Top Champions LoL to Start Your Smurf Account

Starting with the Right Foot

To dive more in-depth in the Top Champions LoL subject, we first need to discuss the Characters in video games. Some of the key elements in video games are the different types of Characters that belong inside their assets. Sometimes, with the magic of the narrative, we get to involve ourselves a little bit more and create some “connection” with those un-living characters. For example, when the Hero that belongs in the RPG (Role-Playing Game) genre, shares important stories about its life, the magic begins. Therefore, we smile when things go on the right path, or we feel hurt when it is the other way around.

Practically the same situation appears when we see a movie that we tend to enjoy. In contrast, though, when it comes to video games, this “bond” tends to have an additional impact on our emotions. First of all, we share more than a couple of hours with these characters and occasionally learn more about different aspects of their lives. Secondly, due to some video game mechanics, we move the Hero and lead him/her to victory.

As a result, we, as gamers, tend to have a lot more connections with the different characters in many different video games. Sometimes, we even wait each year for a possible sequel that can increase the Mythology and more stories with those beloved Characters.

Dead Cells lets players customize health packs with food choice Top Champions LoL
Let the Journey Begin

Champions in League of Legends

Even though there’s any lead protagonist to enjoy in this particular video game, there are always some elements that let us attach emotionally. First of all, since its conception, we already had a lot of different characters of Champions that have some essential features that sometimes made them stand-out for you. These types of characteristics that let them shine above the rest can be known as:

  1. Synergy:

    You may feel somehow drawn to the idea that a particular Champion has amazing Abilities that have the potential to work as a unit and create amazing combos. Therefore, when you master the different cooldowns and press the buttons at the right time, you always have positive results. Without a doubt, elements such as this, still have the potential to catapult an existing Champion to the Top Tier List.

  2. META:

    Since practically we are battling between some mathematical formulas disguised as a fun MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena) game, we sometimes get the best numbers in some Champions. Indeed, with this consideration, a forgotten item in the rooster suddenly becomes the top-pick with the chance of some calculations and attributes in their abilities. Most noteworthy, we see these new changes in the eSports Tournaments when the professional players tend to pick the same Champion whenever they get the chance. We know you want positive results in your matches, and with these elements, your winning chances tend to increase as well.

  3. Role:

    Besides the benefits of playing with a Champion that currently belongs in the META, some other characteristics drive some players in choosing their right pick in a random match. Indeed, when you invest a lot of time in one of the Main Roles in League of Legends, you kind of feel like that place of the map is your “home.” Therefore, when you try to dominate that part of the Summoner’s Rift, you’ll notice that some candidates tend to make this job easier for you. Hence, with this in mind, you’ll surely have some Champions to start owning or some alternatives to counter-pick your opponents. Most noteworthy, you may not feel “identified” about the elements that some Champions represent, but you still know that they have the potential to make things a lot easier for you.

  4. Artwork:

    Sometimes, though, we identify with the way that the Artistic Team in Riot took their time to make a new Champion that looks amazing. First of all, we familiarize ourselves with the concept of the character and somehow feel “right” about the way it seems to us. Secondly, there’s the chance that some animations from movement or the use of Abilities that tend to look fantastic to us. Above all, even though sometimes they do not belong in the Top Champions LoL category, we always find time to invest in them. With the hope that some patch makes them Overpowered someday.

  5. Fan-Fiction:

    All of a sudden, you see some fantastic video over Youtube or some astonishing new cosmetic item over the Store that somehow makes us want to try something new. While it may not look like a smart investment, we still feel the need to acquire and test the modern elements as fast as possible. Remember that even though these Champions do not belong in the Top Tier List, your main focus is to have fun in the game. Who knows, even when these Champions full of cosmetics, you’ll get the opportunity to win a couple of matches or also dominate them.

  6. Lore:

    Finally, there are times when you’re drawn to the vast story behind League of Legends and have crucial information about the main characters. As a result, you may find it interesting to pick those Champions that, according to the lore, have a higher place between Ranks. From the powerful Heroes that everyone in Runeterra seems to idolize to those Leaders of clans that want nothing but destruction, you have the liberty to pick either side.

Smurf Accounts

After reviewing all of the different aspects that make a Champion worthy of your time for a least a couple of matches, you’ll surely like to unlock a couple more. Sadly, though, this process may be a little tedious since you require a lot of resources for the exchange of other characters in your current Account. Therefore, you have the option to farm for a lot of experience, and hopefully, in a matter of weeks, you’ll get the opportunity to complete your collection. In contrast to the conventional method, you also have the potential to buy a League of Legends Account and change things up.

Capsules for Days

As you may know, since it kind of “refresh” your journey, you start somehow from scratch. Because of this situation, you should consider buying a Smurf Account from LoLFinity instead. This time around, you’ll get the chance to acquire some assistance or handicap when it comes to resources. Depending on your Smurf selection, you would either restart with lots of Capsules or Blue Essence.

With this in mind, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire a lot more advantages within your newly LoL Smurf Account. Most noteworthy, you could easily unlock different items in the in-game Store.

How to Spend Your Account’s Blue Essence/Capsules?

