The Top 5 Most Useless LoL Champions For Beginners

League of Legends features 150+ champions that players can choose from according to their preference and playstyle. Even though it’s recommended that players try out every champion so that they get a better idea on how each of them plays, there are some champions that would give beginners a horrible experience. Let’s take a look at the top 5 most useless LoL champions for beginners to use in ranked games.

Top 5 Most Useless LoL Champions For Beginners

Champions in the game have unique identities and playstyles that give them different ways to be played by players. At the hands of any good player, there is no useless LoL champion because each of them has a significant role in certain scenarios. Unfortunately, the same is not true when some champions are used by players with less experience so the champions lose the integrity of their kit and become almost unplayable.

When choosing the most useless LoL champions, we’ve set certain criteria to judge the competition. A champion isn’t useless just because it’s difficult to use. We’ve chosen champions that will most likely have no impact to a game when used by a player with very little experience in playing League of Legends. Let’s take a look at some of the champions that fall into this category with some explanations on why they deserve their slot.

5. Gangplank

Gangplank is the easiest choice and is a champion that requires a lot of in-game knowledge to use properly. A total beginner will never be able to use Gangplank properly because using him combines a lot of skills that most veterans have spend a long time learning about. If an inexperienced Gangplank player gets matched against even a slightly good player, they will easily counter your champion and make it impossible to play the game.

Gangplank as a toy soldier - useless lol champions
The enemy’s gold factory.

This champion relies on gaining a consistent supply of gold by using his combo abilities. Unfortunately, it’s easy for opponents to counter this strategy by putting pressure on the Gangplank player and denying their abilities from triggering. Once Gangplank is placed behind, it’s extremely difficult to do anything for the rest of the game especially if they have not been trying to earn Silver Serpent tokens throughout the laning phase.

4. Ivern

Ivern is a champion that requires players to have an in-depth knowledge of jungling. This champion isn’t someone that you pick up and instantly learn about as you play through the game because his pathing isn’t the same as other junglers. Even if you have knowledge on standard jungle pathing in League of Legends, it’s still very hard to understand how you can take advantage of his passive ability to gain a lead over the opponent.

Ivern as a candy-themed champ - Useless LoL champions
Jungling is not for everyone.

It’s difficult to learn about Ivern’s jungle pathing so it’s ideal for inexperienced players to watch multiple YouTube videos on how veterans do it beforehand. A general rule that doesn’t just apply to Ivern is that if a jungler is put behind early into the game, they generally lose out continuously and drag their team down because it’s extremely difficult to secure objectives or get successful ganks. This places them in a state of uselessness.

3. Kalista

Kalista is a pretty useless champion for low ELO games in general because for her to maximize her kit, she needs to be on the same wavelength as her support. There are multiple other reasons why Kalista is a useless LoL champion for beginners and those are all due to the fact that she is designed to be played by experienced players who are familiar with the concept of kiting, arguably one of the hardest skillsets in any game.

Kalista holding a blood spear - useless lol champion
A champion made for pros.

In League of Legends, Kalista is often referred to as the queen of kiting. Since she has a unique attack and movement pattern, players who only stand still when attacking enemies will most likely fail to use this champion properly. Combining that with the fact that Kalista has an extremely short range means that she’s an easy target for the enemy bottom lane to bully out once the game begins.

2. Viego

Viego is probably the most controversial champion on this list because he’s considered one of the most broken champions in the game. However, even veterans will understand why this champion is on the list once they give it a little bit of thought. After all, Viego is a champion that was created for players who has experiencing at least 60% of the champions on the current League of Legends roster.

Viego playing an electric guitar in the middle of the flames
Learn every other champion first

The reason why this champion is useless for beginners is because his passive ability grants the player an extremely powerful skill that allows him to transform into a character that recently died near him. Beginners don’t have a decent champion pool, especially on champions that belong to lanes that they don’t usually play. This is why he’s practically dead weight if you give this champion to someone who hasn’t played LoL for a long time.

1. Udyr

Udyr is probably the only champion on this list that has very limited uses regardless of the ELO he is played in. This is mostly Riot Games’ fault because they refuse to give him a relevant update that would give him a better identity as a champion in League of Legends. This champion has too many problems as he is currently and relies mostly on items to make him even remotely relevant to play in both casual and competitive play.

Udyr wearing a bear pelt - Useless LoL champions
A champion that’s hard to bear.

Beginners will probably find it difficult to understand how Udyr’s abilities are best used because they are too simplified to give players an idea on how they can make it work. This is why a lot of people have a difficult time know which abilities are usually upgraded. Udyr also doesn’t have a lot of variations in his attacks so it can be confusing for players to know the difference on what’s happening and why that ability is better than the others for the current situation.

Is there such a thing as a useless LoL champion?

League of Legends’ champions all have their own identity and functionality. There isn’t a single champion in the game that players can consider completely useless because it all depends on the performance of the user piloting the character.

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