The Ultimate League of Legends Dr. Mundo Guide

Dr. Mundo is one of the most interesting characters in the game and with his recent champion rework, he became even more fun to play. Using this champion doesn’t require you to be a doctor. In fact, he can be pretty simple but that doesn’t mean that he doesn’t have any hidden potential that can be unlocked with a little bit of reading. Let’s take a look at this Dr. Mundo guide to learn all of the important things that this champion does in the game that you need to learn about.

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The Madman of Zaun

Dr. Mundo has one of the weirdest storylines in LoL. Thanks to his large body and intimidating looks he worked as a henchman for the powerful people of Zaun. However, when he accidentally stepped on one of his bosses, he was sent to the asylum for punishment. As scientists began experimenting on him, the chemicals messed with his mind and body. In his insanity, he saw himself as a doctor too and thought that he needs to help everyone by curing them the way a madman knows how.
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Since the earliest days of League of Legends, Dr. Mundo was favored as a champion with the highest survivability in-game and a moderate amount of damage. He was a champion that was extremely difficult to kill and wasted a lot of the enemy’s time in teamfights. However, he lacked reliable lockdown and relevant early game. Thanks to his most recent rework, he became a favorite champion to pick in the top lane as a bulky bruiser with the best survivability in League of Legends, which we’ll be discussing more in this Dr. Mundo guide.

Dr. Mundo General Gameplay

Dr. Mundo’s gameplay is fairly simple, which is Mundo smash. As he likes to say in the game: “Mundo goes where he pleases!”, and no truer words were spoken. Dr. Mundo like to close the gap into an enemy and focus them down only to disengage with his healing whenever he gets low. Mundo has relatively short cooldowns on his abilities and uses HP as his resource instead of mana or energy. In this Mundo guide, we’ll be showing you how to manage his reckless aggressiveness.

Dr. Mundo Guide – Skills and Abilities

First up on our Dr. Mundo guide, we’ll be talking about this champion’s skills and abilities. As mentioned already, Dr. Mundo uses his own health as a resource instead of things like mana, rage, or energy. Managing how to use this resource is key to ensuring that you use Dr. Mundo well without sacrificing survivability. As long as you understand how and when to use his abilities, you won’t have any problems dealing with any opponent in lane.

Passive: Goes Where He Pleases

Dr. Mundo Passive - Goes Where He Pleases icon Innate – Dr. Mundo regenerates additional health every 5 seconds depending on his max HP.

Passive – Mundo periodically gains a spell shield that blocks the effects of the next immobilizing spell that hits him. After resisting the spell’s immobilizing effects, Dr. Mundo pays 7% of his maximum health and propels a canister towards a distance from the source of the spell, which stays there for up to 7 seconds.

Dr. Mundo can move near the canister to consume it, healing himself for 8% of his maximum health and reducing the cooldown of Goes Where He Pleases by 15 seconds. If an enemy goes near the canister before Mundo, it is destroyed.

Goes Where He Pleases is Dr. Mundo’s best ability and allows him to become an unstoppable juggernaut that walks towards enemies without fear. Whenever you have the passive shield, don’t be afraid to walk towards an enemy champion to try and initiate a fight or at least force them to use their crowd control ability on you. Don’t forget to pick up the canisters to heal yourself up. Never initiate a solo fight if you don’t have your passive shield active so that you always have the advantage.

Q: Infected Bonesaw

Dr. Mundo Q - Infected Bonesaw icon Active – Dr. Mundo throws his infected bonesaw in a target direction, dealing magic damage to the first enemy hit and slowing them by 40% for 2 seconds. If the bonesaw hits an enemy, he is healed 50% of the health, increased to 100% on monsters and champions.

Infected Bonesaw is Dr. Mundo’s primary ability and is used in everything he does. With this ability, Dr. Mundo can freely CS without the need to walk up the enemy, which is useful if you’re in a lane disadvantage. Because its cooldown is extremely short, you can spam it by using it as soon as it’s able to be used. Make sure to always hit minions or champions when using this ability so that you don’t end up slowly losing health. Even though the health cost seems minute, it can slowly chip you away during the early game.

W: Heart Zapper

Dr. mundo W - Heart Zapper icon Active – Dr. Mundo charges up his defibrillator on himself for up to 4-seconds, dealing magic damage every 0.25 seconds to the surrounding enemies and storing a portion of post-mitigation damage, and converting it into grey health on his health bar.

Dr. Mundo W Recast - Heart Zapper icon Recast – Dr. Mundo can recast Heart Zapper after 1 second upon casting, detonating the defibrillator, and dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies. When this unit is recast, Dr. Mundo heals 50% of his stored grey health, increased to 100% if he hits a champion or monster.

Heart Zapper is a good dueling tool that helps Dr. Mundo become threatening in combat by dealing damage to enemies nearby and storing the damage they deal to you. Make sure to activate this as soon as the fight breaks out so that you can store the damage that their abilities deal to you and recast it as soon as it reaches the end to heal as much health as possible. This is extremely good when you’re in a teamfight and have a lot of enemy champions nearby that will get damaged by this ability.

E: Blunt Force Trauma

Dr. Mundo E - Blunt Force Trauma icon Passive – Dr. Mundo gains bonus attack damage, plus an additional amount based on missing health up to 70% missing health.

Active – Dr. Mundo empowers his next next basic attack within the next 4 seconds, becoming uncancelable, gaining 50 range, and dealing bonus physical damage, which is increased based on his missing health. If the target dies or is a small monster, they are knocked back, dealing physical damage to all enemies that pass through for 100% of their AD and the minimum damage of Blunt Force Trauma. Damage from all sources from this ability is increased to 200% on Minions and non-Epic Monsters.

