The Top 5 Champions with the Highest Movement Speed in League of Legends

Speed is one of the most important things in League of Legends. People often wonder why some champions can’t outrun or catch another champion despite having the same movement items. The answer lies in a champion’s base movement speed. Today, we’ll be taking a look at the champions with the highest movement speeds in League of Legends without taking into account MS buffs.

Top 5 Champions with the Highest Movement Speed

The search for the highest movement speed champions in League of Legends is easy as Riot Games has already provided the base stats for all of the characters in the game. However, looking at the highest base movement speed champions isn’t that impressive as there is a huge tie in 2nd place. Instead, we’ll be showing a list of the fastest champions without any boosts from items or active abilities.

For the sake of this list, we’ll be ranking the champions who come in with the most impressive base movement speed scores. Bonus movement speed from abilities will also count only if the effects are permanent on that specific champion or form. Let’s get starting on which champions have the highest movement speed scores in League of Legends.

5. 8-Way Tie! | 350

Illaoi, Jax, Kha’zix, Nasus, Olaf, Shyvana, Trundle, and Udyr all take the 5th place on this list as the champions with the highest movement speeds in League of Legends. If not for the ability or form buffs, they’d all take the 2nd place on the list as their scores are part of their base stats without any modification. However, if we were to make this list using only that info, it wouldn’t be that interesting.

Shyvana in dark armor - Highest Movement Speed in LoL
We’re all in this together!

We have to say that we’re surprised that a lot of big muscular individuals are part of this list. You’d think that having big muscles would impair your movement since you’d have to carry a lot more weight and be less aerodynamic than some of the other champions on the list. While they’re not the biggest champions in the League of Legends universe, having a huge physique seems to help them achieve more speed in the game.

4. Max Level Mega Gnar | 355

Mega Gnar makes the next item on our list. We know it’s cheating to include levels and a different form but the MS bonus that Gnar gains when he changes form is permanent so we decided that it was okay to consider it as part of this lists. Besides, who’s to say that Mega Gnar and Gnar isn’t the same person? The point is that the champion as a whole has a higher base movement speed stat than the vast majority of the champion roster.

Mega Gnar crushing a boulder - Highest Movement Speed in LoL
Growing strong and fast!

Mega Gnar starts the game with significantly lower movement speed than even mini gnar. However, the game progresses towards having this form gaining more MS. Despite having an equal tie of base movement speed with three other champions, we put Mega Gnar in 4th place because of the shorter duration his form. It also doesn’t help that he technically can’t control when he can go mega which still makes him one of the funniest champions to play.

3. Spider Form Elise | 355

Spider form Elise takes the third spot on our list with another score of 355 movement speed. Unlike Mega Gnar, Elise technically has a 355 base movement speed score at the start of the game since she can transform as soon as the game begins. Since Spider Form Elise’s movement speed is its base movement speed when the game begins, it’s definitely a competitor for having one of the highest movement speeds in League of Legends.

Elise in her spider form trapping prey - Highest Movement Speed in LoL
8-Legs make you faster!

As one of the champions with the highest base MS stat, she is able to quickly go from camp to camp and initiate ganks with ease during the early stages of the game. While base form Elise still provides a lot of utility, it is truly her spider form that makes her the star of the jungle. This champion has been forgotten for quite a while due to the massive shift in the meta but she’s gaining a lot of popularity once more on Summoner’s Rift.

2. Master Yi | 355

Master Yi technically wins the prize as the champion with the highest base movement speed stat at the start of the game and without any added buffs. He starts the game with a score of 355 without relying on alternate forms or scaling upgrades like the other champions on the list. He is the only champion in this category which makes him the true speed king of Summoner’s Rift. The only thing keeping him from taking the number 1 spot is a champion with a ridiculous ability.

Master Yi using hyperspeed - Highest Movement Speed in LoL
Naturally gifted!

Master Yi is known as one of the fastest champions on the rift when his ultimate is active but very few people know that he’s actually faster than most champions even without using that ability. It makes it extremely easy for him to clear his camps, giving him the advantage of being one of the easiest champions to play for beginners.

1. Level 18 Cassiopeia | 400

Easily taking the top spot of the list by a huge margin is Level 18 Cassiopeia. Her passive ability prevents her from purchasing or acquiring any Boots item from the shop or runes so she doesn’t have the same advantage that most champions have in terms of having early mobility. Instead, she gains permanent movement speed every time she levels up so she eventually reaches 400 MS without actually taking an item slot in her inventory.

Cassiopeia in a darker setting - Highest Movement Speed in LoL
No legs? No problem!

People would always make that lame joke about how Cassiopeia “still hasn’t purchased boots after X minutes” so you must be perfectly aware of this ability. It may be considered cheating that we’re placing her at the top spot despite her MS score coming from an ability. However, it is still her base movement speed without counting any items so we believe that she has rightfully earned her spot at the top even if it meant that she had to slither through the ranks a bit.

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