Top 5 Strongest Human Champions in League of Legends

Humans are considered the weakest of all the Runeterra races because of their lack of any significant physical or magical features. What makes humans so powerful in Runeterra is their ability to learn and adapt, advancing all of the existing arts and technologies to overcome all their shortcomings as a race. That’s why we’ll be taking a look at some of the strongest human champions in League of Legends and how they can be considered the peak of humanity.

The Top 5 Strongest Human Champions in LoL

There are many things to consider when looking for the strongest human champions in Runeterra. For this list, we’ll be looking at humans who have not been augmented by magic or technology. This means mutated humans, ascended beings, and magically-enhanced beings will not be included on this list. However, we can include beings that use technology in terms of their weaponry and equipment. We’ll also include humans who can use magic or manipulate other types of energies as long as their humanity has not been augmented by their powers.

Yasuo as a dragon warrior - strongest human champions
Who is the strongest human champion in Runeterra?

When talking about the strongest human champions in LoL, we’re not talking about physical strength alone. Instead, we’ll be measuring their ability to fight. These are the humans that can take down even ascended beings and celestials in a fair fight. Let’s take a look at some of the humans that have ascended their own humanity through their arts and combat prowess.

5. Shen

Shen is a human being that has transcended the living world. He is still a human and has not evolved or transformed into anything using outside powers, unlike Zed. His training and discipline under the Kinkou Order allowed him to master using his powers to channel the spirit and physical realms. His duty as the Eye of Twilight means that he deals with disorders that disrupt are brought about or disrupt the spirit realm.

Shen wearing shogun's armor.
The master of the spirit and physical world.

Fortunately for the world, Shen is a disciplined master who respects the culture, tradition, and teachings of the Kinkou Order. This means that he doesn’t meddle in the wars and battles of humans as long as it doesn’t disrupt the balance between the spirit and physical realms. However, it would be foolish to think that Shen doesn’t have the power to take down entire armies using the power that he possesses.

4. Sylas

Sylas is undoubtedly one of the strongest human champions in Runeterra considering he is undoubtedly the most powerful mortal mage alive. Unlike most of the mortal mages in Runeterra that also have huge magical potential, Sylas actually has full control of his powers and he can even take away the abilities of other mages. This puts him at the pinnacle of magic society without his magical powers augmenting his humanity whatsoever. In fact, it is his humanity and suffering that has made him such a dangerous individual.

Silas wearing cold weather clothing - strongest human champions
The most powerful mortal mage.

Most mages enhance their magical abilities by augmenting their physical body to become better vessels to contain intense magical energies such as Ryze and Syndra. However, there are individuals like Lux, Annie, and Zeri. There are also mages that gain their magical powers from a deity or celestial being so we won’t be including those since they are not, in essence, the powers of the user.

3. Qiyana

Qiyana is the master of the elements and holds absolute mastery over her magical powers. As a child of Ixtal, she already possesses a natural affinity for using magic. However, her control over the elements is so awe-inspiring that she is considered the most powerful being in all of Ixtal, which is a statement in itself since Ixtal is filled with extremely powerful individuals who are already in a league of their own.

Qiyana wearing moon armor - strongest human champions
The Master of the Elements

Unfortunately, it’s extremely hard to gauge Qiyana’s true strength because we have never read about her participating in a proper battle. Although, the lore is extremely particular about her being the most powerful human being in existence so placing her in the top 3 seems fair. We’ll have to see her in action if we want to place her higher on the list amongst some of the powerhouses in this universe.

2. Master Yi

Wuju masters are often considered the most powerful warriors in all of Runeterra. They are invincible in combat and Master Yi, alone, was said to slay entire armies of the Noxian invading force. The only reason the Wuju masters were annihilated in the war was that they were pacifists who did not want to participate and were subsequently ambushed using chemical weapons that killed everyone in the village.

Master Yi as an enlightened swordsman - strongest human champions
The unrivaled swordsman.

Master Yi’s mastery over the Wuju fighting style means that there is no one in the world who can defeat him in martial combat. He is a genius strategist and a master swordsman, surpassing every other warrior in the world. However, the only thing holding him back would be his pacifism. He is also extremely fragile which is why he relies on dodging attacks. In terms of martial prowess, he is definitely at the top of humanity.

1. Pantheon / Atreus

In TV shows, anime, and action cartoons, it is often depicted that the most powerful trait that a main character can have to defeat even the most powerful beings on the planet is the power to never give up. It might sound like a cheesy trait but Pantheon literally defeated two god-like beings using his sheer willpower alone. In terms of raw strength, he’s also nothing to look down on since he’s received rigorous training in combat.

Pantheon wearing futuristic armor.
The man that can’t be taken down.

Atreus is the man that received the blessing of Pantheon but Aatrox killed the celestial being reverting him back to being a human being. Despite being a human being, he managed to defeat Aatrox, who is the strongest Darkin, and stood against individuals who have received the power of the celestials. Pantheon has the most evidence that secure him as the most powerful human champion in Runeterra because his raw strength and unbreakable willpower meant that he’s invincible.

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