Top 10 Current Best LoL Players From This Era (2018-Present)

Ever since the fall of the Korean dynasty at Worlds 2018, a new League of Legends era has taken place and the names that we knew before slowly died out. In the current era, the current best LoL players are people that people probably don’t know anymore. Names like Faker, Uzi, Doublelift, Bjergsen, and others are no longer at the top. While we still respect the achievements of the older generation, let’s appreciate how the new blood has evolved League of Legends gameplay.

The Current Best LoL Players in the Current Era

Even the most successful LoL players in history will reach the end of their career peak at some point. Once the former greats step down from their pedestals, new kings take their place at the top with fresh experience and a new playstyle that keeps League of Legends interesting. Even though many of the former best players are still active in the League, it doesn’t mean that they’ll continue being part of this list even though they have historically good performances.

Best Plays of MSI 2021 Montage
The Current Best LoL Players in this Era

Keep in mind that we’ll be ranking the current best LoL players in this era (2018-present) so we won’t be counting achievements made in earlier years. Don’t expect Faker to top this list because everyone knows we’ve had enough of his being the King of League of Legends in virtually every list. We’re considering who the best players in the world are right now not purely on recent achievements but more on their actual skill levels and peak performances.

10. Jackeylove

Number 10 on our list of current best LoL players, we have the LPL’s Jackeylove taking the slot as the current best AD Carry in the world. Despite having inconsistent performances, his ability to extend leads dramatically using a very aggressive playstyle makes him stand out as the very epitome of modern day ADC players. Among all of the ADCs in the world right now, Jackeylove has the highest skill ceiling but is also the one that ints the most in games.

iG Jackeylove cross-arm | Current Best LoL Players List
The Aggressive Marksman
  • Current Team: TOP Esports
  • Home Region: LPL
  • Nationality: China
  • Best Achievement/s: Worlds 2018 Champion

Jackeylove first gained prominence in Worlds 2018 after winning the championship alongside Invictus Gaming against Fnatic and demolishing his counterpart – Rekkles – in the bottom lane proving he’s the superior ADC. Invictus Gaming also eliminated the remaining Korean representative, KT Rolster, in the Quarterfinals which was the Korean favorite to win worlds that year. He is still young and may not have reached his peak performance yet which we’ll see in the following years.

9. Rookie

Rookie is the second representative from the Invictus Gaming roster that dominated 2018 spring. Unlike a lot of people on this list, Rookie is a player that player professionally in a major region since the early eras of League of Legends. Despite that, he never truly found the success he’d been striving for until his debut at Worlds 2018. Once he reached his peak in 2018, he only became better as a player even though his entire team fell apart around him since then.

Rookie waving both his hands
The Loyal Carry
  • Current Team: Invictus Gaming
  • Home Region: LPL
  • Nationality: Korea
  • Best Achievement/s: Worlds 2018 Champion

Rookie has already had a very long career. Even though he’s already been in the seen for almost 8 years, he still looks like he’s one of the best mid laners in the world even today. Rookie has remained loyal to Invictus Gaming since December 2014 so we might not see him leave for another team even though the current iteration is undergoing a huge adjustment period. He is one of the Korean players on this list that has considered the LPL as his home region.

8. Doinb

Doinb is the successor to the LPL legacy that has been dominating the World Stage since 2018. At first, he was considered as the worst players in Worlds 2019 but after leading his team using his powerful macro plays and unusual mid lane picks, he quickly arose as The Mastermind of Dark Technology. To this day, he continues playing with a unique champion pool that other players can’t keep up with because of his dominant present in the game.

FPX Doinb communicating with his team
The King of Strange Picks
  • Current Team: FunPlus Phoenix
  • Home Region: LPL
  • Nationality: Korea
  • Best Achievement/s: Worlds 2019 Champion

Before the LPL’s 2019 split, Doinb had considered retiring from professional play but his wife managed to convince him to play for one more year. Luckily, that year turned out to be his lucky one since he not only won the LPL split with a near perfect record, he also won the World Championship. Doinb will be remembered as the man that would choose champions not for the sake of carrying his team by himself but to help his laners and Jungler become strong enough to carry him.

7. Nuguri

Next up on our Top 10 Current Best LoL Players, we have our first Top Laner – Nuguri. During the dominant era of Damwon Gaming in the LCK, Nuguri wasn’t too appreciated as one of the players that made the teamwork. It was only in 2020 when Nuguri showcase his ability to save losing teamfights by making groundbreaking flanks on the enemy team that people finally saw that he might just be the best top laner in the world in terms of team and individual skill.

Closeup photo of DMW Nuguri's face | Current Best LoL Players List
The Teamfight Master
  • Current Team: FunPlus Phoenix
  • Home Region: LCK
  • Nationality: Korea
  • Best Achievement/s: Worlds 2020 Champion

Unlike a lot of Top Laners that could have made it onto our current best LoL players list, Nuguri actually remained consistent even after his peak. The World Champion didn’t manage to participate in MSI the following year he left Damwon Gaming but it’s obvious that he was a quintessential part of the original roster. He is more of a stabilizing agent in a team that makes sure that a teamfight always goes their way in case the initial engage goes really badly.

6. Xiaohu

Xiaohu was originally a mid laner but roleswapped to the Top Lane after the organization had to undergo another rebuilding process. Royal Never Give Up always had Uzi as the face of the team with all of their plays centering around him. However, after Uzi’s retirement, Royal Never Give Up fell down so hard that they became a mid-tier team that had a difficult time qualifying for the LPL Split Playoffs let alone have a chance of even winning it without their star player.

