Top 11 Best LoL Skin Lines

League of Legends makes use of vanity items like skins as their primary source of income to avoid pay-to-win mechanics that discourage competitive players while drawing in thousands of new players every day thanks to its free-to-play model. Skins might not be the most important thing to have in League of Legends, but many people still have the unstoppable urge to buy them regularly. Here are some of the best LoL skin lines that players absolutely adore having.

The Best LoL Skin Lines!!!

League of Legends skins often come in themes, including multiple skin releases for a certain group of champions. This skin sets each has a certain appeal to them in terms of aesthetics in-game and in the splash art. Contrary to the belief of other people, gamers actually have a great appreciation for art whether it’s video game graphics, character designs, and animation. Here are some of the best LoL skin line that we think belong in the top 11.

Burning Bright | Star Guardian Music Video - League of Legends
Burning Bright – Star Guardians (Riot Games)

We’re not including Skin Lines from League of Legends Esports Champions and Music Groups/Bands because they can already be considered a league of their own in terms of design. For skins that are subcategories of an event, we’ll be compiling them to prevent conflicts.

11. Victorious

The Victorious line is probably the most commonly owned by most players because it’s one of the reasons why a lot of players try to strive for at least Gold Division in Ranked. Most players (especially those that consistently rank Plat and above) don’t realize that the yearly Victorious skins are a driving force for a lot of low ELO players to do their best to win more games, especially since the skin reward also includes a free champion if the player doesn’t already own it.

Orianna in a golden city adorned with gold accessory - Best LoL Skin Lines
Victorious Orianna

Aside from the effect it has on the community, the Victorious skins are also one of the best LoL skin lines because of their beautiful art. A year’s worth of hardwork grinding through the solo queue environment can be pretty tough so it feels rewarding having such a skin that really looks like premium versions of the champion you own. Since there is only one skin released every year in this line, you can really tell that the designers spent time to make them look the best they can.

10. Arcade

The Arcade skin line includes the Battle Bosses & Heroes subcategories that both make use of the colorful designs, pixel animations, and the 8bit sound effects that most retro gamers are familiar with. One of the best LoL skin lines to collect and use in-game to break away from games that you feel are extremely repetitive. The Arcade skin line offers players a completely different aesthetic unlike a lot of skins whose presence is hardly noticed because they don’t highlight too much of a difference when used.

A Video Game version of Riven vs Blitzcrank - Best LoL skin Lines
Arcade Riven

It’s always fun to use Arcade skins because of the childish whimsy that’s associated with using the skin. A growing number of younger players aren’t as appreciative of the retro gaming style that most adult gamers feel because they don’t experience the same level of nostalgia. However, the beauty of 8bit games will live on for a long time in the hearts and minds of 90s and 2000s gamers that grew up playing games like Mario.

9.Dragon World

The Dragon World skin line which includes the Dragon Slayers, Dragon Trainers, and other Dragon-related job classes is one of the more aesthetically badass skins in the game. The skins offer a very mythical feel that fans of anything related to dragon-lore which has been increasingly popular among medieval fantasy fans. The Dragon Slayer line, specifically, has become a favorite worldwide.

Braum weaing dragonslayer armor shielding against dragonfire
Dragonslayer Braum

There’s something about the combination of black and red that really makes everything look so cool. The Dragon World skins also offer some really light and colorful skins like the Dragon Trainers that’s really adorable. The armor that the dragon slayers wear make for some great cosplay ideas that players who want to create and wear intricately designed costumes will love to have.

8. Battle Academia

Every young boy, especially those that watch anime and superhero shows, has fantasized about the idea of being a superpowered student in a school for equally powered individuals. The Battle Academia line perfectly embodies those fantasies and is one of the main choices for young players in the League of Legends community. The design perfectly incorporates some futuristic elements that are present in popular culture that people of all ages enjoy.

Jayce wearing a school uniform while carrying his hammer
Battle Academia Jayce

The Battle Academia skin line is one of the more noticeable skins in League of Legends because of its distinct design. The skin art for the champions used in this line perfectly match the theme being portrayed even though some of theme had to be humanized to do so. Players that like colorful designs but not in a sense that’s too whimsical will definitely like the cool concept of the Battle Academia skin as one of the best LoL skin lines in the game.

7. Pool Party

The Pool Party Line is probably one of the older skin series in League of Legends and has been a long-time favorite among players of all ages. The obligatory beach shots of some League of Legends’ hottest characters appeal to some of the more mature tastes of some players. While it might come off as fan service for most people, the pool party skin is actually a really nice concept that is perfect for the summer season to get you hyped up for the heat comfortably on your gaming chair.

Miss Fortune chilling beside the swimming pool
Pool Party Miss Fortune

The Pool Party skins are also very distinct and looks weirdly out of place when you see it on the rift. The champion art on the skins are probably the main highlight of this line as it really uses a very light and colorful themes to portray the champions doing very Earthly activities on the beach. This skin is a favorite among the teens and young adults which is why you can often see this skin being used during the height of the day.

