Top 11 Deadliest League of Legends Assassins

The most hateful League of Legends class is definitely the Assassin class. Players that like to play mages, marksmen, or other non-tanky champions hate seeing assassins on the enemy team. A completely fed assassin will be the bane of your team’s existence, removing all hope for a fair fight and making the entire map unsafe to move around. Let’s take a look at the deadliest League of Legends assassins that make the game absolutely unplayable at the hands of a master.

Deadliest League of Legends Assassins

When it comes to the deadliest League of Legends assassins, we can’t really fairly rank them according to how strong they are when they are fed or Level 18 since all of them have the same potential when ahead of the competition. Instead, we’ll be looking at the deadliness of these champions throughout the entirety of the game and how much of an impact they make in terms of assassination potential, and the effects these champions have simply by existing in the game.

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Let’s take a look at League of Legends Assassins!

These are some of the champions that you should definitely be looking at if you want to start playing League of Legends. Some of these champs also come when you Buy League of Legends accounts from LolFinity so you should check out the store for promos. Without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the deadliest League of Legends assassins in the game.

11. Pyke

Pyke is the only League of Legends assassin that’s also a support at the same time. This champion, unlike most of the other assassins, doesn’t have an incredible burst potential or solo kill threat whether he’s ahead or behind. As a support, Pyke’s primary role is to provide openings for his teammates to secure kills by dragging them with Boneskewer or stun multiple targets with Phantom Undertow. This assassin never works alone and prefers to use his partners’ strengths instead of his own.

Pyke striking down an enemy on the floor
Bloodharbor Ripper

Even though Pyke doesn’t have the individual kill pressure that most of the other champions do, he is still as deadly. He is a lurker that can catch any enemy out of position and give his allies the perfect target to take down. Pyke doesn’t use his own power to kill the opponents but that doesn’t mean that he’s not as deadly as the other League of Legends assassins.

10. Kassadin

Kassadin is the ticking time-bombs of assassins. He is a relatively weak early-mid game because of the terrible costs of his abilities before he hits level 16 and builds enough mana items to compensate for the quick draining of his resource bar. At Level 16, Kassadin’s win rate at the hands of a fairly decent player shoots up to about 80% with the enemy team being afraid of consecutive rift walks devastating the fields of battle and picking off enemies one by one.

Kassadin wearing a vampire's outfit
The Voidwalker

At Level 16, Kassadin is undoubtedly the ultimate and strongest assassin whether he’s behind or ahead of the other enemies. Unfortunately, the fact that he has to wait until Level 16 means that he’s not as deadly throughout the majority of the game. In this meta, reaching the late game isn’t an advisable strategy. An assassin that can’t assassinate in the early stages of the game only gives the enemy team the advantage by giving them about 25-35 minutes before Kassadin comes online.

9. Shaco

For people with coulrophobia (fear of clowns) Shaco might not only be the deadliest League of Legends assassin but also the scariest one to play against in the game. Shaco is a champion that makes people want to chase him down but at the same time be cautious about where to move. His kit mostly relies on deceiving enemies and tricking them into doing things that they’ll regret immediately. This champion is a popular pick amongst one-trick enthusiasts like ChaseShaco and Pink Ward.

Shaco delving into dark magic - League of Legends assassins
The Demon Jester

Shaco is a huge noob-killer. This means that this champion is most effective against players that are unfamiliar with how he works or how to play against him. Veteran players who know how his abilities work and know how Shaco players think won’t be easily fooled about heading into an obvious trap. This causes his overall deadliness to fall significantly but not so much that he becomes completely useless.

8. Rengar

One of the scariest things in League of Legends is face-checking a brush as a squishy champion. The level of fear that players have about brushes increases 10x when the enemy team has a Rengar because of their ability to pounce at you and instantly pop you with a full burst. Rengar becomes even more fearsome when the map turns either into an Ocean Rift or Cloud Rift because of increased kill pressure and movement speed that allows him to travel from one place to another with relative ease.

A mecha version of Rengar
The Pridestalker

Rengar during the early game is extremely dependent on enemies blindly running into the brush. During the mid and late game, Rengar doesn’t rely too much on the brush because of the low cooldown on Thrill of the Hunt. Activating this ability causes the enemy team to become extremely paranoid and break position just to clump together in hopes of a return kill. As an assassin, Rengar is extremely efficient and can easily take down any isolated champion by himself.

7. Kha’zix

Next up on our deadliest League of Legends assassins list, we have Rengar’s mortal enemy – Kha’zix. This champion’s mere presence strikes fear onto the enemy team and makes them think twice about moving around the map without a partner. Kha’zix’s ability to take down isolated enemies by themselves makes him a terror on the rift and a pain to deal with especially if your main source of damage is squishy as hell. Trying to take or re-take vision is a life-or-death risk all the time and you’ll never know what to expect.

A mecha version of Kha'zix
The Voidreaver

Kha’zix isn’t only deadly, he’s also extremely slippery. The Voidreaver has a similar ability with Tristana in which he can jump to and away from battle, resetting every time he gets a kill. For an assassin, as long as he can access the squishiest member of the team, he can easily go in and out of the battle so that he will survive for another skirmish. Once your most important member dies, it’s only a matter of time until Kha’zix can confidently jump into the battle again after resetting all of his cooldowns.

