Top 10 Most Broken Items in LoL Season 11

League of Legends Item Shop Rework in Season 11 has completely restructured the way the game is played once again. One of the biggest changes this season is the use of Mythic items that seem to have the most impactful influence on the game’s pace. As the regular season approaches, which ones on the list can we consider as the most broken items in LoL’s Season 11. These are some of the most talked about items that have brought about some ridiculous combos recently and are still dominating until today.

Aatrox pulling his blade out of the earth | Most Broken Items in LoL
What do you think are the most broken items in LoL?

Most Broken Items in LoL S11

The introduction of Mythic items make the game interesting in a sense that the strongest items become more emphasized but also limit the use of those strong items altogether. Champions used to be able to reach ridiculous power spikes by purchasing the most expensive and powerful items in a single build after getting snowballing from one or two kills. The idea of the item shop rework isn’t only to recreate the graphics of each item but also to create a sense of individuality per champion by expanding the possible builds in the game.

Regardless of Riot Games’ vision for the game, it can’t be helped that some items tend to stand out more than others. With an almost infinite number of combinations between item builds and champions, the potential of some items skyrockets to a ridiculous level that just makes them look plain broken. Of course, items by themselves aren’t broken so let’s look at the best combinations that show these broken items in LoL so deadly. Here are our Top 10 picks of Most Broken Items in LoL S11.

10. Shurelya’s Battlesong

Kicking off our list of most broken items in LoL, we have Shurelya’s Battlesong which is a support item. Despite being a support item, the item’s capabilities are limitless since you can also use it for champions whose main weakness is having low mobility. At full build, a champion with this item potentially has a bonus of 17.5% movement speed excluding any other items that increase movement speed like boots or other epic items.

Zilean on top of cotton candy holding a gingerbread man
Stampeding against the current

Champion Combo: Zilean with Shurelya’s Battlesong

This item works well with heavy engage tanks or even some enchanters that like to charge in but surprisingly works best with Zilean. Zilean can fully utilize this item’s passive and makes him roaming monster. He can charge at you with an activated Shurelya’s and bombard you with empowered Time Bombs then leave the scene like nothing happened. The most dangerous threat about this combo is that he can cast Chronoshift on the champion charging in at you with the Shurelya buff.

9. Blade of the Ruined King

Blade of the Ruined King, unlike most of the items on this list, is a Legendary Item and not a Mythic Item. BotRK has always been a ridiculously strong item, but the update to this item has left people wondering if Riot Games is even trying to balance stuff anymore. Bruisers that like to fight face-to-face absolutely love this item as it gives a passive CC after every 2 autos that make them almost inescapable. Not to mention it gives both bonus attack damage and bonus magic damage on hit.

Jax covered in flames holding a staff
A fine weapon makes a great warrior

Champion Combo: Jax with Blade of the Ruined King

Jax is a really strong champion that relies heavily on his empowered basic attacks to deal damage. Giving him a real weapon like Blade of the Ruined King really boosts the potential of this champion and due to his strong mobility, it’ll be literally impossible to get away from him once he starts bashing you with his lamp post. Since BotRK doesn’t need to be activated anymore, all he needs to focus on is predicted where the enemy will go or what the enemy team will do. In the first place, anything Jax holds probably turns into the most broken items in LoL.

8. Turbo Chemtank

One of the worst feelings in League of Legends is seeing a bulky tank with hard CC capabilities charging at you full speed. Turbo Chemtank is basically an additional Predator stacks and removes the need to run the rune completely and allow a more flexible damage or tank source to make them survive combat more and charge at the enemy to their heart’s content. It also passively increases Tenacity which will make them even more annoying to deal with.

MEcha version of Skarner getting ready to strike
The sting of death

Champion Combo: Skarner with Turbo Chemtank

The champion that probably came to your mind was Singed but Skarner is the real winner of having this item. Skarner’s winrate with Turbo Chemtank skyrocketed significantly since he became able to freely choose a lot of other rune choices and survive the nasty CC that stopped him in his tracks. The also slows down enemies around him once he actives Impale which makes it difficult to come to your ally’s aid.

7. Riftmaker

Riftmaker is Riot Games’ solution to the much-needed itemization for battlemages and AP assassins that like to stick around in a fight. Increasing your damage by up to 10% is an absolutely unfair ability combined with the fact that it has omnivamp to keep you pretty healthy throughout the fight. As if that wasn’t good enough, once Riftmaker reaches the full 10% stack, it’ll convert all of your bonus damage into True Damage which means that even assassins can take down those pesky tanks in no time.

A silver-haired akali examining her blade
In the shadows, the power grows

Champion Combo: Akali with Riftmaker

Akali is the most suitable and broken user of Riftmaker. Because of her Twilight Shroud ability, she can stay out of vision until her stacks build up to a maximum and deal a crap ton of damage once she appears. In addition, her passive ability grants her bonus magic damage when using an ability which is then converted into true damage thanks to Riftmaker’s ability. If you thought Akali was OP before, wait ’til you face off against one during this patch.

6. Kraken Slayer

Kraken Slayer makes every tank user cry just by the sight of it. AD Carries with high attack speed benefit greatly from this item as it helps melts down any champion within seconds with no problem at all. It’s Mythic passive also grants every other legendary bonus 10% attack speed which can make any Kraken Slayer a walking flamethrower that incinerates anything in their path. Getting 3 auto-attacks in a row isn’t really hard to pull off.

