Top 5 Weirdest Champion Designs in League of Legends

League of Legends is home to over 150 champions that each have their own identity and personality. While most of them have above average looks, Riot Games has diversified the lineup by introducing champions that are more peculiar than good-looking. Today, we’ll be ranking the top 5 weirdest champion designs in the League of Legends champion roster according to their aesthetic look.

Top 5 Weirdest Champion Designs

Champions in League of Legends come in all shapes and sizes, but today we’re highlight the strangest character designs in the game. While we’ve all grown to love most of the characters throughout the years of playing the game and don’t really notice the strangeness of the characters in the game anymore. That doesn’t mean to say that there are those who would make a non-LoL player raise an eyebrow at the sight of them.

We’ve decided to rank the weirdest champion designs only according to their looks. We won’t be factoring in their abilities or their lore because we want to showcase which of these champions would have a really bad visual impression on non-players when they first take a look. It’s time to rank the top 5 weirdest champion designs in the current League of Legends champion roster.

5. Kled

During the early stages of League of Legends, yordles were introduced as some sort of mascot characters unique to the Runeterra universe. They were usually designed to be cute, even if they’re pretty deadly on the battlefield. At some point, Riot Games decided to throw away that stereotype and go with Kled, who seems to some sort of old-western, axe-wielding, lizard-riding, battle-hardened, cowboy yordle with a terrible temper.

Kled and Skaarl as vampires
Is that rodent riding a lizard?

The relationship between Skaarl and Kled is wierd in itself, but the fact that Kled is supposed to be a yordle breaks down the stereotype that all yordles are fluffy mascots. If you try to hug Kled, you might end up getting splinters stuck on your skin. The addition of Skaarl to this champion’s character makes it a well-balanced duo that we’ve eventually come to really appreciate as the hot-headed champion that he is.

4. Singed

Singed is one of the older champions in the game and Riot Games may not have really taken into account his standing in the world of Runeterra when they first created him. That’s probably why his entire design looks pretty messed up that they tried to make a weird backstory to justify why he looks like an empty champion model with the only unique feature being the bandages around his body and a gigantic bottle on his back.

Singed wearing hextech armor - weirdest champion designs lol
Looks like someone escaped the asylum.

This champion is not only weird in terms of his looks, he’s also extremely weird on the Rift as well. The champion doesn’t feel like he fits into the universe but Riot Games managed to find a place for him anyway. The champion’s outfit, looks, and entire concept doesn’t really feel like anything so the only real possibility for his entire existence to make sense is make him into a mutated human like all the other Zaunites.

3. Vel’koz

Vel’koz needs no introduction. This champion is a champion that tries to be some Lovecraftian monster but ended up looking like it’s from an adult Japanese show instead IYKWIM. Riot Games tries to play this champion off as some sort of omniscient being from the void but if you ask any person if they would find Vel’koz intimidating in real life, they’d probably laugh it off asking if you’re seeing anything other than a deformed squid.

Velkoz as an entity of the void - weirdest champion designs lol
Yeah. We know where this is going.

Riot Games really messed up when they created the champion design for this champion. In all fairness, the splash really did make him look like an extraterrestrial menace that was ready to control the minds of its victims. However, his weird design really seeps out when you start seeing him move around on Summoners Rift. This champion badly needs a rework, considering he isn’t as old as some of the other champions on this list.

2. Urgot

Urgot is a no-brainer as he definitely deserves a top spot on the weirdest champion design list. He would have made number one if we talk about his original champion look, which was arguably the worst champion design in the history of League of Legends. Today, he looks more tame than his original version but it doesn’t change the fact that his half-man, half-crab anatomy makes us ask a lot of questions about how he does stuff.

Urgot wearing a pajama - weirdest champion designs lol
Beware of the crab… man… thing?

Zaun is home to some of the weirdest champion designs in the game but Urgot is the only one that made the list because the others felt like they really followed a general theme. However, Urgot seems to be lost, even if we talk about the artificial monsters that this region has created, he still seems like he’s an abomination on his own. Luckily, he finally received his pajama party skin that fans have been asking for since the early days of LoL.

1. Ivern

There’s no question that Ivern wins as the weirdest champion design in the entire League of Legends universe. An needlessly slender protector of the forest that devours humans who mistreat the critters of the forest is the stuff of nightmares. This is the guy that you’d be afraid of when you stay out too late in the woods or end up camping outside while the entire forest turns dark and gloomy. This is probably why he’s such an unpopular champion.

Ivern playing basketball - weirdest champion designs lol
Hide your kids from this guy.

Everything from the way he moves, speaks, and looks look extremely creepy and there’s no person in the world that would think he’s cute… well, maybe for some weirdoes out there. Anyway, the champion may seem like a strange character but Riot Games has given him a really important standing in the world and a backstory that makes sense. We wouldn’t want to change this champion in any way but that doesn’t change the fact that he’s pretty messed up aesthetically.

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