11 League of Legends Facts That Will Keep You Up At Night!

League of Legends is a game that’s enjoyed by over 115 million players in the world. Despite having one of the largest player bases in the game, there are things about LoL that less than 5% of the entire population know about. Here are some League of Legends facts that you probably didn’t know existed and will likely keep you up at night! Take a look at some secrets that you can share to your friends to blow their minds.

11 League of Legends Facts

Time to get your mind blown with these League of Legends facts. The game has some neat Easter eggs that most players, especially those that started playing recently probably won’t know. Some of these will surely keep you up at night thinking what was Riot Games thinking when they were making these concepts. Some are simply just jaw-dropping and amazing.

1. DoTA and LoL Were Created By The Same Person

Despite the long-standing rivalry between DoTA and LoL , the two actually share the same father. Steve “Guinsoo” Feak was the original designer for the popular Warcraft III mod, Defense of the Ancients (DoTA). Guinsoo was later on scouted by Riot Games to work on their own moba game – League of Legends. He is credited as one of the 3 original creators of the game.

Steve "Guinsoo" Feak inside the Riot Games HQ
The man himself

There’s a reason why Guinsoo’s Rageblade (LoL) and Guinsoo’s Scythe of Vyse (DoTA) share the same name. In addition, the two big bosses in both games are named Nashor (LoL) and Roshan (DoTA). So the next time that a player tells you that LoL is a cheap knockoff of DoTA, tell them that something can’t be a knockoff if the same person created both products in the first place. Crazy to imagine how one man created two of the biggest esports games in the world today.

2. Most LoL Characters and Items Were Named After Riot Games Key People

It’s no secret that Tryndamere, Ryze , and Guinsoo’s Rageblade were named after the three original creators of League of Legends. However, there are several other items and champion which were named after key people that came and gone in the history of League of Legends. For example, Riot Morello, the company’s lead game designer, is the basis for the popular legendary item, Morellonomicon. Ashe is also named after Tryndamere’s wife, Ashley Merill who is also married. A neat League of Legends fact is that Ashe and Tryndamere are politically married in the lore.

Tryndamere cornered by other Freljord tribes
Where are they getting these names?

The lesser-known tributes to other key people are less obvious than the ones above. Did you know that the Total Biscuit of Everlasting Will was named after a famous YouTuber? Yep, that’s right John “TotalBiscuit” Bain achieved the highest number of LoL referrals with the goal of attracting Riot Game’s attention to name an item after him in the form of a Top Hat. Unfortunately, he only partially got his wish.

3. Lissandra Gives A Secret Monologue in the Howling Abyss

Everybody loves to Play ARAM, but nobody ever stays for a hidden endgame credit that secretly plays when you stay at the victory screen for 30 seconds. That’s right, when you wait 30 seconds after winning on the Howling Abyss, Lissandra will begin a monologue. The monologue lasts approximately 1 minute and 40 seconds. It’s a great way to enjoy the vast lore surrounding the world of Runeterra and discover new League of Legends facts.

Lissandra fanart standing on top of an ice road
Patience is rewarding


Lissandra’s monologue retells the story of how The Three Sisters built the fortress in the Howling Abyss as offerings for the Watchers who gave them their powers. Avarosa eventually betrayed her sisters and started a rebellion to win the icoborne’s freedom. Her rebellion drove the watchers to the edge of the fortress where they all fell into the abyss, where their howls could be heard until now. Lissandra killed Avarosa but reincarnated in the form of Ashe.


4. Warwick Ate Urf

One of the darkest stories in League of Legends lore revolves around Warwicks’ skin – Urfwick. The lore says that Urf was happily swimming along the waters of Summoner’s Rift, when a blood hunter killed him. The records state that Urf’s screams could be heard throughout the rift and after the killer was done with him, only the skin was left. If that wasn’t bad enough, the killer stole the skin too and adorned it upon himself. Oh. And did we mention that these events happened on URF DAY.

Warwick wearing Urf's skin
That’s just messed up

League of Legends fans who are familiar with Urf know that he has one of the most wholesome stories in the game. A humble manatee with the heart of a warrior but not the body of one nor the weapon to help him do so. He wanted to join the champions of Summoner’s Rift. He adores Jax so much that he would wield the Spatula and Fish as his primary weapons, both symbolizing his passion and the traits of his people.

5. Louis Vuitton is an Official League of Legends Partner

Probably not as much a secret as the others on this list but is still a pleasant surprise nonetheless. The fashion giant, Louis Vuitton, is one of the biggest partners of League of Legends. They helped design the TRUE DAMAGE skin line where they used designs from their own brand to create the costumes for the League of Legends champions featured in the video. Some very big names in the music industry also helped bring these characters alive.

Louis Vuitton trophy case at Worlds 2019
When apparel meets video games

Another League of Legends fact in the competitive scene is that Louis Vuitton also created the trophy case for Worlds 2019. The event became one of the most extravagant esports events in history with all of the big-name sponsors and advanced VFX show. People that watched Worlds 2019 know that the event basically flexed Riot Games budget. There’s no news if Louis Vuitton will make a comeback as a major partner in future years but you can still enjoy their products by buying the True Damage skins.

