Top 5 Funniest LoL Streamers of All Time

League of Legends is one of the most popular titles on Twitch and has a lot of streamers who are extremely popular among gamers today. A lot of popular Twitch streamers even started out being League of Legends streamers in the early days of their careers. Today, we will honor the people who made us laugh the most by ranking the top 5 funniest LoL streamers of all time that gave personality to the game.

The Top 5 Funniest LoL Streamers

We’ll be taking a look at the top 5 funniest LoL streamers of all time that reaches out to the general public. Unfortunately, we can’t include non-English speaking streamers on this list because it wouldn’t make sense to place someone on a list if you don’t even understand what they’re saying. There are a lot of extremely popular Spanish, Korean, and Chinese-speaking streamers but we can’t really rank them accurately if we only based it on other people’s opinions instead of our own.

That being said, there’s no way to objectively rank a streamer on how funny they are as compared to others. Instead, we’ll be ranking the funniest LoL streamers based on how funny we think they are in addition to their level of popularity among the League of Legends community. We’ll also only be including people who mostly streamed League of Legends content so you won’t find variety streamers here who occasionally streamed LoL but are still extremely funny.

5. Trick2G

Trick2G was an OG League of Legends streamers that people who played the game back in the early 2010s knew about and watched clips off in social media. He adopted a unique persona that showcased a unique character on the rift where he ran down his opponents with his signature picks in Udyr and Nasus. Back in the day, he basically invented the like-a-boss style of playing League of Legends.

Trick2G smiling - Funniest LoL Streamers

The unique thing that made his content so funny is that he would always disrespect his opponents in the game by doing dances and taunting them on all chat. People loved it when he would find unique ways to kill his opponents while humiliating them in front of the viewers. Even though he isn’t as active and popular in streaming League of Legends today, no one will forget that he was the true OG of LoL streaming.

4. BunnyFuFuu

BunnyFuFuu is another OG League of Legends streamer and content creator that is focused purely on comedy content. He initially began his career as a professional player but quickly moved on to making content about League of Legends. He is a player that likes to make funny content and intentionally creates videos and plays games that would feature silly combos or builds and trying to make them work in an actual game.

Bunnyfufuu as a player - Funniest LoL Streamers
This champion does 999999999 damage?!

Many people criticize him about how he tries too hard at making funny content or that he’s too obnoxious for his own good. For us, this adds more to why BunnyFuFuu has attained such a legendary status as one of the funniest LoL streamers of all time. Unfortunately, he’s had quite the fall from grace as his content started to become stale and repetitive, purely relying on clickbait to garner viewers. We still appreciate him at his peak though.

3. Thebausffs

Baus has a unique part about him that makes him genuinely funny. He isn’t the type of comedian that tries too hard to make jokes or funny situations, it’s just that the way he plays the game is so unusual and yet he is in the higher ELOs. He became extremely popular internationally by playing the inting Sion strategy that people thought was extremely ridiculous but the way it works is so absurd that it makes us question how League of Legends is played.

Thebausff on the LEC as a guest - Funniest LoL Streamers
“Kills don’t win games”

He isn’t the type of player that intentionally makes funny plays but his natural playstyle and philosophy in the game is just overall funny to watch. He has a great personality and his content is always great to watch. He plays a lot of unique champions and keeps inventing weird ways to play the game that he somehow makes work successfully in his games. However, we oblige the community not to copy these strategies because we’re so tired of losing LP on people who try it out.

2. Jankos

Jankos is the only (successful) professional League of Legends player on this list and even though he spends most of his time scrimming and practicing with his team, he still dedicates a large portion of his time to stream League of Legends. Everybody knows who Jankos is and many love to be part of his stream because you’ll always get a lot of laughs not only from him but also his very active community.

Jankos letting out a cheeky smile - Funniest LoL Streamers
Give this man his Sejuani!

There are different types of clowns in League of Legends but Jankos likes to play the type where he allows his Twitch chat to make fun of him by catching him out of context or when he makes misplays on the game. He loves playing along with his fans and lets them make fun of him so the community genuinely has a great time when they watch him play. Even though he is one of the greatest junglers in European LoL esports, it’s still funny when he misses a Nidalee spear on stream or makes a play where he dies randomly.

1. Tyler1

Tyler1 is probably the funniest LoL streamer of all time. Unlike the other streamers on this list, he isn’t dedicated to making funny content and is actually just really trying hard to climb games and complete stream goals and achievements. He is a rage streamer though, meaning he always gets mad on stream about his teammates and start trashtalking his teammates or starts trolling games. This made him such a funny character that people don’t really take him seriously despite him making Challenger in all 5 roles.

Tyler1 flexing his biceps - Funniest LoL Streamers
Totally reformed!

There are many rage streamers in League of Legends but Tyler1 is the King and the way he is naturally funny even though he genuinely isn’t trying to make comedy content just makes it better overall. This is why he has gained such a large number of viewers. Even though he has been reformed and is less of a scumbag than he once was, he actually became more popular because of it and his rage has become nothing but endless laughs.

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