The Top 5 Most Relatable Champions in League of Legends

There are a lot of characters in League of Legends that feel like they’re an existence that we can never comprehend. On the other hand, there are some champions whose personalities and backstories can feel relatable even though they live in a completely different environment than ours. Let’s take a look at some of the most relatable champions in the Runeterra universe and how their design gives the players more connection to the game.

The Top 5 Most Relatable Champions

Even though Runeterra is a world with fantasy elements involving different magical races and creatures, the struggles and motivations of a lot of characters feel the same as those of our own. The Riot Games writing team did a great job at making sure there are characters that we can look up to as fantasy characters and others that give us the most relatable champion vibe that we can connect with in terms of design.

The most relatable champions in League of Legends don’t necessarily have to be human characters. Even humans in the game have features that don’t match the ones we have in our own world. As long as they have relatable characters and backstories that we can associate with then they definitely belong on this list. Let’s take a look at some characters that we might have an easy time connecting with in real life.

5. Amumu

Riot Games likes to make Amumu seem like a gag character who tries hard to make friends but fails each time but in reality, a lot of us probably share the same awkwardness to a lesser degree. While not everyone is desperate to make friends, there are times when it feels like people are constantly rejecting us based on our appearances and past state. Thinking about it deeply, Amumu’s situation hits all of us right in the spot to some varying degree.

Amumu as a lost prom king - Most relatable champions in LoL
A real sadboi

The one thing that Amumu’s probably got going is that he is able to let all his emotions out freely and still be a beloved character in the community. In reality, society doesn’t allow us to shed tears without other people judging us for being weak. This is why Amumu is one of the most relatable champions in the League of Legends universe and why so many people would love to be his friend if he ever decided to come visit Earth.

4. Gragas

The constant desire to drink away all your problems, get into fights, and travel the world in search of a good time is definitely something that a lot of people can relate to. Many people claim that they are content with the simple life but no matter what lifestyle you choose to have, having a drink once in a while isn’t necessarily a bad thing. Especially if you’re having a drink with the people you want to surround yourself with and have a grand conversation about anything.

Gragas drinking away with friends - Most relatable champions in LoL
Drinks are on him!

Gragas has one of the least detailed stories in all of the Runeterra universe but that’s not a problem. Gragas doesn’t need to have some sad backstory or an eccentric origin. As long as he loves to make and drink booze, he’s already a champion in the hearts of the larger community. The only thing we want from him is recommendations on the best place to drink whenever we decide to visit Runeterra for some fun.

3. Viego

Listen. We’re not saying we’re simps or anything but if you’re saying that a large number of League of Legends players won’t do anything for their queens then you’re probably in absolute denial. Viego isn’t just a cool and well-written villain in the Runeterra universe, he also represents a large percentage of the people that we have today. It’s probably accurate to say that people have always been simps even in the early days of civilization.

Viego kissing the hands of his queen - Most relatable champions in LoL
The ruined simp

Bro literally annihilated an entire island just to get this queen to be reunited with him and still got rejected in the end. If that isn’t a “story of my life” moment right there then I don’t know what is. Of course, Viego eventually fell into madness which isn’t exactly the most relatable thing in the world but there are people out there who probably felt like it was better to destroy the entire world than to accept that they’ve been rejected.

2. Rammus

Rammus is a character without a care in the world and the only thing he knows how to say is “ok”. If that isn’t one of the most relatable champions in League of Legends then I don’t know if we’ll ever agree as a community. Being that laid back and still being one of the strongest creatures in the entire Runeterra universe makes us think that Rammus is probably the spirit animal that we want to have in the real world.

Rammus on a rooftop as a ninja - Most relatable champions in LoL

How the majority of people wish that all their problems and issues can go away by just saying “ok” to everything. Rolling around in the desert, plains, and mountains feels like a lifestyle that anybody can get behind if they ever have a chance. He is so relatable that he is one of the most popular emotes that people like to use in their games to express that they are unbothered by whatever their teammates or opponents are throwing at them.

1. Vex

Out of all the champions in the game, the community has all agreed that Vex is the most relatable champion to ever be released in League of Legends. Her story revolves around having a complete existential crisis and wondering what the point of being alive was. It’s probably a sad thing to say but the reality is that so many people suffer from depression around the world and that’s the truth.

Vex brooding heavily about her existence - Most relatable champions in LoL
What is life?

Vex absolutely hates the brightness of people and spreads her gloom to the people around her. She constantly questions the meaning of life and just wants to end everything if she can. Unfortunately, Yordles don’t truly die and aren’t exactly alive either. They are just sentient clumps of magic that have taken form. No wonder she finds her existence to be pointless unlike the rest of her people.

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