The Top 5 Best Junglers in League of Legends Esports History

Junglers are probably the players that are held to an extremely high standard in League of Legends esports. The role has a lot of responsibilities and is often what the spectators keep a close eye on because it sees the most action in terms of ganking and objective control. With such a prestigious role, we’ll be taking a moment to appreciate the top 5 best junglers in LoL esports history to see how they’ve affected the scene.

The Top 5 Best Junglers in LoL Esports

The best Junglers in esports history have been central to their team’s success in the time that they were part of the organization. It’s no secret that South Korea’s LCK has produced the best junglers in League of Legends and you wouldn’t be surprised if they made up the majority of the list. If this was a top 15 list, we might see some of our favorite Western players but for now, the Asian Domination is present when we talk about the greatest players for this lane.

When talking about the best junglers in League of Legends’ history, we have to take a look at their peak performance and how they contributed to the success of their team. There are only a few junglers that won the World Championships and Mid-Season Invitations but even among those names, there are many who can’t make it on this list. Instead of looking at stats and achievements, let’s take a look at the most impactful junglers and their peak performances throughout their career.

5. inSec

inSec is a player that all hardcore League of Legends fans know about. This man invented an entire technique on how to play a specific jungle champion and his contribution to the game is something that will never disappear no matter how long the game lasts. He is etched in the history of League of Legends esports as a jungle that practically reinvented how the role is played and set a new standard that all modern junglers follow today.

inSec old photo - Best Junglers LoL
Grandfather of Lee Sin plays!

The only argument for inSec’s spot in the top 5 junglers of all time is that he played in an era where the competitiveness of League of Legends isn’t remotely close to the tournaments we had since the 2015 era. Another issue is that he hasn’t won any of Riot Games’ major tournaments during his time playing the game. Regardless, inSec is the man who changed jungling for professional League of Legends and definitely deserves a top 5 spot at least.

4. Clearlove

Clearlove (Clearlove7) is the most prominent jungler in the Chinese League of Legends community and is considered one of the greatest players to ever compete in the region overall. Despite the era of Korean Dominance pre-2018, his team is the only organization that managed to steal away a win from the LCK in a major Riot Games tournament (MSI 2015). As a jungler, he isn’t attributed to reinventing the game but he is the best that the LPL has to offer before names like Kanavi and Karsa entered the region.

Clearlove7 looking at his screen disappointingly - Best Junglers LoL
The villain turned hero!

This brought prominence to the LPL and became the man that the world remembered when talking about the region alongside Uzi. He has always been associated with Edward Gaming and there are very few teams where the player most remembered in their roster is a jungler. In his prime, he managed to outperform his competitors consistently but the rise of low-activity junglers made him dip out of the spotlight for a long time.

3. Ambition

Ambition is a man who’s hard to forget especially since Riot Games dedicated an entire music video about his World Championship run. This player has an amazing career, beginning as a mid laner who considered Faker his rival but eventually made the switch to jungling where he finally achieved his goal of dethroning The Unkillable Demon King. Let’s face it, how can he not be in the top 3 if he’s one of the people who are responsible for making Faker cry on stage?

Ambition staring at his screen - Best Junglers LoL

Role-swapped players don’t get a lot of support from the community but when they manage to win, you can expect their achievements to be echoed a thousand times. He isn’t just a sensationalized jungler with a cool backstory and banger music video, he’s a player that really showed a masterful performance in the jungler role. His peak performance would make any jungler tremble in fear as they know they wouldn’t stand a chance against him.

2. Bengi

Bengi is the most decorated League of Legends jungler and Is often attributed as the best jungler in LoL esports history in most articles similar to this. Being only one of three people to win three World Championship titles, he is practically a legend in this role. His main issue is that all of the success that SKT T1 (now T1) is attributed to the face of the team which is Faker. He has always lived in Faker’s shadow and even earned the title of “Right Hand of God”, which depicts him as a mere sidekick.

Bengi playing League of Legends intently - Best Junglers LoL
The Right Hand of God

It’s hard to say how much Bengi contributed to the success of SKT in their prime, especially now that Faker has managed to retain his dominance in esports despite all of the roster changes throughout the years. Regardless, Bengi has always performed consistently and found ways to set his team up for success which is everything that a professional esports team wants for their jungle player.

1. Canyon

If we’re talking about the greatest jungler in League of Legends history, we’ll argue that Canyon is at the top of the list by a huge margin. He has the achievements to support his claim to the throne but the clincher is the fact that most analysts and esports historians agree that Canyon is the man who has shown the highest skill-based performance out of all the jungles in League of Legends history, not just in his peak but throughout his entire career.

Canyon flexing his team jacket - Best Junglers LoL
It’s a jungle canyon!

This man is a force to be reckoned with and consistently outjungles every other player he comes across. Damwon Gaming has a reputation for being the most aggressive Korean team ever created with Canyon being the man who leads the charge. No matter what champion Canyon plays in this role, he managed to be the biggest contributing factor on his team despite fans and analysts putting more of the spotlight on his teammates.

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