6. High Noon

The High Noon skin line uses the “old west” style of art that is popular among Americans and some Eastern countries who are very interested in the “cowboy” culture that is commonly portrayed in movies. The cowboy hat and neckerchief style that most of the champions in this skin line wear is considered a pretty cool style outside of the west. The most popular choices in this skin lines are the gun users that pretty much embody the entire theme.

Old Western Ashe riding a horse
High Noon Ashe

Some of the more popular skin choices from this line are High Noon Ashe and High Noon Lucian which both contain pretty cool concepts. Ashe’s horse is extremely fun to watch during the beginning of the game which makes the player really feel like they’re charging into battle. Lucian just simply perfectly exemplifies the foreigner’s concept of a cowboy whenever he shoots his guns and starts dashing and rolling on the battlefield to kill his enemies.


The PROJECT skins are a crowd favorite in terms of design and have a yearly release. Aside from the really fun game mode involved whenever they release a new project skin, the trailer really brings the skin line to life. There is even an official lore website for the PROJECT series that show how these futuristic cyber warriors fight in a dystopian world where man and machine clash on the streets.

Vayne dashing through a futuristic cyber world

The design for the PROJECT skins are really cool because of the cyber-theme of the champions in this line. PROJECT Vayne is probably the most popular choice in this line because of the cool motorcycle that she rides into battle at the start of the game or whenever he gains a ton of movement speed out of combat. The combination of dark and damp colors with a bit of neon really makes the skin lines stand out amongst a lot of monochromatic skins in the game.

4. Space Groove

Space Groove is a relatively new skin line but it has already jumped onto our list of best LoL skin lines in the game. The skin line is probably one of the Cutest Skins in League of Legends because of the combination of groovy music, animal pilots, and fun characters in space! Just seeing the champions in the game wearing these skins is enough to make any player squeal from cuteness because of how adorable the animal pilots are and the other characters as well.

A groovy robot version of Willump dancing with space pilot Nunu
Space Groove Nunu & Willump

The best part about Space Groove is the music and voice lines that are a part of these skins which makes the skin worth all the money you spend. Playing Space Groove skins will never let a player finish the game tilted even if they spent half of the time inting their minds off. It’s just so fun to watch these skins in action as you dance to the beat and forget that you’re playing League of Legends in the first place.

3. Spirit Blossom

The Spirit Blossom skin line is considered the most elegant of the League of Legends skins. When we talk about the best LoL skin lines, Spirit Blossom will always take a top 5 spot in any discussion with ours reaching as high as 3rd place! There are two subcategories to the Spirit Blossom skins which are the Akana & Kanmei which are supposedly opposite in terms of characteristics but belong in the same universe that highlight the playfulness and beauty of the spirit world.

Yone wearing a kimono surrounded by sakura petals
Spirit Blossom Yone

The best part about the Spirit Blossom skin line is the art style involved in making the skins to create such serene looking characters on the Kanmei side while creating ominous energies on the Akana side. It’s beautiful to see the contrast between the skins but seeing the way they are designed just makes you want to collect them all. Since a lot of League of Legends players are fans of Japanese culture, this skin has definitely earned it’s place as a competitor for the Top Spots in the Best LoL skin lines rankings.

2. Blood Moon

The Blood Moon skin line can definitely be considered as one of the best LoL skin lines in the game in terms of design and concept. These skins are the Kings of Edgy and Cool-looking designs in the League of Legends universe especially since most of them are designated to assassin champions that already give off a deathly vibe around them. This skin is a that you’d probably see every other game because of the popularity that it has in the playerbase.

Pyke about to assassinate a man - Best LoL Skin Lines
Blood Moon Pyke

The design of the blood moon skin line that involves the blood masks and the blood moon in the background just delivers the aura of death that can be felt as you admire the concept art behind these skins. These are even more highlighted when these skins are used in game when the blood starts raining from the skin animation. It’s simply majestic to admire in and out of the game and is probably the wallpaper for a lot of players all over the world.

1. Star Guardian

Like it or not, the Star Guardian skin line is most likely the best LoL skin line objectively not only because of it’s design but also because of the sale that it delivers for Riot Games. There’s a reason why they keep releasing these skins and why there’s always that one player that uses a Star Guardian skin in almost all of your games. The numbers speak for themselves as the Star Guardians take the crown.

Lux dressed as a magical girl from cartoons - Best LoL Skin Lines
Star Guardian Lux

The Star Guardian skin line has the most beautiful champion design in the game and completely transforms all of the champions you use into even more loveable characters. The music videos and other promotions that are involved in the creation of the Star Guardians absolutely the best to follow and support among all of the other skins in the game. You can expect more Star Guardian skins to arrive for the years to come especially since the popularity and sales of these skins aren’t declining any time soon.

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