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The spirits of the mighty beasts are harnessed by a man whose affinity to the animal kingdoms has imbued his fighting style with powers that give them the strength to overcome any opponent. In this Udyr guide, we aim to help players develop a deeper understanding of the mechanics and strategies that involve playing this champion so that players can play him better. This champion may be considered as having the most simple kit but it takes some in-depth knowledge to execute them correctly.

Udyr's 4 different primal forms unleashed - Udyr guide
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The Path of The Spirit Walker

Born with a strong affinity to the spiritual realm, Udyr had a special ability to sense the emotions of every living being. As he trained under the Winter’s Claw, Udyr’s very gift had proved to be a curse as it drove him to near insanity until the Freljord slaughtered his tribe. As a lost soul, Lee Sin found him and took him to Ionia where he could better control how he could commune with the spirits. After completing his training, he ventures once again to his homeland and to the the spirit walkers that feared him.

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MAD Lions’ Elyoya Whipping Out His Udyr

Udyr has the most basic kit in the entire League of Legends champion pool because none of them rely on targeting or placing. Even though his skills aren’t complicated, it doesn’t mean that it doesn’t involve even the tiniest bit of strategy to execute. In this Udyr guide, we’ll be expanding on the possibilities that this champion has to explain how a champion like this managed to climb up the competitive ladder and became one of the strongest junglers in the game.

Udyr General Gameplay

Udyr is the most straightforward champion in the game because the only way to play this champion is to walk up to an enemy champion and rough ’em up. Since he has 4 basic skills unlike most champions that have 3 basic skills and 1 ultimate, Udyr’s skill route is different. Players who have not played League of Legends before or have recently Bought A League of Legends Account Online, might need to know more about how to use him. We’ll be discussing this champion more in our Udyr guide.

Udyr Guide: Skills and Rotations

First off on our Udyr guide, we’ll be learning about Udyr’s abilities and basic rotations. As mentioned, he has 4 basic abilities and one passive so you can level all of them up as you see fit. Here are the most efficient ways to use these abilities to get an advantage in a fight.

Passive: Monkey’s Agility

Udyr's passive - Monkey's Agility icon Innate – Udyr’s abilities generate a stack of Monkey’s Agility for 5 seconds, stacking up to 3 times. Each attack refreshes the duration of Monkey’s Agility. Each stack gives Udyr 5 bonus movement speed and 10% bonus attack speed.

Innate – FOUR STANCES: Udyr has no ultimate ability and instead has 4 basic abilities with passives called Stances. Each of the Stances provides passive abilities until Udyr activates another ability. Whenever Udyr activates a Stance, he removes the effects of the previous Stances and puts his other abilities on a 1.5 second cooldown if they are not on cooldown or have less than 1.5 seconds left on their cooldown.

At Level 16 and up, Udyr’s abilities can be upgraded to a 6th level.

Udyr’s main stats are Movement Speed and Attack Speed. Despite not having any of the damage stats, he gets his business done by shuffling the right Stances to maximize their stacks as well as stacking Monkey’s Agility in the process. Don’t randomly spam Udyr’s stances, try to completely apply the Stance Ability before switching onto a new ability so that you maximize their effects. There’s a 1.5-second global cooldown but it goes down the more you stack some Ability Haste.

Q: Tiger Stance

Udyr's Q - Tiger Stance icon STANCE – Udyr’s basic attacks generate Tiger stacks on-hit up to 3 stacks. After gaining max stacks, Udyr’s next basic attack deals bonus physical damage every 0.5 seconds over 2 seconds and deals any remaining damage from previous Tiger stacks.

Active – Udyr immediately gains 3 Tiger Stacks and bonus attack speed for 5 seconds.

Players usually take this ability as the first ability but will never upgrade it beyond that leaving it at Level 1 for the entirety of the game. This ability is only useful at the early stages of the game and against a single enemy unit which is most likely the Blue Sentinel or Red Brambleback in your case as a jungler. The passive damage dealt every 3rd attack is not as great as the Phoenix Stance which is why this ability is only used for the initial activation.

W: Turtle Stance

Udyr's W - Turtle Stance icon STANCE – Udyr’s basic attacks generates Turtle stacks on-hit, up to a maximum of 3 stacks. After gaining max stacks, Udyr’s next basic attack heals him for a portion of his maximum health.

Active – Udyr gains a shield for 5 seconds and immediately gains 3 Turtle stacks.

The Turtle Stance is Udyr’s main survivability skill and will be used a lot in his rotation. This ability is typically taken at Level 6, after upgrading Phoenix Stance by 3 levels and the others by 1 level each. Udyr should use this ability after activating the Stance passives on other abilities just to refresh the shield duration and gain instant life stealing. Players don’t typically stay on turtle stance for very long since it’s more efficient to swap into this ability because of the shield refresh.

E: Bear Stance

Udyr's E - Bear Stance icon STANCE – Udyr’s basic attacks have cannot be canceled and stun the target for 1 second. The stun can only be applied to the same target once every few seconds.

Active – Udyr gains bonus movement speed and ghosting for a few seconds. Additionally, his basic attacks gain 50 bonus range and causes him to lunge at the enemy if the target has not been hit by Bear Stance’s stun.

Bear Stance is Udyr’s biggest engage ability in more ways than one. The bonus movement speed and ghosting allow him to close the game against an enemy especially since it gives him 50 bonus range to work with. The most common application of this ability is by using Flash to close the gap and instantly stunning the enemy. Once Udyr has made contact with the enemy, it is almost impossible for anyone to outrun this champion because of the consistent MS that spamming Bear Stance provides.

