Top 10 Most Popular LoL Characters

League of Legends has become one of the most famous games in the entire world, rapidly gaining recognition in the international scene not only as a game but an esports that is as popular as traditional sports. While we can thank the presence of the media and organizations for the popularity of the game, there are some parts of League of Legends that attract people as well. Let’s take a look at some of the most popular LoL characters whose fame reaches beyond those of the game’s community.

The Most Popular LoL Characters

League of Legends characters are some of the most represented characters in the world today. People from all over the world know these characters by playing the game, watching videos or streamers, or indirectly learning about them from other people. Some of the most popular LoL characters are so famous that even people that have never heard of League of Legends know them because of how strong their presence is in the gaming community or on the internet.

K/DA - POP/STARS (ft. Madison Beer, (G)I-DLE, Jaira Burns) | Music Video - League of Legends
Here comes the most prominent LoL characters!

We’ll be showing who we think are the most popular LoL characters in the game according to the strength of their presence outside of the League of Legends community. Since this is catered towards the champion’s fame for non-League players, we won’t be using Pick Rate as the primary metric to how popular they are. Instead, we’ll determine their fame according to how much the internet mentions them online or how often we see them in the physical community.

10. Jhin

Jhin is the first champion on our list and deservingly so. This champion is often considered the best-designed champion in League of Legends and has received positive ratings from the community. The marksman has a unique design that helped give him an undeniable identity even amongst League of Legends 150+ champion pool. The champion is known for being such a key character in the Ionian Saga and more so, his obsession with everything about the number 4.

Jhin wearing a techno suit Most Popular LoL Champs
Mr. Number 4

The reason why Jhin is one of the most popular LoL characters is because of one simple reason – memes. That’s right. Jhin has been used for a lot of League of Legends memes including anything that mentions the number 4, but the most popular meme about this champion is Jhin Zhao. Jhin is often mentioned in social media as an inside joke but even non-LoL gamers have become interested in what the jokes are all about so they dive deeper into his character.

9. Annie

The adorable yet deadly League of Legends champion makes it to the list thanks to her aesthetic. During the time when Riot Games was probably trying to experiment on which of their characters would make an excellent mascot, Annie was created as a cute sociopathic child that will make people wonder if they should love her or be scared of her. Luckily for this champion, a lot of people fell in love with her character that pave way for the trope in media today.

Tibbers carrying Annie Most Popular LoL Champs
Just the right amount of adorable.

Annie’s fame can mostly be attributed to her cute looks. For parents that want to do group cosplays with their children, Annie is one of the top choices for young girls while Teemo is typically chosen for little boys. People learn about these champions from those parents. In addition, another reason why Annie has gotten so much fame is that she is one of the oldest champions in the game who has been part of the lineup since Season 1 but remains to be played until today with very little changes.

8. Ezreal

Runeterra’s most charming explorer makes an appearance on the list, not to the surprise of many. Ezreal is undoubtedly a famous character in League of Legends, with all of the attention that he gains from the more feminine demographic of this game. It’s no wonder that Riot Games invested so much into creating new skins for this character, all of which are designed really great compared to other champions that have one or more terrible-looking skins.

Ezreal dressed formally in a club
Arcane shot to your heart.

The main reason that people love Ezreal so much is his charming personality and even more – his looks. However, Ezreal is also famous for being the favorite champion of a lot of professional players so those that watch esports see this champion a lot. Male League of Legends cosplayers also like to portray this character because he has a very easy costume to design. He is just too much of a beloved character by the community and Riot Games to be pulled away from the spotlight.

7. Ryze

When it comes to champions that are most associated with League of Legends, there is no champion that embodies this game more than Ryze. Aside from being a champion named after one of the two original creators of League of Legends, he is the champion that most appears in the cinematics. Some say that Ryze is considered the main protagonist of the League of Legends lore, although his part only covers the World Runes saga, but that’s enough to give him such a reputation.

Ryze dressed up as a university professor
LoL’s Main Protagonist (?)

Ryze’s popularity, unlike a lot of the champions on this list, is not mainly about his aesthetics, though a blue-skinned man may pique the curiosity of a lot of people. Riot Games may continue putting a lot of media presence into Ryze in future games and cinematics. Luckily, it won’t be difficult to incorporate his character into the other champions’ storylines because he isn’t restricted to a certain region since his mission requires him to travel all of the corners of the world.

6. Ashe & Garen

For our top 6th place on our most popular LoL characters, we have two entries paired together. The reason why we chose both Ashe and Garen to be ranked together is that they share one simple thing that makes them so popular – being tutorial characters. When a new player enters League of Legends, the first characters that they’ll meet are Ashe and Garen so even if they don’t end up becoming regular players, they’ll always remember those two.

