Top 5 Strongest Low ELO Champions in League of Legends

The worst part about playing League of Legends is getting stuck in the lower divisions and not being able to get out. While some players are satisfied with just being able to play the game, some people have more competitive goals such as attaining a certain rank. If you’re not interested in learning some advanced guides in League of Legends, perhaps some of the best low ELO champions in the game can carry you up to a certain point.

The Top 5 Strongest Low ELO Champions in LoL

League of Legends has created a roster of over 160 champions that each have their own specialization. Naturally, some champions are great for beginners while some are more difficult to master. Some of the champions seem absolutely broken in the lower ELOs, but skilled players have ways to make sure that those champs are shut down from start to finish so that they won’t become as powerful as they could potentially become.

Using low ELO champions may seem like you’re surrendering to the fact that you can’t improve, but the truth is that being able to conform to the meta and searching for more efficient strategies for your current situation already means that you’re improving in the game by adapting to your gameplay. We’ve ranked some of the most overpowered low ELO champions that can help you farm more wins within the Gold division and below.

5. Twitch

One of the biggest issues in a low ELO game is the lack of vision across the map. Due to that fact, champions that use stealth abilities like Shaco, Rengar, Kha’zix, Evelynn, and Twitch have such an easy time playing the game. Among these champions, Twitch has the highest kill potential and best chance to snowball because it’s hard to make a mistake if you’re playing this champion that would otherwise be fatal for the other champions that we mentioned.

Twitch as a military specialist - Low ELO Champions
“Where did this guy come from?!”

The best part about Twitch is that he’s an AD Carry. This means that he’ll become really strong quickly by simply taking two or more kills in the early game. As a laner, it’s also very difficult for low ELO players to dodge his poison abilities and they often underestimate the damage that it can do. Once you reach level 6, you are free to roam the map and wreak havoc to the enemy team by acting as an assassin that’s very hard to kill. He also makes a great champion combo alongside Yuumi that unlocks his full potential.

4. Zed

Speaking of assassins, there is no champion out there that strikes fear in the heart of low ELO players more than Zed. This champion is basically a juggernaut in low ELO games because nobody ever understands how to deal with his kit and they view him as an absolute damage demon that can take any kills he wants. In the higher ELOs, Zed is probably one of the weaker assassins as it’s very hard for him to take any kills against champions who know how to use Stopwatch and Exhaust.

a giant visage of Zed as a galactic slayer - Low ELO Champions
“Not another Zed player!”

Zed is so easy to use as you only need to press his ultimate ability on a non-tank champion, preferably the AD carry and you almost always guarantee yourself a free kill. The reason Zed isn’t higher on this list is because you do have to practice landing skillshots and using his shadows properly for both offense and defense. Also, the fact that he’s almost always banned in the lower ELOs means that you probably won’t be able to abuse him much.

3. Nasus

Nasus is probably the most underrated champions to use in low ELO because players are impatient and want to win the game instantly. If you’re reading this guide, we recommend playing Nasus as a top laner or mid laner, with limited applications for jungling and support. He’s a great all-rounder and is one of the most powerful scaling champions in League of Legends.

Nasus looking like a holy deity - Low ELO Champions
“Stacks on stacks on STACKS!”

Nasus is known for getting stacks and low ELO players aren’t really good at punishing enemies who are good at farming waves patiently. This means that Nasus can single-handedly carry the game once the 30-minute mark hits, especially if they’ve been stacking up perfectly as a solo laner. The only tip we can give you is to be patient because even if the enemy team tries to gank you often, you’ll still be more relevant as long as you don’t give up farming creeps.

2. Warwick

Most of you would probably expect Master Yi on this list so we instead put the superior version of Yi in his place. Warwick is a champion that does everything Master Yi does but better. For one, he has more CC and works more efficiently on the rift. In low ELO settings, champions often make a lot of mistakes in the laning phase so they’re always low on HP, which gives Warwick an easier time ganking the lanes.

Twitch as a giant rat that's out of control - Low ELO Champions
“Why can’t we kill it?!”

Low ELO champions like Master Yi work on punishing enemies by being able to gank well, Warwick is the perfect champion to gank your allied lanes. Once Warwick secures a lead, he’s able to take down the enemy team by himself since his healing capabilities will be absolutely difficult to deal with. The best part about this champion is that he isn’t exclusively a low ELO champion because he performs well in the average tier as well.

1. Yasuo

Yasuo is one of the most hated champions in League of Legends and there’s no doubt that he is a double-edge sword. However, we believe that Yasuo takes his place as the best low ELO champion in the game because no matter what happens, he’ll always become extremely strong. Yasuo’s kit allows him to become one of the strongest champions in the game once he successfully builds three of his primary items, making the meme of the “0-10 powerspike” factually true to some extent.

Yasuo as a futuristic DJ - Low ELO Champions
“He’s suddenly became so strong!”

Of course, we don’t want you to intentionally feed as Yasuo. All you have to do is farm minions and reach the point where you have all your important items and we guarantee that you’ll almost always carry the game in the low ELO setting. There are good and bad Yasuo players across all divisions of the game, but we can’t deny that Yasuo is one of Riot Games’ best designed champions because he’s always good no matter the situation.

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