The Top 5 Riot Games Developers & Executives to Follow on Social Media

Riot Games may look like this gigantic conglomerate that stands tall and seems unapproachable by mere gamers like us, but you’d be surprised at how the company and their staff are all surprisingly grounded. Many of the people in the company makes sure to connect with the community by interacting with them on social media. That’s why we’ve ranked the top 5 best Riot Games developers and executives to follow in the company.

The Best Riot Games Developers and Executives

Riot Games developers and executives have become celebrities among the different Riot Games communities because they have connected with the community through social media, giving them updates and interacting with them about the games they’re working on or the departments they lead. In appreciation of these people, we’re acknowledging them by promoting their names to people who are interested in connecting more with Riot Games, as a whole.

Marc Merill and Brandon Beck - Riot Games developers and executives
Let’s take a look at some of the best Riot Games developers and executives!

We’ve prepared some of the most followed personalities on Twitter and are ranking them according to the content that they share on the platform. Twitter is where most of the community manages to interact with these people freely, with other platforms like Reddit and Instagram being factors as well. Let’s take a look at some of the Riot Games developers and executives that people should start following right away.

5. GhostCrawler

Greg “GhostCrawler” Street is probably one of the most famous names in the MMORPG community and since his switch to Riot Games, has found even more prominence to a larger gaming audience. Today, he’s the project lead on the upcoming Riot Games MMORPG and have gained a large number of followers since they’re enthusiastic about learning more about the progress of this project, hoping that they’ll get to see a sneak peak.

Twitter Page for Riot Ghostcrawler
The man in charge of the MMO!

Riot GhostCrawler is an extremely wholesome person to follow on Twitter because he gives updates on the game. He doesn’t overdo it by posting too much on the platform, which isn’t necessarily a bad thing, but allows players to quickly scroll down and get what they came to do. He also talks about MMOs, in general, which is something that any hardcore fan of the genre would absolutely love to discuss.

4. Moose

Chesney “Moose” Lattuga is the marketing director for Riot Games and an extremely popular figure in Social Media. Unlike GhostCrawler, she likes to post everything except anything related to Riot Games on her personal account, which is not unusual since it’s her account. She has garnered a large following due to her fun personality and the way she tweets about so many related stuff that you almost forget she’s an executive.

Twitter Page for Riot Moose
She doesn’t miss

Moose’s love for her cats is probably the biggest reason why she has drawn so many people to follow her. Cat lovers should take a look at her account to take a look at the funny daily situations that she and her cats find themselves in. If you’re looking for a person at Riot Games that you can connect with on a personal level, she is the one that you need to start following right now. Just make sure you can handle her randomness.

3. Mortdog

Stephen “Mortdog” Mortimer is the principal game designer for Teamfight Tactics. He has become a celebrity because of his status among the TFT community because players like to meme him whenever a new patch comes out. However, what makes him such a recognizable person is the fact that he likes to make fun of in-game situations about the game that allows him to share the joy and pain that players experience as well.

Twitter Page for Riot Mortdog - Riot Games Developer
Makes me feel like playing some TFT!

Just like many other Riot Games developers and executives on this list, he likes to show off pictures of his pet cat. It seems that the love for cats is something that’s universally shared by the Riot Games community. If you’re an avid fan of Teamfight Tactics or… cats, follow him. I guess? Even if you don’t play TFT, you’ll still be able to get a bit of information that will help you keep up with your friends’ conversations that do play the game.

2. MAXtheX

Peter Schmidt Maximilian or “Riot MAXtheX” is the head of esports for League of Legends in EMEA. Since EU is one of the biggest regions when it comes to social media presence and memes in general, it’s no wonder that the guy who heads the entire region makes banger tweets as well. Even if you’re not an EU fan, you’ll be able to enjoy his tweets and the way he supports the achievements of his region as a fan.

Twitter Page for Riot Max - Riot Games developer
The man behind the success of EU!

Aside from the fun tweets, Riot Max also gives some very informational tweets about esports not only in his region but also about the structure of it in general. This means that he can be a reliable source of news and updates if you’re a fan of esports. Unfortunately, he mentioned that he’ll be retiring soon and is currently looking for a replacement. It makes us sad to hear this news, but we know he’ll retain his love and support for the region on his tweets.

1. August

Riot August is probably the biggest and most popular name in the League of Legends community and is the guy that everybody interacts with on Twitter. August Browning is best known as the guy that releases the patch notes for the games and the guy that created Jhin and Viego. A bit of a contrast since one is the most balanced champion in the game and the other has a reputation for being so unbalanced and hated by the community.

Twitter Page for Riot August - Riot Games Developer
He created who?!

The League of Legends community absolutely loves August (except the part where he made Viego) is because he’s such a huge meme in the community. He also likes to dress up and stream on Twitch, so take a look at his channel when you get the chance. He talks about the state of the game as well, which is useful insight since he’s a Riot Games developer whose directly involved in the creation and adjustment of champions.

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