Top 10 Best LoL Casters For The English Broadcast

The League of Legends esports scene is one of the exciting places on the internet where people watching from home always find themselves at the edge of their seats rooting for their teams. However, let’s not forget the real heroes that make these games so exciting and interesting to watch. Let’s take a look at some of the best LoL casters from the English broadcast that offer entertainment, information, and other stuff to our beloved esports games!

PapaSmity letting out a weird smile
Who do you think is the best LoL caster?

Top 10 Best LoL Casters

The best LoL casters includes people who commentate as play-by-play casters, color casters, and analyst casters. We won’t be including Esports Hosts, Desk Analysts, Interviewers since they do their magic after the games are over. We’ll be focusing on those individuals that are preset during live games and are able to add excitement to the game on the spot with very little scripts to go on. Being able to bring stuff to the table on the spot is a talent that only a few talented public speakers are able to do.

When it comes to choosing the best LoL casters, there are two things that play a big role in making games as interesting as they are – entertainment value & information. Subcategories such as personality, fluency, and accent are also keys to keeping viewers from hitting the mute button. Since all the casters on this list are from the English broadcast, it makes it easy to judge which ones do the best at their jobs.

10. LS

The Liandry’s Salesman makes the list! LS may not be an active caster on any of the English Broadcasts but he has impacted the esports scene so much that he has created a cult of some sort containing fans and even some esports players. He is a treasure trove of controversial knowledge about some League of Legends strategies. This has led to a lot of critics and supporters on the internet. His Twitter page is always filled with people debating his ideas.

LS talking to Deficio
The Liandry’s Salesman himself
  • Full Name: Nick De Cesare
  • Region: Korea / Others
  • Nationality: USA
  • Caster Position: Analyst

His knowledge about the game, backed-up with statistics and personal hands-on experimentation makes him one of the best people to learn League of Legends from. Unfortunately, his casting style isn’t for everybody especially since it often comes off as on-stream rants. There’s also the issue where he often screams unflatteringly during big plays that can sometimes turn off the entire mood. He is currently a part of T1 and sometimes co-streams other region’s games with his colleagues and friends.

9. Atlus

Atlus is another LCK caster who has always served as the main Play-by-Play caster in the region. At one point in the 2020, he became one of the only play-by-play casters when Brendan Valdes had to take the Analyst role. Atlus’ years of experience in the field has made him one of the best LoL casters not only in Korea but also around the world. The LCK’s casting style is very conversational which extends even beyond topics relating to League of Legends.

LCK's Atlust Wearing A Red Shit and Suit
The Nintendo Enthusiast!
  • Full Name: Max Anderson
  • Region: Korea
  • Nationality: Australia
  • Caster Position: Play-by-Play

Making LCK games exciting is a challenge especially since the region was known for being slow and didn’t have as much action as other regions. As a play-by-play caster in Korea, you had to be able to extend the conversation so that there won’t be any dead air. Fortunately, Atlus has a lot of interesting and relatable hobbies that he can talk about on-screen so that you won’t fall asleep while the LCK teams are too busy farming and juggling for 50 minutes.

8. Drakos

Drakos is LEC’s daddy. This was a term he earned when he was co-casting with Froskurinn, giving the duo the name of “Mom & Dad”. Drakos is an LEC play-by-play caster that is extremely exciting to watch especially because of how fluent he is and is able to follow-up his casting one after another. Being able to punch out the words on the spot and raise or lower his tone to match the plays also add to the enjoyment. Whenever he starts screaming, you know the play is out of this world.

Drakos explaining stuff while sitting on a chair
Where’s mom?
  • Full Name: Daniel Drakos
  • Region: Europe
  • Nationality: USA
  • Caster Position: Play-by-Play

Drakos is great at saying the right words in order to hype up the games. However, his voice during heated plays starts shaking noticeable which isn’t necessarily a bad thing. He has been a caster for more than 6 years and he is very flexible at casting with any partner on the LEC broadcast. He is also known as a real dope rapper during some of the LEC’s Music Productions. He definitely has the voice of someone you’d want to be casting your games.

7. Hysterics

Hysterics is a name that you probably haven’t heard before because he’s from the LPL. The LPL has one of the lowest English viewers since there was a period where the region had a specific schedule for English Broadcasts that sometimes fell on some of the most exciting matches. Today, the LPL has finally adapted a system where they can have an English Broadcast everyday with English Casters available throughout the week.

Hysterics casting on stream
The LPL’s Premiere Caster!
  • Full Name: Jake Osypenko
  • Region: China
  • Nationality: Australia
  • Caster Position: Play-by-Play

Hysterics is one hell of a caster that is able to keep up with the fast-paced killing bonanza that is the LPL. Combining that with the sexy Australian accent really boils your blood during the many teamfights you’ll be watching. Hysterics is able to raise his voice accordingly to emphasize important plays during a messy teamfight. It takes some real talent being able to keep up with everything going in an LPL teamfight because there’s always a lot going on that it won’t fit in one screen.

6. Azael

Azael is the second color caster/analyst on this list. Aside from the fact that he’s a L I T E R A L World Champion, Azael has been one of Riot Game’s most knowledgeable analysts. He creates guide videos that explain advanced game mechanics or champions which make him the best people to learn everything surrounding League of Legends. Listening to him on cast makes even the most complicated games understandable and clear thanks to his deep knowledge of the game.

