Top 5 Best Split Pushers in LoL

The split push is one of the most important tactics in League of Legends. It allows your team to make cross-map plays and force the enemy team to make certain decisions that will benefit your team. When playing split push compositions, unorganized teams often fall prey to the impossible choice of answering the lane, or dealing with the objective pressure your team is threatening on the other side of the map. For that to be successful, here are some of the best split pushers in League of Legends to help you win.

Tryndamere looking like a mongol warrior
Looking for the best split pusher in LoL?

Split Push Champions

Split pushing isn’t a champion-specific endeavor but certain champions are better at doing it than others. When it comes to split pushing, the faster the champion is able to do it, the better the chances they can steal the game away from the enemy team. Aside from that, there are other things that players need to keep in mind when trying to attempt a solo split push lane so that their push advantage doesn’t turn out into a free kill for the opponent. Here are some functions that a champion needs to have to be an efficient split-pusher:

SKT vs RNG Highlights Worlds 2019 Main Event Group Stage SK Telecom T1 vs Royal Never Give Up by Oni
SKT’s Split Push Victory against Royal Never Give Up
  • Mobility
  • Attack Speed
  • Empowered Auto Attacks
  • Global Presence
  • Skills & Abilities for Sieging
  • Excellent Wave Clear

These functions create the ultimate scenario for a champion to create pressure around the map but prevent them from being solo killed in the lane. Having these advantages allow your champion to have more freedom in solo pushing the lane while having a safe escape plan when facing danger. To understand which champion work best in split-pushing scenarios, here is our best split pushers in LoL tier list:

Best Split Pushers in LoL

5. Twisted Fate

Twisted Fate is one of the champions that have an extremely powerful global presence. When Twised Fate has both Teleport and his ultimate up, he can basically go anywhere he wants on the map. His ultimate also allows him to check if enemies are trying to approach him when he’s trying to split push so he knows when he’ll need to retreat. Having a lot of wave clear and even CC in his kit allows him to challenge defenders in the lane.

Twisted Fate in the underworld waiting for the next victim best split pushers in LoL
What destiny does your turrets have?

The biggest weakness of Twisted Fate as a split pusher is that he’s item reliant. Needing both Lich Bane and Rapid Fire Cannon to become a relevant auto-attacker that deals a ton of damage to structures. This iteration of Twisted Fate is also only useful when he’s behind or significantly ahead since he might want to build towards teamfighting more rather than trying to build for split push.

4. Camille

Camille is an excellent all-around top lane champion that can be a terror when split pushing. Her ability to deal True Damage to structures and reset her basic attacks allows her to take down turrets in a short amount of time. Her Hookshot / Wall Dive ability also becomes an excellent escape tool but when threatened by an enemy defender, she can turn into a deadly duelist that enemies can’t fight 1 on 1.

Invictus Gaming's WOrld Championship Camille Skin
Perfection in destroying turrets

Camille is also really item reliant in a sense that she needs to have both Tiamat and Sheen to be one of the best split pushers in the game. This is relatively cheap and thus has a faster activation time than that of Twisted Fate. Since Camille likes to go Grasp of the Undying, you can essentially add in Demolisher to make her an even more annoying force of nature. Her only weakness is that Camille’s generally go strong-side, which is why teams usually want her in a teamfight rather than pushing in a a lane.

3. Master Yi

You knew Master Yi was going to make the list. Master Yi is an annoying champion when left alone in the side lanes because of his incredible fast wave clear and attack speed. His ultimate and E ability make him an incredible fast split pusher and can take down turrets every time they are on cooldown. He is also incredible slippery and can be deadly on 1v1 or even 2v1 situations because of his kit.

Master Yi wearing an assassin's outfit
To make quick work of your towers

Master Yi could be the best split pusher in the game if not for one tiny detail – he’s a jungler. As a jungler, he can’t afford the risk of being picked off in the side lane where either the dragon or Baron are close-by. He’ll also need to constantly tend to his jungle or be pushed to counter-jungle the enemy as to not fall too far behind against his opponent. When Master Yi tends to focus more on the side lane, it’s easy for the enemy team to take crossmap objectives.

2. Jayce

Jayce is one of the fastest sieging champions in the game. He can take down a tower in a short duration and since he usually has the ranged advantage over in the lane, he always secures first tower by harassing his enemy laner into the tower. With both an excellent wave clear option and a kit that allows him to take down towers fast, he’s one of the more optimal champions when it comes to taking down towers in the side lane without trouble.

An alternate version of Jayce where he joins the resistance
Hammering those structures down

Unlike other champions in this list, there’s no specific item that Jayce needs in order to hit some sort of powerspike when trying to go for split push. As long as he builds a lot of Attack Damage items, he can start being a terror in the side lanes. He’s also really mobile but is crippled by the fact that he has no over-the-wall movement option. Nonetheless, he can easily escape threats using his E ability in both Melee and Ranged form. Unfortunately, Jayce tends to fall really far behind when he is at a disadvantage.

1. Jax

At the top of our list is Jax, the Grandmaster at Arms. His entire existence is basically a walking siege engine with how his abilities are built around dealing bonus damage to the targets he attacks. You can’t leave Jax alone even for a moment and needs to be shut down early on in the game so that he won’t snowball later into the game. Once Jax gains the advantage in the lane, he won’t just be the best split pusher in the game, he’ll also be a nightmare when trying to deal alone. Most of the time, it’ll take 2 or more champions to lock him down and take him down.

A gigantic Jax looking like a mechanical golem
Imagine if he had a real weapon

Wave clear is Jax’s only problem but is easily solved once he buys a Tiamat (if he’s dedicated to split pushing). Even with this disadvantage, it’s still easy to say that Jax is the best at what he does. A fed Jax can end the game by himself without a problem just by staying in the side lane and avoiding being jumped on by the entire enemy team. All of that while using a lamp post as his main weapon, now imagine if he had a real weapon!

Is Ziggs a good split pusher?

Ziggs is an excellent sieging champion and can destroy turrets easily but when it comes to split pushing, he’s definitely not anywhere on this list. On his own on a side lane, he becomes a sitting duck that the opponent can easily take off the board. He has no good escape tools or dueling capabilities against more mobile enemies.

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