The Void League of Legends’ Runeterra Story

One of Runeterra’s biggest mysteries is the existence of the void. Among the many conflicts that have happened during the time since the creation of the universe but throughout the events, one world remained constant – The Void. Let us explore how the Void League of Legends’ most important region came to be and how they shaped the world of Runeterra as we see it today. The Runeterra Universe is vast and full of questions that many fans of the lore want to explore.

What is the Void?

The Void is a world beyond the physical plane of existence that was created when the universe came to be. Inside of the void only unseen terrors exist born from beings called the watchers. The only description regarding what the void looks like is that it’s a realm of nothingness. There are people who have travelled inside the void, but none have come out retaining a sense of mind to retell the horrors of what they’ve seen. For anyone who enters the void, becomes a slave to its will.

Mountains of Organic Flesh and Machinery in The Void League of Legends
A realm where nothing makes sense

The Void is a realm that exists beyond space and time. Some people who have peered into the void claim that the void looks like a landscape of twisted creation – mountain ranges of flesh and landscapes of organic machinery. The void threatens to doom all of existence by escaping their realm. Several Void Rifts have already opened throughout Runeterra which gives birth to some creatures that were not meant to walk the mortal realms. That is what the Void League of Legends’ biggest threat continues to be.
Follow the fate of Runeterra as you traverse through the vast world of League of Legends. Discover more about the void by playing some of the characters associated with them. The fastest way you can dive into the game is when you Buy LoL Accounts.

The Beginning of the Void League of Legends’s Dark World

When the universe began birthing worlds and started becoming rich in life and worlds began forming civilizations, something inside the void sparked. The beings called The Watchers were a consciousness that knew nothing about what they were or where they were from. These consciousness, wanted to explore the universe and escape the darkness which imprisoned them. That curiosity gave them the power to manifest into beings that contained their will.

The Watchers were especially curious with Runeterra, and so they offered their powers to the mortals of the Freljord which gave birth to the Iceborne. These iceborne began conquering for their masters built great civilizations and monuments in their honor. The Watchers wanted to create a great empire that was strong enough to erase all existence in the universe. Unfortunately, their plans fell after a group of iceborne rebelled against them.

A Watcher, sealed inside the frozen Howling Abyss
The Watchers Await To Be Awakened Once More

The Three Sisters: Avarosa, Lissandra, and Serylda were the heads of the iceborne. However, Avarosa did not believe that they should live their lives as prisoners and slaves. So, she rose up against The Watchers and convinced her sisters to win back their freedom. This allowed the iceborne to push The Watchers towards the Howling Abyss. Unfortunately, there was no way they could finish them off without doing something drastic.

Lissandra knew that she had to do something or more will die in an endless struggle. So, she weaved a powerful spell that would entrap all of The Watchers forever in the Howling Abyss. Sadly, this also meant that she would entrap a portion of the Iceborne which were still engaged in battle, two of which were her sisters – Avarosa and Serylda. And so, The Watchers are sealed inside the Howling Abyss under 9 powerful seals that will bind them forever… or so, that was the plan.

The Birth of the Voidborn

While most of The Watchers were sealed inside Lissandra’s prison, there were some who managed to escape by hurling themselves towards the void League of Legends’ greatest prison. In here, they lost their consciousness and devolved into madness. Thus, the first of the voidborn were created, vowing to be the eyes and ears for their masters which were entrapped in an endless prison, observing the fate of Runeterra until they can make their move to free them.

The Voidborn are monsters twisted by the manifestations that haunt The Void itself. While some voidborn came from the void itself or are birthed from voidborn creatures, some are mortals from Runeterra which were corrupted by the dark whispers of another plane. Even though most voidborn are corrupted by the darkness of the void, some are mindless enough to be manipulated by the most cunning of individuals.

Opening The Void Rift

Icathia was a kingdom dominated by the dominant Shurima and their god-warriors. Icathia would take no more of the oppression they experienced under Shuriman rule and so they rebelled after Jax beheaded an ascended warrior in the Icathia-Shurima border. And so, the Icathians realized that the god-warriors could be slain and the chance for freedom against such a great empire was possible if they were to play their cards right.

At the height of the rebellion, Shurima rained down their full might onto Icathia by sending nine of their mightiest god-warriors – Setaka (the leader), Nasus, Shabeke, Shabaka, Aatrox, Ta’anari, Enakai, and two unnamed others. With the combined forces of these god-warriors, Icathia stood no chance of winning the rebellion no matter what they did. The god-warriors were unstoppable and began quelling the rebellion by slaughtering everyone who opposed them.

A Dormant Void Rift Near Shurima
A Dormant Void Rift Near Shurima

Icathia knew that it was at the clutch of being enslaved once more. And so, they unleased a “weapon” they had discovered underground – a dormant void rift. They unleashed the power of the void which began wiping the Shuriman empire… but the void had no masters save The Watchers. And so, an ugly purple light enveloped the skies for days and voidlings marched over every living being destroying Icathia and laying waste to almost all of Shurima.

