The Top 5 Strongest Darkin Champions in Runeterra

The Darkin are often considered the most dangerous beings in Runeterra because they are powerful demigods who have the will to destroy everything in the world. They are literally so powerful that they need to be sealed in inanimate objects and require the total domination of a host to unlock their true potential. That’s why we’ll be talking about the top 5 strongest Darkin champions according to the lore.

The Top 5 Strongest Darkin

The Darkin are powerful beings who were originally Ascended beings that have been corrupted by blood magic after the long war against the Void. As Ascended, they were already considered invincible god-warriors that were worth more than an army of even the strongest humans in the world. It might prove difficult to determine who the strongest Darkin is objectively but there is a lot of evidence in the lore that would explain otherwise.

The strongest Darkin characters in Runeterrra have now become a lot easier to rank because of the additional lore released in the Legends of Runeterra TCG which introduced a number of Darkin that exist in the modern world. We’ll base our ranking upon their lore entry rather than their performance in League of Legends. After all, not every Darkin that exists in the modern era is an active champion that you can play on Summoner’s Rift.

5. Joraal, The Darkin Aegis

Joraal is the easiest Darkin to place on this list. The Darkin Aegis is considered to be a being that is impervious tp any attack. Even the other Ascended were not able to penetrate through his defenses, making him an immovable object that no one would ever take down. His only weakness is that no matter how strong his armor and shield were, his mind was susceptible to the madness that corrupted it.

A Darkin warrior fully equipped with heavy armor - The Strongest Darkins
The Invincible Shield

Unfortunately for the world, the Darkin has already endured the maddening corruption of battling the void and centuries of being sealed inside an inanimate object. Joraal might not be the most powerful Darkin offensively, but not being able to destroy your enemy is another type of strength that can be formidable to overcome. He isn’t as devastating as the other Darkin but it would be a crime not to place him in the top 5 list.

4. Taarosh, The Darkin Halberd

Taarosh is depicted as a powerful warrior who knew how to act in the field of battle. Unlike most Darkin and Ascended, he was calm and calculated, outmatching his opponents through sheer martial prowess and technique. He was so powerful that he almost beat Xolaani, the Ascended being responsible for creating the Darkins through her mastery over blood magic that enslaved the entirety of her kin.

A half-dragon, half-knight darkin soaring the skies - The Strongest Darkins
The Genius Strategist

As an awakened Darkin, he would take the form of a Drake with the torso of a warrior carrying his Halberd and shield. With his command of the sky and overwhelming skill on the battlefield, it would be difficult not to see this monster as a massive threat to the world. Following his general to battle, he would be one of the monsters that the heroes will have the hardest time taking down. After learning from his mistakes against the Targonians, he’ll be even more difficult to outsmart.

3. Horazi, The Darkin Lodestone

Horazi is mentioned as a legendary warrior during her time serving Shurima. He was such a fearsome entity that people would write about her accomplishments to the present day. Like Joraal, Horazi is a master in the arts of combat, making him tough to beat on top of the fact that she is now a Darkin. She was such a scary entity that the Targonians had to seal him within Star Metal to contain her overwhelming will.

A winged Darkin shooting lasers - The Strongest Darkins
The Enlightened One

Unfortunately for the Targonians, imprisoning Horazi in a fragment of the universe only made him enlightened. Her physical strength and prowess were already formidable but with a mind that has transcended the understanding of the existing world, she will evolve into a new entity altogether. If you think the knowledge of the universe won’t affect her overall power, keep in mind that the Ascended and Targon’s power was derived from Aurelion Sol’s knowledge.

2. Xolaani, The Darkin Bloodletters

Xolaani is the matriarch of the Darkin and is the person who has the power to control all of them against their will. During the height of the Ascended civil war, Xolaani took control of the situation by tricking her brethren and corrupting them with blood magic to have an absolute hold over their minds. The stronger Darkins managed to break free from her mind control but an overwhelming number of Darkin remains under her thrall.

A female Darkin standing over a pool of death and decay - The Strongest Darkins
The Source of the Darkin

Being able to control an army of Darkin is a massive ability to have, considering even the weakest ones can annihilate an army in an instant. Xolaani is not the strongest Darkin in terms of raw power but she is definitely a threat to both the human race and to the Darkin themselves. The fact that she possessed a Wuju student makes up for her past weakness of being physically inept, making her vulnerable to direct attacks.

1. Aatrox, The Darkin Blade

Aatrox is undoubtedly the strongest Darkin in all of existence. Aside from Joraal’s invincibility, Aatrox has all the traits of the other Darkin mentioned on this list. As the general of the Darkin army, he has total control of the strongest Darkin that managed to escape Xolaani’s control. Aside from that he has monstrous destructive power that can destroy everything in his path. With nothing left in his existence to preserve, he fights as if he doesn’t care whether his enemy swings back at him.

A Darkin god of destruction standing at the peak - The Strongest Darkins
The End of the World

Aatrox literally killed the Targonian’s Aspect of War in a fair battle overwhelmingly. The only reason he lost that day was that after slaying a literal god, he didn’t think anything left on the battlefield was a threat to him which gave Atreus a chance to sneak an attack against Aatrox, severing his arm. With an army of Darkin behind him and his innate destructive power, there is nothing left in the world that can stop him. Not even Xolaani.

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