Vayne wearing a futuristic motorcycle outfit
There is no such thing as unbreakable

Champion Combo: Vayne with Kraken Slayer

Vayne’s Silver Bullets synchronize very well with Kraken Slayer. If Vayne wasn’t enough as a tank slayer by herself, having this Mythic item on the list definitely adds a more deadly side to the Night Hunter’s kit. Unlike other marksmen, she doesn’t need the extra mobility nor the survivability (assuming the player is fairly decent at kiting enemies). A solo lane Vayne top with Kraken slayer can severly tilt the enemy top laner into oblivion.

5. Galeforce

Galeforce is every immobile ADC champion’s dream come true. Champions that have really high range and base attack damage are usually designed in a way that they have limited mobility options. Galeforce not only introduces a new dash ability to a champion, it also includes a damage option that adds a little bit of burst to the kit. Be careful though, an AD Carry dashing at your face might seem scary but it might actually turn into a suicide mission.

Caitlyn wearing a safari outfit and gun
Point blank is the best place to shoot a bullet

Champion Combo: Caitlyn with Galeforce

Caitlyn with Galeforce is extremely sick since you can do a lot of ridiculous animation cancel abuses. The most prominent way that Caitlyn uses Galeforce is by casting it immediately after 90 Caliber Net to dash forward instead of allowing Caitlyn to dash backwards which is then followed up by a headshot and pursuit. Because of this combo, Caitlyn can chase down opponents with worrying about losing a bit of distance thanks to the movement speed and additional dash.

4. Prowler’s Claw

Prowler’s Claw also introduces a new dash ability but for AD assassins. This item allows the user to dash in a straight line which deals AD and then increasing the damage dealt with a champion hit by this ability by 15% for the next 3 seconds. Champions that have high burst capabilities can one-shot any champion regardless of their resistances which is completely balanced (not). Fortunately, it’s lethality based so for this time around, tanks are relatively safe.

Talon unmasked and holding a holy sword
Death comes before you can even blink

Champion Combo: Talon with Prowler’s Claw

Talon is pretty much the most beneficial user of this item because of his ultimate – Shadow Assault. Since he gains invisibility, it makes it difficult the dodging Prowler Claw’s dash which will be then followed up by a reactivation that almost always result in all of the blades hitting. In addition, a quick Rake and Noxian Diplomacy will shred your carry and maybe even another softie on your team that’ll leave you carry-less.

3. Sunfire Aegis

For the longest time, the community has been complaining about how pure tank champions are dealing a ridiculous amount of damage in addition to the amount of CC they have built-in. Riot Games decided to finally listen to the community and added another item to give tanks EVEN MORE damage output because it apparently still wasn’t enough. With this item, tanks can even solo epic monsters like the Baron Nashor or Elder Drake with no problem.

jankos solo baron with amumu

Champion Combo: Amumu with Sunfire Aegis

The sad mummy finally gets some love with Sunfire Aegis. Forums around the internet have been reporting Amumus being able to solo kill Baron Nashors simply by utilizing Sunfire Aegis’ passive ability to deal 100% increased immolate damage against monsters. Amumu is also a decent user of this item when it comes to teamfighting as he deals a lot of AoE damage and can keep enemies in place using Curse of the Sad Mummy and immolate them to death.

2. Immortal Shieldbow

On paper, Immortal Shieldbow looked like an okay item that helped marksmen survive (which was something they desperately needed). In practice, Immortal Shieldbow is just a plain broken item that makes every Attack Damage Carry (Melee or Ranged) simply unkillable. Unless you got a heavy burst and/or heavy CC comp, those attack damage users won’t be dying as quickly as you want them to as they’ll stay at 100% HP most of the time.

Yasuo sheathing his blade after sending a few soldiers flying
Taking it to the next level

Champion Combo: Yasuo with Immortal Shieldbow

Y’all probably hate Yasuo as a champion. Immortal Shieldbow on this champion is just unfair because of the pure sustain that he gets and the amount of shielding he benefits from. When he gets his ultimate off at 10% HP, he’ll probably land on the ground with full HP and continue slaughtering your team as if nothing happened. His mobility also makes it difficult to get the last shot in or at least CC him in place to deal sustained damage. But even with that another item on this list tops the rank as one of the most broken items in LoL.

1. Goredrinker

Goredrinker shouldn’t exist. This item on certain champions raise their winrates astronomically as teamfights become almost impossible to win because their carries just won’t die. In fact, dealing as much damage to the Goredrinker user is similar to punching yourself in the face because it’ll just put them back at full HP. Unlike in the case of Immortal Shieldbow, Goredrinker users are usually bruisers or juggernauts that have an innately high amount of Health and sustain. This is by far at the top of the most broken items in LoL.

Goredrinker Aatrox is so stupid
Talk about being the most broken items in LoL…

Champion Combo: Aatrox & Renekton with Goredrinker

You’ve probably already seen the clips before. Aatrox and Renekton going down to as low as 1% HP and in the blink of an eye – back to full health. Seeing this happen after pouring all of your ultimate abilities or long cooldowns will just plainly fill you with despair. Goredrinker users can legitimately fight a full health enemy team by themselves and we’re probably not even exaggerating when we’re saying that. There’s just no way to deal with it.

Will Items in Season 11 get nerfed?

The most broken items in LoL will probably be seeing minor changes into how they affect the game in future patches. Don’t expect Riot Games to remove anything or completely restructure anything though.

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