6. Evelynn

Evelynn is probably the trickiest assassin to play against in the game because of her consistent stealth. The fact that she walks around the map stealthed finally adds a bit of common sense into your teammates that forces them to buy and place Vision Wards in strategic places, otherwise they will have to live in fear knowing that a Evelynn can take you down anytime. Because of her passive stealth, she can walk into the enemy backline and instantly kill the most important member of the team.

Evelynn staring at her pray under the Blood Moon - League of Legends Assassins
Agony’s Embrace

Evelynn is mostly countered by vision wards and sweeping lens but that doesn’t take too much away from her overall deadliness. Besides, she basically reveals that she’s in the area after activating Allure. As an assassin, she can easily fulfill her duty of taking down the most prized enemy away from the fight or at least disrupt their formation by threatening to engage on their primary carry.

5. Nocturne

Nocturne is one of the more consistent assassin picks and one that can really assassinate anyone they wish. This champion prevents the enemy team from making coordinated plays and basically goes hard on the most important enemy member. Because of his spell shield and bonus movement speed, he can easily survive a dive onto 5 members even if they rain down their CC on him. The powerful global ultimate ability makes sure that his teammates are never heading into a fight alone.

Nocturne surrounded by reddish aura
The Eternal Nightmare

Nocturne’s strength as an assassin relies heavily on being able to get on top of the target. Unlike most of the other assassins on this list, Nocturne’s main method of getting on top of a heavily protected enemy is his ultimate which has a very long cooldown. This champion can’t walk towards the enemy team because he can get kited by the enemy carries. Other than the length between dives, Nocturne is definitely one of the stronger League of Legends assassins in the game.

4. Katarina

Katarina is possibly the strongest teamfight assassin in the game with Death Lotus being one of the deadliest ultimate abilities in the game. Katarina is a strong League of Legends assassin that can jump around the battlefield and deal AoE damage on the enemy team. She is also pretty efficient at taking enemies one-on-one. The deadliest part about Katarina is that she is unafraid of jumping into the middle of the enemy team since she has a lot of contingencies.

Katarina throwing out blood-red blades at the enemies
The Sinister Blade

Katarina has one gigantic weakness that makes her fall a few ranks below 1st place. Death Lotus is interruptable by abilities that contain CC. This means that it can possibly be negated almost immediately if the team is expecting it to happen. Once that happens, Katarina loses a lot of what makes her deadly in teamfights and can only jump around the battlefield avoiding the enemy. If the enemy team has slow reaction times or doesn’t have a lot of CC abilities, she will become an unstoppable force in teamfights.

3. Zed

Zed is probably the most recognizable League of Legends assassin in the game and is the most used in non-professional play. He is a popular pick in lower ELOs because of his ability to easily take down enemies that don’t armor stack. Regardless of the fact that he falls off pretty quickly, he can still provide enough kill pressure in any situation even if he falls behind, being able to move around the battlefield and poke enemies from a distance.

A semi-metallic Zed with his back turned
The Master of Shadows

The deadliest thing about Zed is the fact that he can instantly burst down enemies and come back for them in case the initial combo fails. Zed’s biggest counter is a stopwatch or other stasis items. One of the scariest experiences you can have in League of Legends is having a Zed Naruto-running at you using Youmuu’s Ghostblade while you try desperately to escape.

2. Akali

Akali is one of the more consistent assassins in the game and can survive longer than most of the competition thanks to her Twilight Shroud. As an assassin, Akali can run into a fight and escape just as easily or stay around the middle of the fight jumping in and out of her shroud while through kunais at the enemy team. Akali is strongest when the team manages to take the enemies really low, giving her the perfect opportunity to start the culling with her Perfect Execution.

Akali wearing a blood-red kimono | League of Legends Assassins
The Rogue Assassin

Unlike the other League of Legends assassins, Akali has a lot of contingencies in case her initial burst fails to take down the enemy. She can survive longer in a fight and make the enemies run around inside her shroud trying to take her down. An assassin that can’t be counter-killed easily is an extreme threat in the battle and will force enemies to run away, assuming they can dodge her Shuriken Flip that will just cause her to jump back into their arms.

1. Talon

Talon is dubbed the First-blood King of champions because of his strong early game capabilities. Talon is the epitome of what it means to be an assassin and definitely looks the part too, drawing inspiration from some of the more popular characters in the Assassin’s Creed series. There is no doubt that Talon is the deadliest League of Legends assassin since he works well no matter which phase it is in the game.

Talon wearing a blood-stained mask - League of Legends assassins
The Blade’s Shadow

The scariest part about Talon is that he is not inhibited by the terrain that would otherwise mean life-or-death for players. He can simply run around the map without a care and escape or jump onto an enemy player to assassinate them quickly. He also has strong teamfight presence since he can deal a lot of damage to multiple enemies whilst focusing down the most important target thanks to both Rake and Shadow Assault.

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