10 Most Underrated LoL Items You Should Use More

League of Legends has been constantly upgrading the item shop to fit the game’s state and ensure that summoners have a wide array of options to choose from. While the recommended items list is helpful for beginners, it doesn’t always give you the proper options especially when fighting against certain champions. Let’s take a look at some of the Most Underrated LoL Items that you should definitely know about to conquer any situation that your opponents throw at you and help you win the game with decisiveness.

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What are the most underrated LoL items on the shop?

What makes an Underrated LoL Item?

An underrated LoL item refers to any item that isn’t built more because of it’s assumed limitations. This limitation may include stat misconception, role exclusivity, and/or being overshadowed by other items unjustly. As a veteran player in League of Legends or a beginner that seeks to learn more about the game, you should be able to know which items you should build outside the recommended items page to make sure that you’re using the right gear for every situation.


After all, 50-80% of a champion’s effectiveness in battle relies on their itemization and fully utilizing such items to the advantage of their team. Remember that not all items do the same things, although there are items that are almost similar to each other. In terms of cost, effect, and team needs, some items work better than others but tend to be ignored because of the idea that these underrated lol items aren’t as efficient as the ones they’ve come to know.

10 Most Underrated LoL Items List

Without further ado, here are the Top Most Underrated LoL Items in no particular order. Understand that while most of the items here can be seen once or twice in play, their value as the item isn’t as high as other player think it to be especially some situational items that can work even outside the situation they are given. Let’s take a look at some of these items and why they are so undervalued by the League of Legends community.

1. Liandry’s Torment

The value of Liandry’s Torment has been one of League of Legends’ popular topics of discussion given its similarities with a popularly build item with almost the same stats – Morellonomicon. The two items have the same base stats, but Liandry’s Torment is more suitable for all situations especially because of the bonus HP and DoT it provides you for almost the same price as Morellonomicon. However, since the recommended store initially shows only Morello, Liandry’s Torment is often missed out.

Liandry's Torment build path underrated lol items
Better than Morellonomicon

Building Liandry’s Torment is exceptionally better and should always be your primary choice if you want to build something with HP, CDR, and a decent amount of AP. Morellonomicon should only be your choice when the opponent has a ridiculous amount of Healing that makes that much of a difference in battle. Believe me, the damage penetration isn’t as worth the 10% increased damage you’ll have from Liandry.

2. Locket of the Iron Solari

A popular item for support tanks, but commonly ignored by tanks from other roles. While it is true the item serves as a supportive item, it doesn’t mean non-supports shouldn’t be hindered from playing such items as well. Top Laners and Junglers who are aiming to build a bit of magic resist should always look towards getting Locket of the Iron Solari as their 3rd or 4th item because of the value the shields give your team during fights.

Locket of the Iron Solari build path underrated lol items
Protect your allies and win together

The only time you shouldn’t consider buying Locket of the Iron Solari is when you don’t plan to participate in teamfights with your allies. Of course, that will never be the case considering on how League of Legends is a team-game. Tanks whose jobs are to survive as long as they can in battle should also ensure that their teammates can survive too. If your ally already built this item, then there’s no need for you to do the same since it makes the item’s effect weaker.

3. Frozen Mallet

There are a lot of items that can apply Slow to the opponent in game like Righteous Glory or Randuin’s Omen. Frozen Mallet does this task more consistently if you play tanky champions who like being face-to-face against enemy champions. The misconception is that this item is only meant for tank champions that have a high attack speed like Trundle. However, this item is good to have if you are not in desperate need of armor or MR.

Frozen Mallet build path underrated lol items
Massive HP, Massive Slows!

Having to slow your opponent for 40% for 1.5 seconds is definitely enough time for you to refresh the cooldown each time you basic attack the opponent. It won’t be easy for the opponent to escape your grasp and if you’re confident about getting a solo kill, the slow will be your greatest ally in catching up against an enemy trying to run away. Attack damage and a high amount of HP is good to have at all times.

4. Twin Shadows

Twin Shadows is another item thought to be more suited for supports but have recently found a home amongst mid lane champions. Roaming can be a difficult task, ensure that you arrive in battle first with the additional 7% movement speed bonus that this item gives you and increase the chances of success for your gank with the shadows slowing down up to two of the nearest enemy champions. The item also secures that you don’t have to go through the darker areas of the map without knowing if it’s safe.

Twin Shadows build path underrated lol items
Get information without the risk

In terms of a mage item, Twin Shadows gives a decent amount of Ability Power and Cooldown Reduction all in one package. While the item doesn’t give you an extra damaging ability like that of the Hextech GLP-800, it still has some uses that will help you no matter the situation of the game. Building this item more as a mid laner can give you some unexpected advantages on Summoner’s Rift that you’ll definitely find surprising.