Azael headshot smile
L I T E R A L World Champion
  • Full Name: Isaac Cummings Bentley
  • Region: North America
  • Nationality: USA
  • Caster Position: Color Caster / Analyst

A lot of people comment that Azael speaks like a true professor, which isn’t a complete compliment in the sense that he sometimes speaks monotonously. However, being an analyst, he’s not necessarily expected to be the main source of hype but rather simply provide more information to the game which he does beautifully. Everyone who has ever listened to Azael cast has their League of Legends IQ boosted by at least 5 points.

5. Kobe

Kobe is the next LCS color caster on this list and is the true hypeman of the LCS. He’s a color caster that does his job perfectly and makes even the most boring games interesting. He just genuinely sounds excited all the time whenever he speaks, in addition to his never-fading smile that cheers up the crowd. Kobe always sounds like a 10-year old boy bragging to his friends how his older brother beat one of the most difficult bosses in the game (in a good way btw).

Kobe sitting patiently on the desk
Did someone say Kobe?
  • Full Name: Sam Hartman-Kenzler
  • Region: North America
  • Nationality: USA
  • Caster Position: Color Caster

Kobe has always been an integral part of the LCS and even hosts some of the shows that they own. As a color caster, his job is to be able to add to the hype right after the play-by-play lays all the beats down. Kobe kinda has the same vibes that a play-by-play would have since he makes it so exciting so that the transition from super exciting play doesn’t immediately transition into a boring lecture.

4. Vedius

Vedius, Vedius, he’s Mr. Explainius. An analyst and color caster for the LEC, Vedius is one of the few individuals who make constantly make use of the highlight tools that he’s given on-stream. Being able to highlight important points during replays and give you an in-depth analysis is definitely what most people expect from a reputable analyst. There are even times when Vedius is able to explain important plays that aren’t given as much attention by the average viewer.

Vedius pointing at the screen
Please, Explainius!
  • Full Name: Andrew Day
  • Region: Europe
  • Nationality: UK
  • Caster Position: Color Caster / Analyst

When it comes to color casting, Vedius is definitely one of the best LoL casters in the genre. He has the entire package complete by being able to speak fluently with a smooth British accent whilst maintaining proper emphasis and tone in his words. He’s able to follow up on the hype made by our play-by-play casters. Vedius is a beloved personality in the LEC and is often the topic of LEC-related memes because of his playful personality. Although, he is sometimes accused of being a tad bit too biased.

3. Phreak

Phreak has been a part of the Riot Games crew since the days when King Solomon was working on the balance team. Many people know him as the voice behind Riot Games since he’s the one who was always heard talking on stream or during video promotions like Champion Releases. Phreak sounds like a natural shoutcaster that he’s able to speak so clearly despite talking at a quick pace. He’s also the play-by-play caster that you most often hear during the Worlds Highlights Replays of past championships.

Phreak's model pose - best LoL caster
The man behind the memes
  • Full Name: David Turley
  • Region: North America
  • Nationality: USA
  • Caster Position: Play-by-Play Caster

Phreak almost sounds like he’s rapping whenever he’s doing play-by-plays but rarely stutters when doing so. He sounds like he’s screaming on screen but not too much that it hurts your ears just listening to him so you’re forced to mute the broadcast. Phreak uses relatable language and even sometimes adds in a bit of references that most of the viewers will understand. During his peak, he would have been at the top of our list as the best LoL caster.

2. Quickshot

Despite being called a “boomer’ in the League of Legends esports community, Quickshot’s casting style is filled with youthfulness. He’s a European play-by-play caster that simply encapsulates the heart of the LEC itself. In fact, it was even difficult placing Quickshot on the top 2 spot of our best LoL casters list because of how talented he is as a play-by-play. Being in the industry for so long, it’s no question that he deserves being on the top 2 spots not only currently but also of all-time.

Quickshot staring intently on the screen
Okay boomer!
  • Full Name: Trevor Henry
  • Region: Europe
  • Nationality: South Africa
  • Caster Position: Play-by-Play Caster

Quickshot’s casting style is similar to a story reaching its climax. His voice, pitch, and loudness slowly rise until it reaches the climax which adds completely to the excitement. So much so that your body subconsciously starts leaning into the screen until you either jump off your seats cheering or shove your face into your palms out of disappointment. He entrances the viewers by making them connect to the plays on a personal level.

1. CaptainFlowers

CaptainFlowers, the Rap God himself! There was no question that this man would make it all the way into the top spot of our best LoL casters list and we’re sure no explanation is needed to justify why he deserves to be here. For those that don’t watch or listen to the LCS, this is a man that has such a wide vocabulary and excellent fluency that he might as well be the role model for every esports caster in history.

Double thumbs-up from captainflowers - best LoL caster
The Rap God himself!
  • Full Name: Clayton Raines
  • Region: North America
  • Nationality: USA
  • Caster Position: Play-by-Play Caster

CaptainFlowers casting style is a roller-coaster of emotion. He injects his personality into the game which makes it so fantastic to watch. He makes great use of rhymes and makes plays more dynamic than they seem to be. He is literally just rapping on screen. Among all the best LoL casters on the list, he’s that that’s able to spit out the most number of words per second in a way that it can still be audible. There’s nothing more hype than hearing CaptainFlowers cast a game whether it’s on the LCS or at Worlds.

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