever existed. She is a mastermind that manipulated the greatest leaders in history of Runeterra, even responsible for using Mordekaiser’s reputation and power to create a powerful empire that wishes to conquer the known world.

LeBlanc as a decorated witch - Most influential women in LoL
The Puppetmaster in the Shadow

Little is known about her powers but the strength of this person comes from her ability to pull the strings in the shadow. Even the rulers of Noxus bow down to her and follow the orders given by her. She is responsible for a lot of crime that goes on in Runeterra, even the experimentation of children like Rell to create powerful super mages. It is rumored that she has lived for a long time and that she shaped the history of the world that now exists.

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