Now that you know a little bit more about the different advantages that you’ll get with a new LoL Smurf Accounts. As a result, here we have some suggestions that can guide you in spending your precious currency in different items of the in-game Store:

The Top Champions LoL

Reaching the Top

Sometimes you want to go Try-Hard and increase your chances of winning a particular Smurf Account with The Top Champions LoL. Therefore, when you have the right amount of Blue Essence, you could try and unlock the current META of the game. With this in mind, you’ll have the Champions that are currently owning in both casual matches or even the eSports Tournaments.

Be careful, though, since most of the players in the game already have a clear idea about the powerful Champions; you’ll get yourself in the situation where they ban them, someone else gets them or pick counters. Therefore, even though you have a powerful arsenal in your collection, you’ll have trouble to play them regularly.

Some Examples may include the newest Champions available in the roster, or the picks that the professional use more than often in recent eSports Tournaments.

Cheapest LoL Champions

Another great strategy is to unlock as many Champions as possible in your new account. Hence, if you have enough Blue Essence, you’ll have 20 different Champions and unlock Ranked Matches right away. With this suggestion in mind, you’ll probably have the oldest items in the Store to play in your Random Matches.

Now, since it may help you a lot in getting to fight in the ladder as soon as possible, some of the old Champions are practically forgotten by the development team. Still, though, between new patches, something may change, and one of them suddenly is welcomed in the current META.

Above all, even though they are “old,” you still have the opportunity to find amusement in their gaming mechanics. Furthermore, you still have the potential to become an expert in a couple of these Champions and increase your winning potential.

Examples from this group belong to the bottom of the in-game Store, and they usually require a lot less Blue Essence to obtain them in your collection.

Most Popular LoL Champions

Even though sometimes items in this group do not belong in the current META, you still see them more than often in your ongoing Random Matches through the Solo Queue. For example, since Riot tends to use some Champions in almost all of their merchandise videos, you may see a couple of them more than often. Indeed, it can either be Yasuo or Jinx that appear more than once.

Yasuo 1

Additionally, some patches increase the cosmetic items, and people want to try as soon as possible. With this in mind, you know that it takes extra to buy the new “clothes” if you do not have the Champion beforehand.

Above all, you find examples in this group from the different official propaganda from League of Legends. Occasionally, even though they are somehow famous, these characters do not belong in the Top Tier List.

Champions Focussed in a Single Role

Since you are practically starting from scratch when you buy League of Legends Accounts, you can think beyond the average person and create some strategy. With this in mind, you have the potential to become a powerful master for one of the leading Roles from League of Legends. For example, the newly Smurf Account can either focus on Top-Lane, Jungle or even Support.

Additionally, if you want to increase your knowledge in the game, you can always check how to make your custom Champion’s Builds and change the tide of the match in the middle of the encounter.

Even though you practically can take every singular Champion for this example, once you unlocked a unique character, you’ll have to focus as much as possible to get Champions with similar attributes. Hence, you always have multiple choices to pick the rightful element that will lead you to victory.

Saving Your Currency for Later

Remember that you can always opt to save some Blue Essence for later use if you do not see any potential candidate. Even though you’ll like to unlock Ranked Matches as soon as possible, you always have the opportunity to go “slow and steady” and buy the best options available to you.

blue essence
Keeping it Safe

Most noteworthy, even though this is the least exciting option available out there, it may help a lot for those casual players that do not have enough time to try them all. Furthermore, you can also wait for future Champions that possibly will be part of the META as soon as they become available to the public.

Examples from this group belong to those new Champions that, without a doubt, come more than often to keep the vibe “alive.” Additionally, you can also consider those Champions that continuously appear in the META and have amazing gaming mechanics to try.

Taking a Chance in Your RNG’s Luck

Last but not least, you also can consider buying League of Legends Accounts that have multiple Capsules in their inventory. Indeed, there’s always the chance to acquire Top Champions LoL from the different Champion Shards that lady luck will offer to you over the new LoL Smurf Account.

Although this method will look too risky for some players, and it never misses to give you a lot of fun as you unravel the different options that suddenly become available to you. Furthermore, you always have the opportunity to exchange a single Champion Shard to permanent with the aid of Blue Essence. In contrast, though, you can also reroll three unwanted Shards and acquire a total random Champion ready to be unlocker.

There are no examples to consider in this strategy, and you only have to pray to your luck that you’ll have amazing Champions in your LoL Smurf Account from the start. Remember that once the Capsules are gone, and you have no way to reroll anymore, you’ll have to stick with the things you got. With League of Legends, you always have to consider this when you open some “loot boxes.”

Is Luck on Your Side?

Frequently Asked Questions about Top Champions LoL

What draws people to enjoy a particular Champion?

People more than often tend to take into consideration the next attributes:
– Synergy
– Role
– Artwork
– Fan-Fiction
– Lore

The LoL Smurf Accounts for unlocking different Champions

Since you practically restart your journey with a handicap, there are lots of different currencies within these LoL Smurf Accounts. Therefore, you have the opportunity to start with incredible amounts of Blue Essence or Capsules.

What do you require to Unlock Ranked Matches?

In the League of Legends interface, you’ll need to reach level 30 in your account and have 20 different Champions unlocked in your collection. It doesn’t matter what Role or “quality” of the multiple items that you can get in your Account, it only matters that you have 20 Champions without counting the “free week” items.

How to Spend new currency to Buy LOL Accounts?

– Getting Top Champions LoL
– Unlocking Cheapest LoL Champions
– Obtaining Most Popular LoL Champions
– Opt for Champions for a Singular Role
– Opening Capsules and changing Champion Shards to permanent

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