R: Phoenix Stance

Udyr's R - Phoenix Stance icon STANCE – Udyr’s basic attacks generate Phoenix stacks on-hit, up to a maximum of 3 stacks. After gaining max stacks, Udyr’s next basic attack unleashes a cone of fire in front of him that deals magic damage to all enemies hit by this ability.

Active – Udyr unleases an aura of fiery energy around him for 4 seconds, dealing magic damage to all nearby enemies every second. Udyr also immediately gains 3 Phoenix stacks upon activation.

Phoenix Stance is Udyr’s main damaging ability and is primarily used to clear camps and waves. This ability is maxed out first. During combat, Udyr players will often rotate around using Tiger, Turtle, and Phoenix with Bear stance being used periodically to use for stunning or running away/chasing enemies that are trying to flee. Use all of your skill points to maximize this ability first so that this champion will be able to deal the max amount of damage.

Udyr Guide – Items and Builds

Udyr is mainly used in the jungle because of how quickly he can clear camps using both Phoenix and Tiger stance. He can also gank efficiently with the use of Bear stance as both the engage ability and primary CC. Udyr mainly uses tank items because his job is purely as a hard-engage champion. In this Udyr guide, we’ll be talking about his capabilities as a jungler.

Starter Items

Jungler's Starting Item - Hailblade icon Hailblade – Chilling Smite is the primary choice for Udyr because of his reliance on movement speed. Unlike most champions, Udyr doesn’t have the most reliable gap closer like a dash or blink ability which is why he needs to be able to walk up to an enemy unit as fast as possible.

Core Items

Mythic Item - Turbo Chemtank icon Turbo Chemtank (Mythic)One of the strongest items for Junglers in the game, Turbo Chemtank allows Udyr to charge towards an enemy champion and slow any nearby enemies which turns him into an efficient engage champion. Immolate also helps Udyr clear waves and camps a lot faster as well as making his mere presence in teamfights deal damage to the enemy team.

Dead Mans Plate League of Legends Item Icon Deadman’s Plate – Moving around charges up this item and releases it on the next attack which deals magic damage and slows the enemy champion by 50%. This makes Udyr extremely deadly when he’s charging at you or when you’re running away from him.

Recommended Items

Legendary Item - Force of Nature icon Force of Nature – This item also provides movement speed after taking damage which makes him more durable during fights. It’s also an excellent source of magic resistance in the game.

Legendary Item - Randuins Omen icon Randuin’s Omen – Another great engage item that pairs really great with Turbo Chemtank. This item also acts like a mini Exhaust to nearby enemies to render them weak for a short period after standing in the middle of everyone.

Thornmail Thornmail – Grievous Wounds has been a standard stat in the meta because of the prominence of healing champions in the game and the massive sustain that they get from teamfights. Udyr can easily apply this debuff by standing in the middle of the enemy team.

Lich Bane Icon - flaming sword Lich Bane – A great item to get if the Udyr player is ahead and wants to deal a ton of damage to the enemy team. This item increases the damage of Phoenix Stance and also makes their auto-attacks extremely painful.

Legendary Item - Frozen Heart icon Frozen Heart – If Udyr is fighting against too many champions that rely on auto-attacks, this item should be in their inventory. This will allow Udyr to disrupt the damaging capabilities of such champions by standing near them.

Udyr Guide – Runes

Primary: Sorcery Rune Icon Sorcery

Keystone: Wings - Phase Rush keystone icon Phase Rush – Udyr is heavily reliant on his movement speed to kite enemies and engage onto the backline by running it down. This ability will help him gain movement speed and make it impossible for enemies to run away from him.

Cloud wings - Nimbus Cloak rune icon Nimbus Cloak – A great movement speed item that makes Udyr zoom through the teamfight after using Smite or Flash during this time. The ghosting ability also helps him chase after enemies quicker.

Man Dashing Forward - Celerity rune icon Celerity – This rune makes Udyr extremely fast. Clearing jungle camps and tending to side lanes will be extremely easy for this champion to do because of his efficiency in moving around the map.

Man walking on water - Waterwalking icon Waterwalking – An ability that’s important for a jungler because of the constant need to gank and contest important objectives that are found in this area of the map.

Secondary: the precision rune icon Precision

the flag of victory Triumph – Gives Udyr more sustain in fights by healing himself when he or an ally kills an enemy champion. This will allow him to fulfill his duty as a tank and engage champion efficiently.

Legend Alacrity LoL Rune Icon Legend: Alacrity – The extra attack speed will help Udyr complete stacks on his Stances a lot quicker. This rune will give him a maximum of 15% attack speed which is really helpful considering he doesn’t build items that give this stat.

Udyr General Overview

Udyr is the most straightforward champion so it doesn’t take a lot for a new player to pick up how to use this champion efficiently. Just like Udyr, the best trait to have when using this champion to ensure that you succeed in fights is to trust your instincts. This champion likes to kite enemies and threaten for an engage by walking up to the enemy team while in Bear Stance. Hopefully, this Udyr guide has provided players with important information to help them improve further.

Udyr's Unlocked Spirit form - Udyr Guide
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How to counter Udyr?

Udyr’s main weakness are champions that can immobilize him from a distance or displace him far away from the enemy team. Players need to be wary about Udyr walking up to them but should be fine once they switch out of Bear form. Carries should try to keep him as far away as possible.

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