Top 10 MSI 2021 Players In The Tournament

The Mid-Season Invitationals has been going great so far and we’ve already seen the most outstanding members from every team. The MSI 2021 Players to watch has been set and we have a general idea of the rankings in terms of player showmanship and abilities. These players should definitely be on your to-watch list because they’re taking over MSI 2021 by storm and are looking hungry to prove to the world and the tournament that they’re the most valuable player in their teams.

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The Best MSI 2021 Players Ranked!

Ranking The Top 10 MSI 2021 Players

The competition at MSI 2021 is looking really tough and some individuals have stood out more than others. When we look at the MSI 2021 players lineup, we already familiar with some of the names that are associated with a successful history. Let’s rank the top 10 MSI 2021 players in terms of individual skill and likelihood to solo carry the game on their backs according to their domestic and international performance shown recently in the tournament and during this year.

10. Perkz

Perkz is the only defending MSI champion to attend the tournament and he’s making sure that he carries his team out of the group stage so that they’ll get a chance to defend the title. As the only NA representative on this list, Perkz is making $3,000,000 salary worth every penny by monstrously showing up in Cloud9. A rough 0-2 start in the group stage means that he’ll need to perform even better during the 2nd and 3rd Round Robins so that he doesn’t get eliminated in the Group Stage… which is typical from an NA team.

Perkz standing beside the LCS Trophy
The best mid laner in MSI (?)
  • Team: Cloud9 (North America)
  • Nationality: Croatia
  • Position: Mid Laner
  • Best Champions: Viktor, Sylas, Orianna

A common trend in the mid lane today is the preference over control mages such as Viktor and Orianna. Perkz plays for the team but isn’t shy at creating superb openings to ensure that the rest of his team is set up for success. Despite playing control mages, he manages to ramp up impressive KDAs and even become a threat when it comes to 1v1 situations. Perkz can’t carry the entirety of Cloud9 to victory alone so he’ll need his other teammates to step up as well.

9. Maple

After spending 2 seasons in the LPL, Maple is back in his home region and is playing Mid Lane for PSG Talon. Maple’s grand return to the PCS has created a big impact in the region and made PSG Talon incredibly strong. Domestically, Maple has had an amazing season playing control mages and opening opportunities for his teammates for success (wait, didn’t I already say that for Perkz?). It seems this trait is common among mid laners in the tournament and is one that is important to ensure success.

Maple standing and smiling at the audience
The Star Returned
  • Team: Paris-Saint Germain Talon (Taiwan & Hongkong)
  • Nationality: Taiwan
  • Position: Mid Laner
  • Best Champions: Zoe, Orianna, Viktor

PSG Talon focuses on individual players snowballing in the early game unlike other teams that like to make coordinated plays early on. Maple has shown that he’s able to fulfill this goal to the best of his extent and is the key for PSG to win their games. Once Maple has built up a comfortable lead, the rest of PSG Talon can expect that he will start making plays around the map and begin wreaking havoc on the important points around the map.

8. Ming

Ming has been widely considered the best support in the world since 2018. After training under Uzi, it’s no wonder that he has a great understanding of advanced support mechanics to help his AD Carry gain a significant advantage in the laning phase. Ming is outmatched when it comes to his playmaking capabilities and predicting which lanes need his help by roaming around the map to protect his laners from incoming threats.

Ming giving a little smile to the audience - MSI 2021 Players
The Protector
  • Team: Royal Never Give Up (China)
  • Nationality: China
  • Position: Support
  • Best Champions: Alistar, Nautilus, Leona

Supports are highly underrated especially since marksmen have received significant tools to make flashy plays that completely outshine everyone else on the team. However, Ming is able to shine the spotlight on himself by surprising viewers with his incredibly roams that guarantee that all of his laners are protected. With an AD Carry like GALA in the bottom lane, he doesn’t have to worry about leaving his bottom lane duo behind to collect some solo EXP.

7. Elyoya

Elyoya, the Miracle Worker, is one of MAD Lions’ newest additions to the team and is a significant upgrade that has helped the team unlock their highest potential. This young Jungler is acting like a veteran with extreme discipline and patience in his game that’s completely distinct from stage nerves. He’s able to control the map which gives the entirety of MAD Lions room to do what they have to do while securing leads for himself and his team with crucial picks.

MAD Lions' Elyoya playing a game
The Miracle Worker
  • Team: MAD Lions (Europe)
  • Nationality: Spain
  • Position: Jungle
  • Best Champions: Udyr, Volibear, Morgana

Among the MSI 2021 players, Elyoya has one of the shortest careers in since he has only began playing League of Legends professionally in a big region in 2021. At MSI 2021, Elyoya doesn’t seem to show that’s the case and deserves all the attention that he’s getting because of the unique way he challenges other junglers fearlessly for control over a jungle camp. He’s also incredibly great at shadowing the moves of enemy players and is always present to countergank the enemy jungler.


Everybody probably knows GALA by now after his famous Kai’sa Pentakill highlight in the LPL finals against FunPlus Phoenix. A lot of people still aren’t convinced that GALA, by himself, is an incredible player especially since he has Ming to thank for a lot of his early game success. Although, GALA is still a considerable favorite among all of the MSI 2021 Players that play the ADC role. He still manages to find good positioning and follow-up on plays that he’s confident he can win without inting.