Ashe and Garen side-by-side
The Introduction Duo!

First impressions are important if you want people to like you. Riot Games did an incredible job in picking which two characters they want representing their game at the start as both characters really give a great feel as to how the game is played without freaking players out with overcomplicated mechanics or unappealing features. Every day, new players play the game meeting either Ashe, Garen, both, which continues to make them popular LoL characters around the world.

5. Teemo

But how could we forget one of the most iconic characters in League of Legends. Teemo is a character that has a reputation that’s known beyond the bounds of the League of Legends community. This champion is often depicted as the devil despite his adorable looks but don’t be fooled, darkness lies deep inside his furry exterior which adds to how interesting his character really is. So many curious people have taken an interest in the seasoned yordle and there’s no wonder why.

Eastern racoon-themed Teemo
League of Legends’ most beloved/hated mascot!

The main reason why Teemo is one of the most popular LoL characters is because of the amount of Teemo merch in the market. Whenever you look at a streamer’s room, you’ll probably see either a Teemo hat or a Poison Mushroom somewhere in the background. The only reason why Teemo isn’t higher on the list is that these pieces of merchandise don’t really include Teemo himself so only a portion of the people who see the merch learn about who this character is.

4. Sona

Sona is one of the most elegant champions in League of Legends. She has been one of the icons in the game, receiving some of the most prestigious skins in the game and even appears in music videos. As the original songstress of the league (before Seraphine), people have been comparing her to Hatsune Miku, because of a resemblance between these characters which attributes to much of her fame outside the League of Legends community.

Sona's valentine-themed skin Most Popular LoL Champs
Get ready for the chorus

Aside from her presence in the media, Sona is also a favorite in the cosplay community. She is probably the most cosplayed champion of all time because of how good her aesthetics look and how easy it is to recreate her costume. Whether they’re cosplaying as DJ Sona or her default looks, a good portion of people (whether they’re LoL fans or not), will definitely at least know which game this champion comes from because of her unique style.

3. Yasuo

The only man in League of Legends to dethrone Ezreal as the leading male character in the game is Yasuo. Whether it’s because of his masculine and mysterious aesthetic or memeable character, Yasuo is definitely the most popular LoL character amongst the male champions. We keep talking about cosplay and Yasuo definitely fits the description of best characters to portray. Cosplay contributes to a lot of a champion’s popularity outside the community because it’s the best way to introduce a character without making them play the game.

Yasuo as an edgy DJ - Most Popular LoL Champs
In your dreams or in your memes?

In terms of the meme community, Yasuo’s presence is probably extremely strong. Players always share on their feed pictures of Yasuo doing Yasuo things or jokes about the infamous 0-10 powerspike. Most people may not understand the inside joke about why Yasuo is such a meme but a good number of people can laugh alongside the League of Legends players because of how frequently this champion seems to appear on social media because of the silliness associated with him.

2. Ahri

The seductive nine-tailed fox is a trope that has been around for a few decades now and its charm hasn’t faded even in today’s time. Ahri has been the standard of this archetype since her release and no other character in video games or TV series has dethroned her as such. The only nine-tailed fox who’s more popular than her is probably Naruto but that’s beside the point. We’re pretty sure that Ahri will remain as the star of this style for years to come, retaining her popularity amongst men and women.

Ahri dressed like a Korean popstar Most Popular LoL Champs
The beloved fox!

For cosplayers that have the time and resources to do a more complicated costume, Ahri is probably the choice for them. Her voluptuous figure is a hard challenge to overcome in cosplay but those who do manage to execute it become instant superstars in conventions. For men, they don’t have to be League of Legends players to know who this character is because they probably see her a lot or at least ask about her online, so much so that they get hooked from just her character alone.

1. Lux

At the top of our most popular LoL characters list is the queen herself – Lux. There’s no denying that everybody knows who Lux is, regardless of whether they play League of Legends or not just because of her sheer presence in and out of the League of Legends community. Players of all races, sexuality, and preference adore Lux as one of the best characters in the game (probably not for her abilities) because of how well designed and unique her character is in relation to the game.

Lux controlling all the elements Most Popular LoL Champs
The Shining Star of League

Whether it’s offline or online, Lux makes a dominant appearance in both. She is shown in most of Riot Games’ cinematics and is the primary character in a lot of promotions. She is portrayed often in cosplay conventions and drawn a lot in character fanarts. This champion doesn’t have a shortage of places where she appears and the fact is that if you show a picture to a random person, there’s a 1/7 chance that they’ll know who that character is or where she’s from because of her popularity.

Who are the most popular LoL characters?

The most popular characters in League of Legends are Lux, Ahri, Yasuo, Sona, and Teemo. These characters make appearances in a lot of Riot Games’ promotionals and are often used as cosplay references in conventions.

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