At the end of the Icathian war, Shurima eventually succeeded in defeating the void thanks to the might of the god-warriors. However, the terrors of the void left a scar on Runeterra and eventually corrupted some of the people and god-warriors that participated in the war. The echoes of the void would inevitable take over the god-warriors and give birth to the Darkin, which were later imprisoned inside their weapons, waiting for a host to take over.

The End of The Void War

The Void forces were defeated… for now. Unfortunately, there is no known magic to seal the void rifts and so they instead aimed to starve it of its power source – magic and life. They moved away from the Void Rifts, making them too weak to transfer great armies like the ones that consumed all of Icathia. The voidborn that survived the war would live in secluded parts of Runeterra, evolving and learning about the world.

Beings that survived the Void League of Legends’ greatest threat took one of two paths – eventually become corrupted by the void or vow to protect the world from the terrors of the void. The magical capital of Ixaocan was the only exception, as they chose to seclude themselves from the world by hiding inside the forests of Ixtal, vowing never to interact with the outside world again in fear that another Rupture might happen because of man’s hubris.

Characters Associated With The Void

The void has left a significant impact in Runeterra. The Void League of Legends characters are no exception to this outcome. While Summoners managed to tame some of the more weak-willed voidborn, they still hold great power. Here are some of the Void League of Legends associated characters.

1. The Watchers

The Watchers are the original citizens of The Void. They are immensely powerful and essentially control the entirety of the void’s forces which is able to destroy the very existence of life itself. The most powerful of The Watchers are trapped inside the Howling Abyss, contained using 9 Seals that are slowly weakening as time passes.

A Watcher overlooking The Howling Abyss
The Watchers of Old

There is no member of The Watchers which is currently a playable character in League of Legends. The closest character is Lissandra, who is an iceborne present during the age of The Watchers. The Void League of Legends characters present are all predecessors of the original Watchers.

2. The Voidborn

Some Voidborn have become a part of the League of Legends. These creatures have all evolved to adapt to their new life of huting creatures around Runeterra. Some of voidborn even managed to learn the language while some only gained an enhanced survival instinct.

Vel'koz the eye of the void
The Void League of Legends
  • Cho’gath
  • Kog’maw
  • Vel’koz
  • Rek’sai
  • Kha’zix

These creatures have taken various forms, some of which were features that was taken during their time in Runeterra. As they continue to consume and live in a world that have imprisoned their masters, they grow stronger and wiser. They learn the way of life of the Runeterrans but remain loyal to their masters – The Watchers.

3. The Void Corrupted

Mortals are susceptible to the calls of the void, especially those that held more power and knowledge. The void whispers inside the minds of those that they would deem was useful. Most of the people called are able to fight off the whispers but some fall deep into their own madness and succumb to the void.

Malzahar controlling the powers of the void
Will the Void bring salvation to Runeterra?
  • Malzahar

These Void Corrupted are led by a person who calls himself The Prophet of the Void who genuinely believes that the void is the gateway that will lead the people to salvation. They have created a cult that aims on someday repeating what was achieved during the Icathian Rebellion. Although, the path towards it is still far from being reality. For now… at least.

4. The Void Walkers

The Void Walkers are beings that have been exposed and gained the powers of the void but managed to cling to their sanity. These beings aim on destroying the void from within, something that even the strongest individuals in Runeterra cannot hope to achieve due to the powerful whispers of the void.

Kai'sa, The Daughter of the Void original art
Those that resist the void
  • Kai’sa
  • Kassadin

Coincidentally, it is hinted that Kai’sa happens to be Kassadin’s daughter whom she thought was slaughtered by the Void Cultists. Kai’sa managed to survive the terrors of the void through sheer willpower and by fusing with a dead creature of the void that she turned into her armor and weapon. These two traverse the void, destroying any creature that threatens to crossover The Void onto Runeterra.

The Fate of Runeterra Under The Threat of The Void

Because League of Legends is established in the “present” of the Runeterra Universe, there are no official texts that refer to the void breaking out of their prisons as of yet. However, the League of Legends MMORPG might help Riot Games progress with the story by developing the plot through expansions. We can only assume what’s going to happen based on information that’s already given to us in the present.

It is heavily emphasized that the runes holding The Watchers is gradually weakening. Perhaps in a few years in Runeterra, the main plot of the story will be to figure out how to seal them once again. Unfortunately, it took the entire army of the iceborn, a powerful race that held immense power, to take them down. Even though Lissandra is still alive, there is no guarantee that she is as powerful as she was before when she was still blessed with the powers of the Watchers.

The Icathian and Shuriman Army fighting off a Voidborn
What wars will see in the Void League of Legends?

The Void has an uncanny resemblance with World of Warcraft’s Burning Legion. Perhaps, Runeterra will be locked in another conflict with an endless army from the void in the hopes of sealing the threat once again. It will be one of the greatest conflicts in the history of Runeterra which will require the help of a united front between the factions. Maybe, we’ll even see Ixtal join in on the fun.

What is the Void League of Legends?

The Void is described as a realm twisted by the concept of nothingness. The creatures that exist there aim to destroy all life in existence and free The Watchers from The Howling Abyss.

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