6. A Lot of Champions Are Related!

It turns out, being a Legend has a high chance of running in the family. There are 7 sets of champions that are related to each. Most of these champions are common knowledge but a lot of the others have come to light later on in the lore. Some of these family relations will absolutely blow your mind. Makes for a great League of Legends fact.

Draven and Darius fighting side by side as brothers
Brothers by blood!


  • Ornn, Anivia, & Volibear
  • Nasus & Renekton
  • Kayle & Morgana
  • Darius & Draven
  • Garen & Lux
  • Cassiopeia & Katarina
  • Yasuo & Yone


  • Kassadin & Kai’sa (Father & Daughter)
  • Azir & Sivir (Descendants)
  • Ashe, Sejuani, & Lissandra (Reincarnation of the Three Sisters)
  • Viego & Kalista (Relatives)

7. Skarner’s People Are Used As Fuel In Runeterra

The brackern are a mystical species in Runeterra found in the deserts of Shurima. Their essence is poured into the crystals that make up their bodies and emit powerful energy. Unfortunately, during their hidden slumber, the scientific world of Runeterra stumbled upon them and used their life-essence to fuel a large percentage of the world. Inventions that used the Brackern crystals as fuel are called Hextech.

Skarner's Default skin
Skarner-powered electronics

This disturbing piece of information means that a fraction of Runeterra is being powered purely by a slumbering race. Skarner forcibly woke himself up from his slumber to retrieve some of the stolen brackern crystals and make sure that no one would be able to find where the rest of his species hide. A bonus League of Legends fact surrounding this is that Seraphine is depicted as a person who is able to hear the songs of the Brackern inside their crystals and uses it to fuel her songs with emotion.

8. Singed Was The First Champion Design

Singed was revealed to be the very first champion to be designed. He is part of the original six champions designed in the game which includes Annie, Lee Sin, Sion, Sivir, and Twisted Fate. His name is an anagram for the word design which is a perfect description for his history as one of the very first in the game. You can say that Singed is the OG League of Legends champion and has the oldest game designs since he hasn’t received any major rework.

Old concept art for Singed on Season 1
Who else is feeling old?

Another League of Legends fact about Singed is that in the game, he holds his shield with his left hand on the splash art despite holding the shield on his right hand in his game model. Riot Games tried to develop champion designs that were as far away from concepts from DoTA champions as possible in order to create a fresh start instead of revamping something that already exists. Even though this was the case for a majority of the champions, there are some concepts that are very similar to DoTA characters we know today.

9. There’s a Skin Line Dedicated To Internet Browsers

Explorer Ezreal, Foxfire Ahri, Chrome Rammus, and Safari Caitlyn. These 4 skins are part of the Web Browser skin line which isn’t an official cosmetic line in the Riot Games store but it sure isn’t a mere coincidence either. Foxfire Ahri is the only skin among the four that doesn’t directly take on the name of the web browser it’s representing. Time to check out those skins and add them to your collection based on this League of Legends fact.

Ezreal wearing an explorer outfit
Clever trick Riot Games!

League of Legends has featured several skin lines before but most of them have been clear about the theme. In addition, some of the skins have their own lore which comes in the form of a promotional vid, gameplay segment, or is added to the official League of Legends lore segment. But it’s no secret that Riot Games likes to sneak a few Easter eggs in the game for dedicated players to find. Do you know any other secret skin lines that Riot Games may have sneaked?

10. Jhin Swiped Across A Digital Keyboard Creates The Number 4 Figure

On a digital keyboard using your phone, you can spell the name JHIN by swiping the number 4. The champion has become a living meme because of how obsessed Jhin has become with the number 4, whether it’s on his lore or with gameplay mechanics such as skills and abilities. Mr. Number 4 is considered as one of the best designed champions in the league, and with details like this that simply blow your mind through the roof, it’s no wonder why.

A digital keyboard swiping to spell Jhin forming a number 4

Players that want to know more about the context regarding why Jhin loves the number 4 so much is because the Runeterra lore depicts him as a person with OCD. Every action he does needs to be done at least 4 times. Jhin’s OCD also makes him want to do things perfectly and beautifully. Everything about him references the number 4, from his abilities, jokes, taunts, and even his gun is designed to hold 4 bullets.

11. Ivan, The Mad Bomber

Before League of Legends became had such a huge universe where everything connects, Summoner’s Rift was simple. Champion designs weren’t thought out for the sake of adding to a logical story. One example of this is the creation of Ivan, The Mad Bomber. Ivan’s character would later be changed to Ziggs, who had a similar concept to the original character but blended more seamlessly to the Runeterra universe without it feeling too meta.

Old concept sketch for Ivan, The Mad Bomber | League of Legends facts
Way too close to home

After all, the concept of Ivan, The Mad Bomber implicates something too close to what we have on Earth. Perhaps, Riot Games wanted to prevent creating a stereotypical character that might upset certain communities. There are no regrets though, because Ziggs has become one of the most beloved crazy yordle characters in Runeterra today. But it makes you think how Ivan would have fit in on the Runeterra lore so that it makes sense.

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