Top 10 Valorant Players in NA 2021

The PlayValorant Twitter page has recently ranked the Top 10 Valorant Players in NA, with a few familiar names popping up on the list that doesn’t leave long-time FPS fans surprised that much. With NA being one of the two central regions where competitive Valorant has been taking place, people want to know which players are standing at the pinnacle of the ranked list. Now that First-Strike is in progress, these players might have what it takes to lead their teams to win the first-ever competitive Valorant series.

How the Top 10 Valorant Players Chosen

Valorant has chosen the Top 10 Valorant Players according to their standings in the ranked ladder. Unlike in League of Legends, there is no option for players to see what their numerical standing is in their ranked division. Players who are in the Radiant division are no-doubt performing excellently to place in the highest ranked division in Valorant. Although, players have been wanting to see how exactly they fair against the rest of the competition, especially professional players in the league.

Top 10 Valorant Players - Skadoodle
Do you recognize these Top 10 Valorant Players?

The standings in the ranked ladder may be computer the same way as how it is in League of Legends with the win-lose ratio being the central determinant. Points gained might also depend on the players’ performance during the game with higher performing players having a higher standing. Looking at the Top 10 Valorant Players, we can see that most of them are former CSGO pros that have transferred to this game. Here is the list courtesy of Riot Games:

10. TSM Wardell

Wardell is one of the more prominent former CSGO pros turned Valorant superstar in the league. He’s been signed with TSM since May 22, 2020 and is considered as the top player in the team. He’s had a rocky reputation while he was at the CSGO but found a new beginning after joining the Valorant league. He reached Top 10 in North America by playing Jett as his main role.

9. T1 Skadoodle

Skadoodle is another former CSGO pro who currently plays for T1. Formerly a member of Cloud9, he was able to win multiple Major Tournaments alongside his former teammate Brax who he has been reunited with in Valorant. He was able to climb to the 9th place of the official valorant rankings by playing Jett, an agent that a lot of players on this list have had high success playing.

8. NRG eeiu

eeiu is a player for NRG Esports and is surprisingly not a former professional from any FPS game. Alongside more established veterans in NRG such as daps and s0m, he’s become a shining star in the roster and shows promise for future games. He has yet to prove himself on the competitive stage and will be showing everyone what he’s truly made of once Valorant’s competitive series starts taking off after First-Strike. He is another Jett user.


THWIFO is a professional player and captain for XSET. He is a former professional player in Fortnite on Ghost Gaming. Unlike most of the players on this list, he managed to secure a top 10 Valorant player spot by playing Cypher. As a member of a team with very little information on, he will be a player to look out for in the future and might be able to lead his team to victory on the competittive league.


HUYNH is a professional player for Gen.G Esports and has been with the organization since the beta. He and the rest of Gen.G were the first team to win a large-scale tournament in the form of the T1 Invitationals. Much like the rest of the players on this list, his main agent is Jett. He’s also currently an inactive player in CS:GO, meaning that he hasn’t completely given up on the idea of going back to the game that started it all for him.

5. DIG supamen

Supamen is a professional player for Dignitas. He previously played professionally on Crossfire. Alongside Dignitas, he has only won a single C-Tier tournament but has consistently placed on decent tiers while he was on Echo 8. His main agent is Breach and is the only player on the list to use this agent. While he hasn’t played that many games with the organization, he will most likely be one of NA’s top names in the future.

4. BcJ

BcJ is an orgless professional player on Valorant, formerly playing on T1. While he is currently not on any team, he has shown promise as one of th top 10 Valorant players in NA. Now that he has been featured in the official Valorant top 10 list, it’s likely that he won’t stay orgless for long. BcJ plays Cypher as his main agent.

3. 100T Asuna

Asuna is a professional player for 100 Thieves. He formerly played for Immortals before deciding to switch to this roster led by Hiko. He is also one of the players that started their professional careers playing in the Valorant series. Since 100 Thieves is among the Top NA teams today, it’s likely that the team will find success in future tournaments and become a powerhouse in the league. He plays Reyna as his main agent.

2. Doinkmachine97

Doinkmachine97 is a Valorant Youtuber and Jett one-trick. While his identity hasn’t been verified yet, his mechanics as a Jett player are definitely deserving of the Top 2 spot. Whether or not he will pursue professional Valorant depends on him. Although, it’s most likely that he’ll stick to posting on Youtube.

1. C9 TenZ

TenZ is the last player on this list and is currently holding the Top Spot in Valorant’s Top 10 players list. He’s a professional player from C9 who previously played CSGO for them. He’s found success in this team after being benched in CSGO team. He plays Jett as his main agent.

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Why do Top players like Jett?

Since Valorant has a heavy emphasis on the core elements in an FPS game, skills and abilities play a very secondary role in the game. As such, an agent like Jett whose kit emphasizes mostly on mobility is favored since it can give players a better chance to find vantage points. Jett is mostly favored by OPers, especially since her ultimate ability gives them a secondary ability that is more useful than a pistol.

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