The Top 5 Best League of Legends Skins in 2023

The 2024 season has begun and we’re looking optimistic about what the new year has in store for us in the coming ranked season. Before we move on to the next season, let’s relive some of the best moments in the previous season. Let’s celebrate the best League of Legends skins in 2023 that people have appreciated the most and have spent their money collecting because of how great of an addition they were to the game.

The Best League of Legends Skins in 2023

The 2023 season was an amazing year for cosmetics. There were a lot of good designs this year that it’s almost impossible to choose just 5 skins on to put on this list. Nevertheless, we need to pick our favorites and we’ve deliberated on some of the best League of Legends skins in 2023 that we think deserve a special mention. Needless to say, we’ve chosen our own personal favorites from the year and it might be good to take a look at all the skins released in the previous year to choose your own.

Irelia as a divine eastern character - Best League of Legends skins in 2023
What are the best League of Legends skins in 2023?

We’ve chosen some of the best League of Legends skins in 2023 that really came up in the conversation. These skins have had major relevance in the community, even though some other skins might have more sales. If we chose the skins with the most sales on this list, we’ll have a completely different results. For now, we’ll follow the subjective route of choosing which ones we think are the best in terms of aesthetics and relevance.

Inkshadow Yasuo

It’s no secret that Riot Games has their favorites when it comes to designing skins. Some champions have more skins than others and in a lot of sets, Riot Games makes sure that these characters have the best skins in the set to maximize profits. Inkshadow was no different since Riot Games made sure the fan-favorites had a piece of the action. Of course, it was only natural for Yasuo to receive one of the best designs in that skinline.

Yasuo cutting through the shadows - Best League of Legends skins in 2023
Edgelords anyone?

Inkshadow Yasuo has a great color-scheme and design. It adds to the edgy character that’s innate to the champion but, in a way, introduces a completely different character to the roster. The splash art for the skin is obviously on another level but the in-game model is also noticeably great. Unlike most skins that simply look like a recolor, Yasuo skins usually have emphasized details that really showcase how hard the artists worked for these designs.

Coven Nami

Coven Nami is probably the most controversial pick on this list but the relevance of this champion’s release has really made an impact on the gaming community as a whole. This sparked one of the most toxic reddit conversations ever and for the most shallow reason imaginable. Outside of its presence in weird conversations, Coven Nami has been a freakishly gorgeous addition to the skins that we’ve seen before.

Nami corrupted by the old gods - Best League of Legends skins in 2023

Many people may think that Coven Nami is creepy but that the way she is designed makes her seem like what Ursula might have been if Disney liked making all their characters freakishly hot. The best part about Coven Nami is her in-game animations. All of her new ability animations look so well done. The ultimate is the highlight of the entire design, giving her the best legendary skin treatment in a long time.

Heartsteel Ezreal

The Heartsteel series is definitely one of the showstoppers of the 2023 season with a large majority of League of Legends fans finally getting what they wished for in a long time. The larger League of Legends community have been getting all the good stuff with skin lines like K/DA and True Damage giving a more feminine charm. Now, Heartsteel gives a more masculine charm to the league that reaches out to the other side of the community.

Ezreal in an underground boyband - Best League of Legends skins in 2023
Riot Games’ golden boy

Out of all the Heartsteel champions, Ezreal is the one that made the most impact in the community. He has always been marketed as the pretty boy of League of Legends and even though it doesn’t always work, the Heartsteel version definitely reached out to a lot of people. Ezreal skins are always great since Riot Games loves making skins for him that really stand out. Regardless, it doesn’t take away from this skin’s identity as one of the best in 2023.

Broken Covenant Rakan & Xayah

The only time you can convince Riot Games to make a skin of either Rakan or Xayah without featuring one or the other is if they are Worlds skins. Otherwise, you’ll see both of them together and that is no exception in the Broken Covenant skin line. The romance between these two champions always elevate the them of their skins in a way that no other skin line can replicate. Riot Games really wants to emphasize that Rakan and Xayah are the best couple in Runeterra.

Rakan and Xayah touching palms together - Best League of Legends skins in 2023
Couples are great

Rakan and Xayah are a complete bundle. Broken Covenant Rakan gives off a brilliant masculinity to the skin line with his crimson color while Broken Covenant Xayah gives of golden femininity. Together, they complete the entire package and truly complete the charm of what makes the Broken Covenant skin line so good. It feels like you can never have a conversation about the best League of Legends skins in 2023 without these champions.

Immortal Journey Kayle

Kayle doesn’t always have the best skins in the game. Riot Games tries to give her some cool designs but none of the previous releases really stood out since her identity as a champion doesn’t really give off much of a presence. Luckily, the Immortal Journey Kayle skin has given her something that can be added to her cool personality and mysterious backstory.

Kayle with an eastern outfit - Best League of Legends skins in 2023

There have been many Immortal Journey skins that can be considered the best of their year. It only speaks to how well the artists created this skin line. Designing a really cool skin for Kayle isn’t an easy feat but now she finally has something that will give more spice to her entire identity. We hope to see more skins that will make Kayle more noticeable.

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