5. Cull

Cull is an item that gives so much value for what it does as a starter item but is difficult to use especially for players who are not adept in ramping up their Creep Score early on in the game. Champions that wish to build expensive items like Infinity Edge or Trinity Force should consider getting this if they don’t plan on being aggressive in lane and just passively farm up for their items faster to secure an overall advantage for their team.

Cull Starter Item in the shop underrated LoL items
Great starting items for people who are good at CSing!

Remember that Cull doesn’t give that much helpful stats to help you survive. This is why if you’re going to play in an oppressive lane, it’s best not to get this item and focus on survival items or offensive items instead to secure your gold another way. Cull is a high-risk, high-reward item and those who can fully utilize and understand its function will benefit more from this items effect that those who do not.

6. Mikael’s Crucible

Not much of an underrated LoL item but more of an underused item considering how useful it is. Most supports tend to ignore building this in favor of other support items even though the CC threat from the opponents become a huge factor in the flow of the game. Support mains should learn how to use this item more often as to relieve your carries of the burden of being caught out in unfavorable situations that make the difference.

Mikhael's Crucible build path underrated lol items
No more CCs for me nor my allies!

As a support item, Mikael’s Crucible also gives a good amount of Shield and Heal Power which will be useful if you have skills that utilize these abilities. While the item doesn’t really offer offensive or defensive stats that will help you face your enemies, the ability to cleanse your ally will be helpful during the right moments and hopefully allow you to turn the tide of battle around for you and your team to steal the teamfight unexpectedly.

7. Farsight Alteration

Farsight Alteration is an item that is often disregarded since it’s extremely easy to clear and doesn’t last long to give you that much information. However, for more experienced players in League of Legends who know how other players move around the map, the split second of knowing where your opponent is moving can show you what your enemies are planning to do for the next 20-30 seconds anyway.

Farsight Alteration, vision trinket underrated lol items
Good vision for great distances!

The best part about this Trinket is that it gives you information from a safe distance rather than trying to overextend just to know whether or not an enemy is trying to secure a certain objective or not. It’s often a risk trying to lay down wards but vision is a necessary part of the game to ensure that you’ll have the information you need to act on trying to secure a kill or an objective on the map that will give you an advantage in the game.

8. Sanguine Blade

One of the lesser used Lethality Items out there, Sanguine Blade is excellent for duelists or assassins because of the increase in Lethality depending on the number of enemies near you. Split-pushers who aim on attracting the opponent top laner to respond to your push will find this item extremely useful because of the additional sustain it gives and oppression that you can apply while aggressively pushing in your opponents into the turret.

Sanguine Blade build path underrated lol items
One on one is my specialty!

Lethality is great stat to have against less tanky enemies because of the damage percentage that penetrates more effectively. Regardless, enemy carries are always softer and this item will be useful if you find yourself facing off against the enemy marksman or mid laner. This is an extremely underrated LoL item considering how valuable it is for solo laners that like to look for fights everywhere on the map.

9. Knight’s Vow

This underrated LoL item works similarly to that of Locket of the Iron Solari. Knight’s Vow isn’t an item limited only to Tank Supports, it can be used by other tanky members in your team to protect your carry from being focused down and even gives you more survivability by benefiting for your allies attacks by granting you healing. This item is especially useful if you’re behind but your carry is doing well in the game.

Knight's Vow item build path underrated lol items
Protect your ally and let them carry you!

Remember that tanks aren’t the most important members of the team and only serve to buy your carries time to wreak havoc through the enemy lines and also protect them from danger. Having Knight’s Vow will greatly increase your teams success. Assassins and backline flankers can readily reach your carries so build this item to help them survive being reached by your enemies and hopefully survive through lifesteal or healing.

10. Frozen Heart

Frozen Heart is rarely included in the recommended items list but is extremely useful for tanks. The passive Cold Steel is a Unique ability to both Thornmail and Randuin’s Omen, but the Attack Speed Crippling that Frozen Heart offers does not stack with these two. You can essentially have up to 30% attack speed reduction on enemy champions which is devastating for auto-attackers like marksmen or fighters.

Frozen Heart build path underrated lol items
Don’t get bullied by auto-attackers!

Aside from it’s Attack Speed Crippling, Frozen Heart offers a ridiculous amount of Armor and Cooldown Reduction which is useful for tanks since not a lot of their items offer CDR. Good item to have if the enemy team has a lot of AD-focused champions that will become a thorn in your side the longer the game lasts.

How do we learn how to itemize better in League of Legends?

Learning how to itemize properly isn’t something you can achieve overnight. Knowing which items serve the best purpose during certain situations can help you if you read guides or listen to esports analysts like LS.

Why do players prefer Morello over Liandry’s?

Morello is an item commonly found in the recommended item list among AP champions. This is why you can often see other players build this over underrated LoL items like Liandry’s Torment despite having better stats and a superior effect over the latter.

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