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ESPN Esports recently announced that they will discontinue covering esports events on a daily basis. Avid followers of this esports site have found themselves lost, especially since ESPN was one of the more reliable sources of news regarding all things League of Legends. Fortunately, the Esports world is much bigger than one single website. Time to broaden your horizons by learning about the Top 5 Esports sites in terms of content, reliability, and relevance in the gaming world.

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Ranking Esports Sites

Esports sites don’t rise to the top by posting random stuff they think are good content. There are several factors that lead people to trust in esports sites for their League of Legends needs. People are generally drawn to juicy details about their favorite teams, so they need a reliable source that will give them everything there is to know about these topics. Here are some criteria that an esport site needs to have when delivering high-quality content.

  • Content Creativity
  • Accuracy & Reliability
  • Quick & Timely
  • Relevance of Content

We won’t be diving into detail about these different criteria but now that you have a general idea on what makes an esport side good, let’s dive into the Top 5 esports sites that are at the top of their game. Because we’re focusing on League of Legends and Valorant content, we’re going to be highlighting those esports sites that focus more on content regarding Riot Games titles. Here are some of those sites that you can rely on starting from number 5.

5. Liquipedia

Liquipedia isn’t just a regular wiki site for everything esports. They provide such a wide array of content that even their esports news is updated. The content they provide is extremely accurate with multiple people contributing to a single page all at once and verified first before being submitted to the readers. This website has everything you need to know about esports and more.

Liquipedia Wiki Homepage - Esports Sites
Liquidpedia Homepage

The only downside of Liquipedia is it isn’t exactly a dedicated news site so the content in the website is placed as how you would see it in a regular wiki site. This means that any additional detail, opinion about the matter, or even a sense of creativity is generally lacking. You’d also need to manually search for news instead of it appearing on the timeline to know which are the latest articles. Nonetheless, the website can offer additional details that other sites likely won’t have.

4. Korizon Esports

Korizon Esports is one of the rising names in esports news. They mostly focus on Eastern teams and players but does feature relevant western news. They also provide translated interviews that help non-Korean speakers listen to their favorite players. Korizon Esports has a heavy focus on League of Legends, so if you’re a fan of teams like T1 or Damwon Gaming, make sure to subscribe to their YouTube Channel and follow them on Twitter.

Korizon Esports League of Legends Homepage - Esports Sites
Korizon Esports Homepage

Talents such as Ashley Kang have been nominated several times as Esports Journalist of the year. It’s no surprise considering how much work they put into their interviews. Unfortunately, Korizon is still relatively small so the content they can put out is fairly limited. Western fans who have no interest in Eastern League of Legends might also want to try other sites if they want more detailed information about their regions.

3. TheScore Esports

TheScore Esports is probably one of the more prominent esports sites because of the variety of content they put out. Unlike traditional news sites, theScore focuses mostly on gossip in order to create discussion. This isn’t necessarily a bad thing since all their articles come from reliable sources but is delivered in a way that leans towards opinions more so than facts. Esports fans who like to join in on Esports gossip should definitely follow this site.

TheScore Esports League of Legends Homepage - Esports Site
TheScore Esports LoL Homepage

TheScore covers a variety of games but focus more on happenings around players, teams, and individuals rather than topics with less depth like tournament results. There’s also the rampant use of clickbait titles. Despite all of this, they do a fairly good job in covering the profiles of teams and regions in order to give its viewers all the information they’ll need. Riot Games even recognizes their work by collaborating with them for some projects.

2. Dexerto

Dexerto is another leading Esports Coverage website known for quick and reliable esports news. They provide articles on almost everything about Esports, especially on League of Legends. As a large-scale company, they’re never behind when it comes to getting the word out as soon as they can. Aside from esports news, there’s also articles regarded popular streamers and other Riot Games-related releases to keep the variety in their website.

Dexerto League of Legends Homepage - Esports Sites
Dexerto LoL Homepage

Going to the Dexerto website goes to show how much content they have being released every hour. It’s easy to navigate what kind of articles you want to see. The only downside of Dexerto is that their resources covering the Eastern esports scene is fairly limited but enough to satisfy the needs of its viewers. To cover up for this, their coverage on western League of Legends news is definitely at the top tiers of esports journalism.

1. Dot Esports

Dot Esports is the leading Esports Coverage websites and for good reason. As a large-scale company with a lot of active journalists, they are never behind when it comes to esports. They also cover news from every region and even news regarding latest League of Legends content like music videos or controversial patch releases. This is definitely one of the top esport sites for players to follow to get high-quality esports content.

Dot Esports League of Legends Homepage - Esports Sites
Dot Esports LoL Homepage

The website is also really organized. Considering that Dot Esports covers a lot of other games, you can easily find articles that are more relatable to you depending on which games you view. You can also choose to be notified on news regarding the game you select. There are also blogs and opinion articles regarding stuff outside esports like Tier Lists and guides on new stuff being released on the game.

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