Despite being more powerful when having low health, players should activate this ability as soon as it is on cooldown. Remember that this ability resets the basic attack timer so use it immediately after landing an auto-attack to maximize damage. Just like Olaf, you shouldn’t disengage once your HP goes below a certain percent because that is when you’re strongest. Once you are low on HP, try to go hard onto an enemy by using this ability on cooldown so that they take a ton of damage.

R: Maximum Dosage

Dr. Mundo Ultimate Ability - Maximum Dosage icon Active – Dr. Mundo instantly recovers 20% of his maximum HP. In addition, he gains bonus movement speed, bonus attack damage based on maximum HP, and slowly regenerates his HP for the next 10 seconds.

Maximum Dosage is Dr. Mundo’s “Oh, sh*t” button. Use this ability once you get pushed below 25% health, allowing you to swiftly run away from enemies and regenerate your health along the way. You can also use this offensively so that you can chase your enemies faster and deal more damage. Be careful when using this offensively because gaining health makes you lose a huge percentage of your damage that’s based on missing health.

Dr. Mundo Guide – Items and Builds

Next up on Dr. Mundo guide, we’ll talk about his items and builds. Since this champion uses a lot of health as a resource and has a lot of healing sources, it’s only natural that he build items with a lot of health and regeneration. He also likes to prioritize tenacity with some armor and magic resistance in-between.

Starting Items

Starting Item Doran's Shield icon Doran’s Shield – The best starting item for tank players, Doran’s Shield helps champions take more punishment in lane especially if the opponent likes to play aggressively. Having this item allows you to walk up to minions even if you know your opponent will start harassing you because you’ll instantly be regenerating your health once you take a hit from the enemy.

Core Items

Mythic Item - Sunfire Aegis icon Sunfire Aegis (Mythic) – Among all of the other immolate items, this item is the best because it provides a huge amount of tenacity through its mythic passive. Being able to move around freely during teamfights allows Dr. Mundo to be a pest and survive through heavy layers of CC. Immolate also helps Dr. Mundo deal a lot of damage when sticking to an enemy champion, especially if you manage to proc Flametouch.

Legendary Item - Spirit Visage icon Spirit Visage – This item is a staple in Dr. Mundo’s kit because it increases all the healing that you gain from all your abilities, which is especially potent when using your ultimate ability or when benefitting from your passive ability. This allows Dr. Mundo to become practically unkillable and forces your enemies to build anti-healing items instead of their more important core items.

Recommended Items

Thornmail Thornmail – Thornmail is one of the best tank items in the game since it provides a good amount of HP, a lot of armor, and Grievous Wounds to shut down healing coming from various sources like Conqueror or Lifesteal. Make sure to build this and get Bramble Vest as soon as possible.

Legendary Item - Warmogs Armor icon Warmog’s Armor – This item makes Dr. Mundo extremely annoying because he can simply walk back and forth in a fight by healing all the damage he receives. He is one of the champions that can easily walk out of a heavy teamfight so maximize that advantage.

Legendary Item - Randuins Omen icon Randuin’s Omen – Take this as a 5th item or later so that you don’t get rolled over by auto-attacks or the enemy AD Carry. This gives you an incredible amount of tankiness against AD champions.

Legendary Item - Force of Nature icon Force of Nature – This item is picked if the enemy has a lot of Ability Power. You can build this before Warmog’s Armor if you think the enemy mages are getting out of control.

Legendary Item - Gargoyle Stoneplate icon Gargoyle’s Stoneplate – This item is good when the enemy has built enough anti-healing to keep you down. The shield will force one of them to build Serpent’s Fang which is good for your team and give you a ton of survivability if they don’t.

Dr. Mundo Guide – Runes

Primary: The Rune Icon - Resolve Resolve

Resolve Keystone Grasp of the Undying iconGrasp of the Undying – This rune is the all-around best rune for tanks because it allows you to become relevant as a damage-soaking tank and even deal damage to get ahead in the lane. It’s a good idea to pick this every game no matter what the situation is.

Resolve rune - Demolish icon Demolish – Dr. Mundo likes to stay in side lanes so having demolish will make him a huge threat as a split pusher because he can deal devastating damage to those structures periodically.

Resolve rune Second Wind icon Second Wind – A great rune for Dr. Mundo who likes to get into a lot of skirmishes. Healing yourself so that you don’t drop too low in a fight.

Overgrowth – HP stacking can be really helpful since all of your abilities scale depending on the amount of max health that you have.

Secondary: Inspiration Rune Icon Inspiration

Magical Footwear rune icon Magical Footwear – A great item to save 300 gold. Dr. Mundo doesn’t need the movement speed early in the game since he has his ultimate ability to give chase or run away.

shooting star - approach velocity icon Approach Velocity – This is the most important run in the game because it combo’s well with Infected Bonesaw, making it hard to escape Dr. Mundo’s clutches once he starts running you down.

Dr. Mundo General Overview

As mentioned a lot in this Dr. Mundo guide, this champion likes to get into the face of the enemy aggressively. Being able to run down enemies and catch their attention while having a good amount of escape tools and survivability to not give enemies a kill is absolutely amazing. Players only need to manage how they use their health points and learn not to be afraid when they are low on HP.

Dr. Mundo as a red orc - Dr. Mundo Guide
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How to counter Dr. Mundo?

The best way to counter Dr. Mundo is to build anti-healing items early and poke him off the lane. Don’t let him secure distance and if they do, block them from taking minions when they’re trying to use their Q to CS from afar.

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