The Top 5 Most Successful Esports Teams of All Time

In the modern age, there are so many esports teams around the world that you’d probably mistake some of them as physical sports teams. Among the hundreds of teams actively competing in various video game titles, there are a handful that have gained prestige among the community that it’s impossible not to know of them. Let’s take a look at the most successful esports teams around the world and how they got there.

The Top 5 Most Successful Esports Teams

It’s easy to rank the most successful esports teams according to their total earnings. However, there are some esports that have larger prize pools than others, such as Dota 2, that would make the monetary gain extremely tough to rank for teams that are extremely successful in multiple titles but haven’t earned as much in terms of prizes. Instead, we’ll be using a different standard to choose our top 5 teams.

Instead of ranking teams by earning, we’ll be taking a look at their overall success rate in domestic and international tournaments through multiple esports titles. Being able to constantly become the champion in their domestic leagues and make the top 8 of international events are proof that they are the most successful esports teams in history. Who do you think will make the top cut on this list?

5. TSM

TSM is probably one of the oldest esports organizations in the league and was the biggest name in the industry 6-9 years ago. They began as a powerhouse in North American League of Legends but soon branched out to other esports titles as the organization grew. Today, they are a dominant force in many esports titles especially in the Fighting Game Community, Rainbow Six, and Fortnite.

TSM players waving at the fans - most successful esports teams
The household name of esports.

While the team is no longer as prominent as they were a few years back, their undeniable dominance during the early days of esports is still remembered to this day. Despite the organization facing so many issues over the years, it still remains strong as one of the true OGs of the industry. This year, they’ll be officially withdrawing from the League of Legends NA LCS which will shift the community in a different direction.

4. FaZe Clan

FaZe Clan is probably one of the most relevant esports organizations in the world. Even though they do not try to make a huge presence in all esports titles, they still manage to dominate the titles they do compete in. They are a big name in North America since they are always invited to participate in major events since their roster boasts a ton of recognizable names that are guaranteed to hype up the crowd.

Faze Clan posing - most successful esports teams
The Kings of FPS Titles

The one thing that FaZe Clan is popular for is their dominant presence in FPS esports titles, especially Call of Duty games. They continue to make their presence known in a lot of the major FPS esports titles and are always present in the major leagues. They also have a lot of popular streamers and content creators in their organizations and it’s practically impossible for any person not be know their name in today’s gaming community.

3. Fnatic

Fnatic is one of the powerhouses of Europe and is one of the oldest esports organizations in the world. Before G2 Esports came to prominence, Fnatic dominated the European competitive scene in every esports scene they touched. They were popularly known for being the kings of League of Legends, Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, and a major name in Dota 2.

Rekkles cheering up Fnatic - most successful esports teams
The old kings of Europe.

The Europeans would have been the greatest esports team in the whole world were in not for the rise of G2 Esports. Fnatic got dethroned in a lot of major esports titles they participated in by G2 but Fnatic pushed back. Today, they still have a chokehold over many major esports titles with VALORANT being their most successful title. They also have the most passionate fans in Europe with so many people always attending their tournaments.

2. G2 Esports

G2 Esports are the new-age kings of Europe and have been dominating the global esports scene in a large number of titles. Aside from being the uncontested kings of European League of Legends, they continue to make a presence in Counter-Strike: Global Offensive, Rocket League, Rainbow Six, and Apex Legends. They also have some of the best players to ever compete in their respective esports titles.

G2 Perks with the team - most successful esports teams
The conquerors of the modern era.

The one thing that solidifies G2 Esports’ place as one of the most successful esports teams is the fact that they have dominant rosters in both the main leagues and even in women’s divisions. All of their players are widely recognizable since the organization is successful in nurturing both new talent and existing veterans. They arguably have the biggest fanbase in all of European esports as well.

1. Team Liquid

Team Liquid is the most successful esports team in the history of gaming. They are known for being the best North America has ever had in almost every esports title available. The team has a deep presence in both NA and EU, giving them a lot of coverage in terms of getting access to rosters that would perform well in a specific game. This is probably the only team on this list that has won the domestic title in all of the major esports competitions.

Team Liquid playing seriously - most successful esports teams
The most successful esports team in history.

The success of Team Liquid is deeply tied to their aggressiveness in getting the best players available in all of their rosters. They are known for having superteams in a lot of major games. Even though superteams usually fail in a lot of titles, they still manage to make them work domestically with a somewhat decent level of success in international tournaments. They continue to grow even today as an organization.

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