The Top 5 Best Moments in the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage

The Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage has concluded with some interesting events transpiring through the weeks. There were unexpected results that led to some of the most memorable moments in the tournament with memes and dreams being born from them. Let’s take a look at some of the best moments that happened during the Swiss Stage and how this will make a lasting impact on the League of Legends community as a whole.

The Best Moments in the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage

The Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage was filled with a lot of exciting moments. The quality of games has definitely improved thanks to the new format that Riot Games introduced. There weren’t a lot of plays that stuck out since teams played by the book and tried to outplay each other using team-based strategies rather than trying to showcase individual skills to create impressive career highlights that would definitely make the event more memorable.

Lucky for the viewers, the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage did not disappoint in delivering one of the most exciting tournaments that League of Legends has ever seen. There were a lot of funny and exciting moments that we’ll definitely remember in the years to come. Let’s take a look at some of the best moments in the League of Legends World Championships main event. Let us know which ones are your favorites!

The Merciless Draw-Guy!

There was one person who stood out throughout the entire Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage and that is The Merciless Draw-guy! This person was in charge of drawing each team into their respective matchup and we could say that the tournament definitely became more frustrating because of him. After all, he was notorious for matching teams with opponents from their home region, resulting in a lot of regional eliminations early.

The merciless Draw show guy at the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage
This guy!

The person would be invited back the next day to draw again and it was as though he was cursed to rig the matchups by having teams face off against squads from the same region. The third day became somewhat better with fewer regional matchups but it was noticeable how he would always pit NA against EU. This led to a lot of drama within the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage since the west and east had a lot of matchups that would give each other something to fight about.

KT Rolster Goes Through Hell

The Draw-guy’s biggest victim during the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage was undoubtedly KT Rolster. Even though KT Rolster managed to make it all the way to the Quarterfinals, their path toward their Top 8 standing wasn’t easy. Unlike most of the eastern teams who managed to face off against at least one Western team, KT Rolster had to play a full gauntlet against the LPL and LCK, playing 5 matches against teams from either region.

KT Rolster qualify at the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage
Talk about a gauntlet!

During the entirety of the Swiss Stage, KT Rolster had to play against Damwon Kia twice as well as the three LPL representatives in BLG, LNG, and Weibo Gaming. They only managed to win against Damwon Kia twice and once against the LPL 4th seed in Weibo Gaming. They definitely had a lot of close games against these teams but a final showdown against Damwon Kia would finally secure their place. Unfortunately, they’d go on to face against JD Gaming and finally lose 3-1.

Adam Showcases GODS

The player that had everybody talking during the entirety of Worlds was undoubtedly Adam from Team BDS. Even though they got eliminated early with a 0-3 exit from the tournament, there were a lot of fans around the world who loved watching Adam play. This is because of his extremely unique champion pool that would make fans love his style and confidence, making the tournament more enjoyable as a whole.

Adam showcasing his champion pool at the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage

The Worlds song was titled GODS, which fans quickly pointed out was a great acronym for Adam’s main champion pool – Garen, Olaf, Darius, and Sett. Adam loved playing hyper-carry juggernauts which gave fans a lot to look forward to whenever he played because they wanted to see him complete the lineup. Fortunately, Adam would play all 4 champions during the entirety of the Play-In stage all the way to the Swiss Stage.

Caedrel Gets Exposed

Caedrel is one of the most popular League of Legends co-streamers out there gathering tens of thousands of views. He is also a former LEC player and caster that has garnered so much popularity in Europe. However, he is also known as one of the biggest fans of Weibo Gaming from the LPL. That’s why his loyalty to his home region had to be tested when Weibo Gaming (LPL) and G2 Esports (LEC) had to play against each other.

Caedrel gets exposed as a double agent at the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage
Who’s the true RAT?

Caedrel would co-stream the match claiming to fully support G2 Esports and the LEC by wearing a G2 jersey. Unfortunately, his disloyalty to the LEC would be exposed when his favorite team started getting the lead in their match. He would remove his G2 jersey to show that he was wearing a Weibo jersey underneath. Sadly, G2 Esports would win the match, making him the laughingstock of the LEC community for being a total rat.

G2 Esports Loses to North America!

G2 Esports has always been considered the best team in the Western League of Legends competitive community. They are always one of the best teams at Worlds and are known to be on the same level as most of the Eastern competitors. That’s why it was a complete surprise when NRG, who is a North American team, managed to defeat G2 Esports convincingly in a best-of-three series, winning 2-0 with both games being complete stomps.

NRG Dhokla and Contractz pose at the Worlds 2023 Swiss Stage
NA > EU ?

Many people say that G2 Esports is significantly weaker this year after losing some of their key members. That is simply not the case since we saw G2 Esports defeat both Damwon Kia and Weibo Gaming in the Swiss Stage. While the team isn’t exactly weak, NRG definitely showed up and was undoubtedly the better team during their series. North American fans will surely consider this an unforgettable moment as fans of the LCS.

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