GALA looking intently into the camera
The Successor
  • Team: Royal Never Give Up (China)
  • Nationality: China
  • Position: AD Carry
  • Best Champions: Kai’sa, Xayah, Kalista

GALA is an AD Carry that heavily imitates Uzi’s aggressive style with a combination of smart positioning. The biggest weakness of players like these is having the right teammates following up on the aggression. But with teammates like Ming and Wei, he doesn’t have to worry about being left alone in the frontline. He can even hold his own in most 1v2 situations and can play intelligently in high-pressure situations by repositioning almost immediately.

5. Wei

Wei is a jungler that likes to take control of the map and secure solo kills for himself. Wei has a similar playstyle with Damwon Kia’s Canyon in which they prioritize objective control and gank supremacy to give the kills to the jungler. Unlike Canyon, Wei prefers to play more aggressive face-checking champions like Volibear and Rumble that really place himself in an position to control the opponent while trying to deal as much as damage as possible.

Wei looking over into the distance
The Charging Beast
  • Team: Royal Never Give Up (China)
  • Nationality: China
  • Position: Jungle
  • Best Champions: Udyr, Rumble, Volibear

Royal Never Give Up’s Wei likes to play around the top side of the map. Other MSI 2021 players like to focus the bot side because of the heavy favor that AD Carries receive. Xiaohu is a player that RNG can rely on to carry the game and Wei makes sure that he always secures that side of the map to help his team in the later stages of the game. Wei can also be considered one of the deadliest players in the tournament because he always plays for the kill whenever he sees an opponent.

4. Khan

Khan has had a spectacular split in the LCK with Damwon Kia after his grand return from the LPL. Khan may be cursed to fail all of his international tournaments when they really mattered but with Damwon, the reigning World Champions, by his side, he might just finally break that curse. Unlike the other MSI 2021 Players in the top lane, Khan has diverged from the carry top laner role into a more facilitative champion pool that focuses on being able to teamfight effectively.

Khan giving two thumbs up - MSI 2021 players
The Cursed King
  • Team: Damwon Kia
  • Nationality: Korea
  • Position: Top Lane
  • Best Champions: Sion, Gnar, Gangplank

Khan was known as a player who like to take matters into his own hand by playing carry top lane champions. In 2021, he managed to create a new identity and become of the best teamfighting top laners in Korea. He manages to create situations where he outflanks the enemies and open them up to get devastated in the teamfight. He may not be the star of the show anymore but his contributions towards his team’s success is extremely notable.

3. Showmaker

Showmaker has been regarded as the heart of Damwon Kia since their early days because of his playmaking capabilities that aim to push his teammates ahead. He is one of the more selfless mid laners in the tournament and likes to ensure that the other members will get the kills instead of him because he knows that he won’t have problems being relevant in the game even if he’s 0/0 in terms of Kills/Deaths.

Showmaker spotlight between the curtains MSI 2021 players
The Playmaker
  • Team: Damwon Kia
  • Nationality: Korea
  • Position: Mid Lane
  • Best Champions: Viktor, Syndra, Zoe

Damwon’s playstyle is teamfight domination and Showmaker is the reason why a lot of their teamfights end up successfully. While he doesn’t end the game with the most kills, he has a consistent Kill Participation ratio that proves how much the team relies on him to succeed. As a mid laner, Showmaker doesn’t need a high KDA to know what the team expects from him. He’ll continue to do so which makes him one of the most dangerous MSI 2021 players in the tournament.

2. Xiaohu

Xiaohu is probably the best top laner in the tournament and is also a great mid laner. One of the very few two-way players in League of Legends, Xiaohu has earned the title of best top laner in China despite only spending one professional split in the position. Royal Never Give Up has centered their playstyle on trying to get Xiaohu ahead so that he can carry the game. With players like Wei and GALA in the roster, that’s a statement that a lot of players should take seriously.

RNG Xiaohu drinking a cup of coffee
The Little Tiger
  • Team: Royal Never Give Up (China)
  • Nationality: China
  • Position: Top Lane
  • Best Champions: Lucian, Gnar, Renekton

Xiaohu likes to stick to his Gnar pick but as a former mid laner, he has one of the biggest champion pools in the tournament. He can play any counter pick against the champion in his opposing lane. In case of an advantageous matchup, Xiaohu can also lane swap with his mid laner to confuse the enemy and force them into a situation that’s not as familiar to them in professional play. This makes him extremely difficult to handle and with a team willing to put him ahead, other teams should watch out for this man.

1. Canyon

Canyon is hands-down the best player in MSI 2021. As a jungler, he is unchallenged as the reigning king of carry jungle champions and is the biggest threat in Damwon Kia. For some reason, he manages to outjungle all of his opponents and leaves them scraps, creating a monumental lead that most junglers won’t be able to recover from. This lead often means that opposing teams can’t contest objectives without going in for a teamfight first because of the massive Smite advantage for Canyon.

DK Canyon playing a game - Best MSI 2021 Player
The King of the Jungle
  • Team: Damwon Kia
  • Nationality: Korea
  • Position: Jungle
  • Best Champions: Morgana, Graves, Rumble

Canyon is so good as a player that he managed to reach Top 1 Challenger in the EUW solo queue with a 65% win rate. Sure, he’s using a Riot Account with a significantly higher LP gain but the fact that he managed to do so unlike the other MSI 2021 players means that he definitely has what it takes to prove to the world that he deserves to be called the best player in the tournament. This is the player to watch for all the other MSI teams when the time comes when they’ll face off.

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