The Top 5 Worlds 2023 Teams Coming into the Tournament

The 2023 League of Legends World Championships is already underway and the fans are excited about which teams might take it all the way to the top. We’ve already heard the Worlds Anthem this year and right now there are a lot of teams looking like GODS. Let’s take a look at the top 5 Worlds 2023 teams that have the best chances of winning the entire tournament for their region as they compete against the best.

The Top 5 Worlds 2023 Teams

The 2023 World Championships boasts the most competitive rosters that esports has ever seen. Despite so many big teams entering the competition, there is still no doubt that there are clear favorites in the tournament. However, the gap between the top 5 teams and the rest of the tournament is not insurmountable. But if we were to choose a team to put on our pickems, here are the top 5 Worlds 2023 teams that we’d definitely put our faith in.

The Worlds 2023 teams all have their own strengths. Unfortunately, there are teams that have already proven their worth on the international stage and are carrying their strength into the current season. The chances of these teams winning the entire tournament are significantly higher than the rest of the competition. Let’s take a look at all the teams that are most likely to hoist the Summoner’s Cup at the end of the tournament.

5. G2 Esports

It would be foolish to count out G2 Esports in any international tournament as they’ve proven time and again that they are the biggest threat in the West and continue to be to this very day. They’ve won the LEC Season Finals and have proven that they are miles ahead in skill level not only in the European League of Legends scene but the entirety of the Western League of Legends competitive scene as a whole.

G2 Esports celebrating a win - Worlds 2023 teams
The biggest hope of the west.
  • Region: Europe (LEC)
  • Players to Watch: Caps, Hans Sama
  • Highest Achievement: MSI 2019 Champions

The organization has been one of the most dominant forces in the modern League of Legends competitive era. We’re not totally confident that they have what it takes to take home the Summoner’s Cup when facing the teams that we’ve ranked ahead but they are definitely a team that deserves to be in the top 5 ranking considering what the other regions have to offer as their 3rd and 4th seeds in the competition.

4. Gen.G

Gen.G recently won the LCK Summer finals and has impressed the world by defeating the Spring Champions in T1. Chovy continues to prove that he is one of the best players in the modern era. It is only a matter of time before Chovy gets his first international trophy and Worlds 2023 might be the tournament to secure his title and legacy as one of the greatest mid laners to ever touch the game.

GenG walking epicly towards the stage - Worlds 2023 teams
The trophy that’s long coming.
  • Region: South Korea
  • Players to Watch: Chovy, Peanut
  • Highest Achievement: Worlds 2017 Winners (as Samsung Galaxy)

You might be surprised that Gen.G is ranked so low but even though they have proven that they have an effective strategy against T1 (when they defeated them in the finals), Gen.G has always been a major underperformer when it comes to the international stage. We’re not saying that they’ll have a bad performance again this tournament but superteams have always failed when it mattered on the big stage.

3. Bilibili Gaming

Bilibili Gaming (BLG) was the recent runner-up in the Mid-Season Invitationals. Their lineup boasts a balanced roster with Bin, the best top laner in the world, leading the team into multiple wins. Unfortunately, BLG has yet to overcome their final challenge – JD Gaming – to whom they lost five times in a row. However, if there’s ever a time to redeem themselves, it’s in the Grand Finals of the biggest tournament of the year.

Bilibili Gaming posing at the MSI 2023 stage - Worlds 2023 teams
  • Region: China (LPL)
  • Players to Watch: Bin, Elk
  • Highest Achievement: MSI 2023 Finalist

Thanks to the recently concluded Mid-Season Invitationals, we know that BLG is a really big threat at the World Finals. They defeated both Gen.G and T1 in the lower bracket until they finally got their rematch against JD Gaming. The team looks like a solid contender in the tournament and the South Korean teams shouldn’t underestimate this team again if they want to defend their World Championship title on home soil.

2. T1

T1 is the most legendary and dominant organization in the history of League of Legends. With Faker recently winning a Gold Medal in the Asian games alongside teammates Zeus and Keria, they have proven time and again that the Korean Dominance in League of Legends has never truly ended. This team has made it to all the semifinals of all the international tournaments they ever attended and they’re looking to win their 4th World Championship title.

T1 posing for the MSI team trailer - Worlds 2023 teams
Coming for their 4th trophy!
  • Region: South Korea (LCK)
  • Players to Watch: Keria, Faker
  • Highest Achievement: 3x World Champions

Even though they’re only the 2nd seed from the LCK, it’s a massive judgment mistake to underestimate that this team doesn’t have the best chances of winning the World Championships each year. They have always been the biggest fan favorites around the world. They’d demolish most of the Worlds 2023 teams in the tournament without even having any trouble. The only true hurdle that stands in their way are Gen.G, Bilibili Gaming, and JD Gaming.

1. JD Gaming

JD Gaming is the clear favorite among all the Worlds 2023 teams. They have destroyed every single team that stood in their path this year in all international tournaments and seems like there’s nobody even remotely close to stopping their rampage. Aside from that, Ruler and Kanavi were part of the team that secured the Gold Medal and were integral in their win. Ruler is uncontestedly the best player in the world this year.

JD Gaming kissing the MSI 2023 trophy - Worlds 2023 teams
The tournament favorites.
  • Region: China {LPL)
  • Players to Watch: Ruler, Knight
  • Highest Achievement: MSI 2023 Champions

This team deserves to stand on the top of the list because they already steamrolled the rest of the competition. Of course, it wouldn’t be right to think that nobody has a chance to topple these giants. So many of the top teams are eyeing them for revenge that it wouldn’t be surprising if one of them figured out a clear strategy to take them down.

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