The Top 5 Best LoL Champions to Buy As a Beginner

The biggest problem that beginners in League of Legends have is unlocking all champions in the game. With so little resources when starting out, it’s hard to manage all of them to get all 160+ champions at the beginning of the game. Instead, why not unlock the essential champions first before moving on to the next. Here are the top 5 best LoL champions to buy as a beginner who has very little blue essence to spend.

The 5 Best LoL Champions to Buy

We’re not going to talk about the strongest champions on a budget or the cheapest choices in the game, we’ll be discussing characters that offer a high value-per-blue-essence ratio in terms of how well they will serve the player by being a permanent addition to their roster. With that being the case, there are many factors that come into play when choosing the best LoL champions to buy if you are just a beginner looking to learn how to play the game.

The most important factor is choosing fun and engaging champions that players won’t get tired of when playing the game. These champions also need to be versatile; that they can go on multiple lanes so that players can still use them even if they get auto-filled into a different position. Finally, they need to be relevant for the long term so that they don’t instantly get obsolete when the patch changes, the player ranks up, or they don’t play regularly. Now let’s take a look at the best LoL champions to buy!

5. Vi

Vi is a sweet deal in terms of value for money because this is where beginner junglers level up from being Master Yi and Warwick two-tricks to intermediate players on the role. The best jungle champions often have high skill mechanics and are hard to control at a beginner level, but Vi is very easy to use since players only need to aim and click for most of her skills. She is primarily played in the jungle, but she also works surprisingly well as a top lane champion.

Vi as a futuristic soldier - best LoL champions to buy
The mark of success!

The Piltover Enforcer is a very powerful pick because she has a lot of lockdown CC abilities that can heavily punish the enemy team if they are caught out of position. It’s extremely fun to chain her abilities and players get to learn the importance of auto-attack resetting using this champion. She is very easy to maneuver around the jungle and players don’t have to worry about healing abilities that they mostly relied on when they began playing basic jungler champs.

4. Brand

Many new players don’t really like playing the support role because it’s not as flashy as the other roles that’s why we’re recommending Brand. Brand is a champion that can play in the support role and mid lane with good results in both lanes once the player gets the hang of his basic combos. This champion is a ton of fun to play with the enemy bot lane duo almost always having a bad time whenever he’s around.

Brand covered in purple flames - best LoL champions to buy
Don’t like playing support? Here’s your answer!

In the beginner ranks of League of Legends, not many players understand how to counter Brand and that adds to his strength as a champion. Players will basically just farm wins since it’s very easy to get a lead with this champion and snowball it to victory. However, you may run into a lot of AD Carry players who are not a fan of their support taking the kills. Just ignore these kinds of people because there are many ways to play the role even if they say that support champions “shouldn’t take the kill.”

3. Nautilus

If you’re not the type of person who likes to play support and are not keen on being the flashy champion on the team, Nautilus is one of the best LoL champions to buy for the role. This champion is absolutely a joy to play and he has stayed relevant through the years in League of Legends because he’s one of the only tank supports that isn’t mechanically challenging while also being really engaging to use.

Nautilus covered in red armor plates - best LoL champions to buy
Tank supports don’t have to be boring!

Nautilus is a tank support meaning you’ll be in charge with both protecting your allies and using your hook ability to catch out enemies. There’s nothing more fun than playing a hook champion in League of Legends, but a lot of the other units that have this mechanic are either too hard to play or are outdated in terms of design. Nautilus is the best example and you should definitely have him in your roster.

2. Wukong

Wukong is a very powerful champion and is one of the most enjoyable ones to play. He can be played in the top lane and, occasionally, in the jungle as well. He is one of the most powerful teamfighting champions in the game, but he is also a very strong duelist champion as well. The laning phase is where this champion shines because he can easily take down enemies or simply play with them like a true trickster.

Wukong as a denizen of the underworld - best LoL champions to buy
The trickster!

The champion has been strong for many seasons, especially after his rework that allowed him to truly become a strong character to play. He is powerful in every ELO and is one of those champions that you’ll never get bored no matter how many times he is used. Beginners will also learn some advanced mechanics when playing this champion such as flanking, wall-jumping, and proper teamfighting.

1. Vayne

Vayne is the obvious and most popular pick among all the best LoL champions to buy for beginners. She is a top choice in the AD Carry and Top Lane positions and can also function very well in the mid lane in certain situations. She is very fun to play and isn’t difficult to use as a beginner so players will enjoy using her until the middle to higher ELOs in the game.

Vayne in the spirit realm - best LoL champions to buy
Everyone’s favorite marksman!

While a lot of players don’t exactly approve of Vayne top lane players, it’s no secret that she can be an oppressive pick that can really dominate the laning phase. Regardless of the meta, she’s always strong and fun to play so you’ll get the most value out of your money once you buy her.

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