Xiaohu without his glasses | Current Best LoL Players List
The Little Tiger
  • Current Team: Royal Never Give Up
  • Home Region: LPL
  • Nationality: China
  • Best Achievement/s: MSI 2018 & 2021 Champion

Despite spending only one split in the top lane, he is already considered as a Top 3 top laner in the LPL. He continues to be the new centerpiece for the Royal Never Give Up roster. Even if the pieces around him change, it looks like he already found a place where he can truly thrive. Hopefully, he carries on his MSI performance until the end of his career so that he can really be appreciated as one of the current best LoL players in this era.

5. Showmaker

Showmaker is often called the new generation LCK Mid Laner. Unlike mid laners before that always played for themselves and tried to carry the game using standard assassins and powerful control mages that can turn the play around in an instant, Showmaker likes to play champions that have heavy map presence. He can carry the game by himself but prefers to assist the other lanes, especially the jungler so that they can be successful in the mid to late game.

DMW Showmaker playing intently
The Centerpiece
  • Current Team: Damwon Kia
  • Home Region: LCK
  • Nationality: Korea
  • Best Achievement/s: Worlds 2020 Champion

Damwon Kia is often seen as a superteam that’s filled with some of the most talented players in the LCK. Despite having such a treasure trove of the current best LoL players in the region, Showmaker still shows that he is still the core of the team. The team has been having some difficulty lately but Damwon can still rely on this man to pick up the pace for his team. As the only real representatives of LCK greatness restorationist, Showmaker’s mission is for the long term.

4. Caps

Finally, a non-LPL/LCK representative on the list, Caps is the first and only western representative to make this list. Caps is considered not only the best mid laner but overall the best player in the western hemisphere because of his consistency and explosive carry playstyle that allows him to showcase the extremes of his capabilities. Ever since he made Finals in 2018 and 2019, Caps has been nothing but hungry to finally take home the trophy and secure himself as the best player to have ever played in the LEC.

A closeup photo of G2 Caps' face
The King of the West
  • Current Team: G2 Esports
  • Home Region: LEC
  • Nationality: Denmark
  • Best Achievement/s: Worlds 2018 & 2019 Finalist

The young European mid laner still looks like he’s miles above the competition in the west. Sometimes, it looks like his teammates can’t keep up with his plays so he has to adjust his playstyle for the sake of preventing himself from making moves that look like he’s inting. In a world where the Eastern players are dominating the entire identity of League of Legends esports, Caps is the only one that truly challenges the chokehold that these LCK and LPL players have on the trophy.

3. Canyon

On the jungle side of things, Canyon makes the top three. Undoubtedly the best jungler in the world right now, Canyon is a man that knows nothing but to dominate the opponent’s jungle camps and take it for himself. There aren’t any junglers anywhere in the world right now that even comes close to the abilities of Canyon in monopolizing the resources found from neutral objectives. He’s a man that literally knows only one thing and that is to snowball his advantage.

DMW Canyon playing on his PC | Current Best LoL Players List
The Monopoly in the Jungle
  • Current Team: Damwon Kia
  • Home Region: LCK
  • Nationality: Korea
  • Best Achievement/s: Worlds 2020 Champion

If we said that Showmaker is the core that helps the team succeed and Nuguri was the man that covered the team’s weaknesses, Canyon is the weapon that simply propels forward searching for a winning angle in the game. Unlike the meta in previous eras where the jungler played for the laners, Damwon plays for the sake of putting the jungler ahead. He literally goes straight into the allied lane to secure some kills for himself and the other teammates just let him.

2. Knight

Knight is known to be the best mid laner in the LPL to have never won an international event. As the most mechanically skilled player in the LPL currently, this man is only held back by his own team and is undoubtedly a powerhouse mid laner that can achieve anything when he puts his mind into it. During the 2020 Mid-Season Cup, Knight stomped on everyone that challenged him in the mid lane and proved that he is the star that the LPL has been hyping him up to be.

TES Knight walking through town | Current Best LoL Players List
The Unrelenting Soldier
  • Current Team: TOP Esports
  • Home Region: LPL
  • Nationality: China
  • Best Achievement/s: Mid-Season Cup 2020 Champion, Worlds 2020 Semifinalist

Every time Knight comes close to achieving something great, he falls short of winning everything. The only exception for them was the 2020 Season where Knight finally managed to win the LPL Regular Season and a semi-international event – the Mid-Season Cup. Even though he hasn’t won anything relevant during the past few years, it shouldn’t even be a debate judging from the level of mastery he has over the game whenever he’s playing on-stage.

1. Chovy

Of course, at the top of the current best LoL players list, we have none other than Chovy himself. Very much like his Chinese counterpart – Knight – Chovy is a player that always seem to fail whenever he gets close to winning everything. As a player that’s absolutely talented, the only thing holding this man back is his own team. More often than not, Chovy’s team wins because he’s carrying them on his back all the way to the finish line.

Chovy smiling at the screen | Current Best LoL Players List
The Hardstuck Emperor
  • Current Team: Hanwha Life Esports
  • Home Region: LCK
  • Nationality: Korea
  • Best Achievement/s: Worlds 2019 & 2020 Quarterfinalist

If it wasn’t for the Griffin controversy during Worlds 2019, it was highly likely that Chovy and the rest of GRF might have had a legitimate chance to win Worlds. Unfortunately, Chovy’s luck has only spiraled since then. Even though Chovy doesn’t have the shiny achievements on his resume or trophy case, he’s still definitely one of, if not, the current best LoL player in the League of Legends esports scene today.

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