Top 5 Reasons to Play League of Legends Right Now

Are you trying to convince your friends to try out one of your favorite games, but you don’t know what to tell them? Let’s take a look at some of the best reasons to play League of Legends right now to attract both gamer and non-gamer friends who haven’t tried out the game to join you. You don’t have to force them to try out the game, all you need to do is to make them curious enough to explore it for themselves.

The 5 Reasons to Play League of Legends

League of Legends is probably one of the more notorious games today, with many people hearing about why LoL is a game they shouldn’t play. It’s hard to name some good reasons to play League of Legends without another game that has far better better gameplay mechanics outshining it in that aspect. Even though it might seem like the game is slowly dying, the number of players is actually growing steadily each year.

The hardest part about asking people to join the game is convincing them that *this* specific game should be the one they try out. However, it almost never ends up successfully with most of our friends just making an empty promise to “check it out later” but never do because they’re not interested. That’s why we’ve prepared some of the best reasons to play League of Legends that would at least make them Google what it’s about.

It Has the Largest Esports Tournament in the World!

The one thing that almost always draws curious person in is a large crowd and what esport has the largest crowd among all video games in the world? That’s right! It’s League of Legends. Not many celebrities play League of Legends regularly, but a lot of them attend during big tournaments and feel like they’re part of the community. The same might apply to regular people who simply need to find a place to socially interact with “like-mind” people.

Fans posing a selfie with popular members of OfflineTV - Reasons to Play League of Legends
Meet the community!

The best way to do that is not to make them watch esports matches, but to make them watch the esports crowd in action. Do that by either going to live LoL esports tournaments near you or make them watch opening ceremonies or live coverages of some of the biggest tournaments. League of Legends has the most fun opening event amongs all esports events because there are yearly performances by some top artists not only in the west, but from around the world.

Watch the Cinematics!

Need reasons to play League of Legends? Just watch the cinematics. Many video game companies nowadays hook players by making cinematics that allow the viewer to connect more with the fantasy world that these companies have created. Riot Games has created some of the most stunning cinematics in video game history and they tell the story not just in narrative form, but also through their music videos.

Yasuo's animated character in kin of the stained blade - Reasons to Play League of Legends
Very interesting cinematics!

Watching the cinematics is one of the best ways to get hyped at a game and if you do end up trying to watch all of them, don’t worry about the proper order of watching them because there’s no such thing. Just enjoy! Once you feel a connection with the world of Runeterra, it’s hard not to play the game even though it doesn’t have a lot of stuff that make you feel like you’re living in this fantasy RPG world.

Arcane is the Best!

It’s no secret that Arcane is one of, if not, the best animated TV series in history with it’s perfect storytelling and unique animation style that has stolen the heart of hundreds of thousands of people who had never even heard of League of Legends before watching the show. Being able to understand some of the characters in the show more by being able to play them in the game is definitely one of the top reasons to play League of Legends right now.

Jinx sitting smugly in her base - Reasons to Play League of Legends
Arcane is a masterpiece!

If you have a friend who’s skeptical or has no idea about League of Legends, they are the perfect people to suggest watching Arcane. Once they start liking the show and show enthusiasm about it, that’s the perfect time to tell them that the show is actually adapted from a video game. When they hear that there is a way for them to consume more content about the characters they’ve grown to love, it’s only a matter of time before they play the game.

“My Friends and I Play Every Night”

We’re going back to the part where people love being part of exclusive social circles. League of Legends might not be the interest that most of the kids at school bond over, but in some countries, playing video games at a higher level can be considered a higher level of social status. In the west, that might not be the case but you never know who ends up being interested in joining your friend group by trying out shared interests amongst yourselves.

Fans getting together at the League of Legends Worlds tournament - Reasons to Play League of Legends
It’s always great to be with friends.

League of Legends is one of the fastest-growing video games in the world and in a lot of countries, it’s harder to find an adolescent kid not playing League of Legends. We’re not telling you to apply peer pressure to force another person into playing a game that they might not enjoy, but it’s definitely good to encourage them to be more socially active using alternative platforms like video games.

It Has Cutest/Coolest Looking Characters Ever!

League of Legends has a diverse lineup of characters and mascots that make for both the cutest and coolest-looking characters in video game history. The Runeterra universe is so iconic in video games that it has one of the most commonly cosplayed characters in every video game/anime expo or convention in the world. Most people fall in love with League of Legends’ characters just by having one look at them!

Shen and Akali as controlling electricity - Reasons to Play League of Legends
Look at these characters!

For some people they prefer cool-looking characters that they see as the ideal version of a person they want to be. For others, cute-looking characters that can serve as their companions are what draw them to play the game. Regardless of what you want from the characters, League of Legends has a design that appeals to the growing variety of interests that people have.

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