The Top 5 Strongest MSI 2022 Teams In the Tournament

The Mid-Season Invitationals 2022 is right around the corner and every region has already secured which teams will be participating in the tournament. This year, we’re in for a treat because three teams who have won the MSI before are coming back either to defend their title or reclaim it for a chance to be at the top once again. Let’s take a look at the top 5 strongest MSI 2022 teams that are participating in the tournament.

The Top 5 Strongest MSI 2022 Teams

The MSI 2022 tournament is looking spicy with some familiar names coming back on stage in addition to some new challengers looking to prove themselves to the world. Unfortunately, the LCL will not be attending the tournament today due to the ongoing war between Russia and Ukraine. On the other hand, Vietnam will finally be returning to the international scene with the VCS finally joining the other regions at the tournament.

MSI 2022 Format Explainer
Looking forward to the MSI 2022 tournament?

The Mid-Season Invitation will be held at South Korea this year, but due to the issues regarding Covid-19, the tournament won’t be fully held as a LAN event. The LPL representatives will not be able to attend the tournament physically, but Riot Games has formulated a way for the defending champions to play. Now that we know all of the issues and backgrounds regarding the tournament, let’s take a look at the best MSI 2022 teams.

5. PSG Talon

PSG Talon is a familiar name on the international scene because they have been the most dominant team in the PCS ever since the region’s establishment. While other names have overcome these titans every now and then, they still retain their position as a top dog in the Asian scene. This year, they’re looking to get revenge after their semi-finals exit at the MSI 2021 event after losing to eventual champions – Royal Never Give Up.

PSG Talon's 2021 roster - MSI 2022 Teams
Never underestimate them!
  • Region – PCS / Southeast Asia, Hong Kong, Taiwan, and Macau
  • Players to Watch – Hanabi, Unified
  • Highest Achievements – MSI 2021 Semifinalist

The team has changed up its roster again while retaining its core strength, which is the bottom and top lane. The team has had some tough competition this year in the PCS and while they haven’t had as much of a dominant run as they had last year, it’s still clear that they’ll be posing a problem for the other top teams in the tournament. PSG Talon is looking to make it their goal to take home the MSI 2022 championship this year.

4. Evil Geniuses

Evil Geniuses will be making their first international appearance with a roster that has finally found success domestically with both young homegrown talent and experienced foreign talent on the roster to give it just the right balance of having aggressive eagerness and a reliable fall back. The team is looking like just the right formula for a hot mess will throw their international opponents into a fight they won’t be prepared for.

Impact closeup in the screen - MSI 2022 Teams
NA is looking for redemption!
  • Region – LCS / North America
  • Players to Watch – Jojopyun, Danny
  • Highest Achievements – LCS 2022 Spring Champion

The team may not have much experience in the international scene together, but Impact and Inspired are no strangers to this tournament. North America has been the laughing stock of the international esports scene for the longest time, but as they send more and more teams with young homegrown talent to the international tournaments, we begin to wonder if it’s only a matter of time before they finally find the right formula to take home a dub.

3. G2 Esports

G2 Esports are a fan-favorite and have been a competitor in every international tournament that they’ve attended so far. As the MSI 2022 teams introduce some new names, we’re finally looking at some of the tournament favorites that are looking to reclaim the throne. G2 Esports were the MSI 2019 champions and as they return in 2022, they’re looking to re-take the trophy once again from the defending champions in RNG.

The G2 Esports winning roster - MSI 2022 Teams
They’re back and looking for blood!
  • Region – LEC / Europe
  • Players to Watch – caPs, Flakked
  • Highest Achievements – MSI 2019 Champion, Worlds 2019 Finalist

The team went through a massive shakeup in its roster with changes in the top and bottom lane while retaining the powerful mid-jungle duo in caPs and Jankos. Their AD Carry – Flakked – has seen a very successful season and has carried G2 Esports through the playoffs despite a lot of criticism on how well he’ll do. Brokenblade is another strong addition who has finally found a team that can complement his strong-side top lane playstyle.

2. Royal Never Give Up

Royal Never Give Up are the defending Mid-Season Invitationals champion and the team that has bested all the others in the LPL playoffs, finishing 2nd in the regular season and beating TOP Esports in the playoffs. The team found success in the previous year despite Xiaohu being forced to swap to the top lane but this year, he’s back where he belongs and is looking like he gained some much-needed experience in playing as a top laner.

Xiaohu and Ming posing with Wendy - MSI 2022 Teams
The defending MSI champions!
  • Region – LPL / China
  • Players to Watch – Bin, GALA, Ming
  • Highest Achievement – 2x MSI Champions (2018, 2021)

Among all the MSI 2022 teams, they are looking like a top competitor with only one other team standing in their way to becoming the team with the most number of wins in this tournament. The team only added in former Suning Gaming player – Bin – to the top lane so that they can retain their aggressive top-heavy playstyle but with a much more reliable mid laner to supplement them in case their strategy falls.

1. T1

T1 is at the top of the tournament rankings and it’s hard to place them lower even if you were biased to other regions because of their incredible performance during the spring season. Among all of the MSI 2022 teams, they were the only ones to come out undefeated in the regular season and dominated the playoffs, besting Gen.G who was considered the strongest superteam that has ever been created in history.

SKT Faker waving to the fans - MSI 2022 Teams
They’re back and looking invincible!
  • Region – LCK / South Korea
  • Players to Watch – Gumayusi, Faker
  • Highest Achievement – 3x World Champions (2013, 2015, 2016), 2x MSI Champions (2016, 2017)

The team may have some young players in its roster with Faker being the only real veteran in the team, but their potential and team synergy is something that other teams simply can’t replicate. The organized way their play make it so that their defense around the map seem impenetrable. They are the heavy favorites coming into the tournament and it won’t be a surprise if they manage to win again.

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