Top Worlds 2020 Teams to Look Out For

The Worlds 2020 Finals is just around the corner. With the lineup complete and every team set to compete in Shanghai, it’s time to learn who are the Top Worlds 2020 Teams that you should look out for. Having impressive splits in either Spring, Summer, or throughout the entire season, these teams are more than capable of putting up a fight that will give the fans an entertaining time until the very end of the season. Ultimately, we are 100% sure that it is one of these teams that will take home the trophy this year.

TES vs JDG Highlights ALL GAMES Finals LPL Summer Playoffs 2020 Top Esports vs JD Gaming by Onivia

The 2020 Worlds Format

Looking for the Top Worlds 2020 Teams, we’ll be expecting players from the Group Stage and not the ones who are stuck in the Play-Ins. Of course, there are teams in the Play-Ins that might perform better than most of the teams in the Group Stage but the fact that they placed 3rd or 4th in their region already speaks greatly about their limitations and capability. Like every year, the only ones who can truly compete are those from the major regions.

Who your top Worlds 2020 Teams list?

The 2020 Worlds Tournament will open with the Play-In stage on September 25th and the Groups Stage on October 5th. The 1st-3rd seeds of the major regions will automatically quality for the Group Stage while those who qualified in the lower standings need to qualify through the Play-Ins. We will only really see the full capability of each team once they compete against each other but their performances domestically already give us an idea of how strong they are.

Top Worlds 2020 Teams

We’ll be choosing the 10 Top Worlds 2020 Teams who will be participating in the Worlds 2020 Finals. These teams are chosen for their achievements and performances in their domestic tournament series or for the LCK and LPL Teams, the Mid-Season Cup. Keep in mind that performances in the recent years are irrelevant since a lot of things have changed greatly ever since. Here are the Top Worlds 2020 Teams ranked according to their likelihood to win it all in terms of Team Dynamic and Player Skills.

10. Team SoloMid

Team SoloMid has emerged as the LCS‘ Top Seed after playing a grueling lower-bracket run towards the Grand Finals and ultimately win it all. The reunification of the faces of NA in Bjergsen and Doublelift has given North America hope once more to try and compete in the World Finals. TSM looks like it’s stronger once again but are they really a team to make it all the way to the Grand Finals, let alone get out of the Group Stage itself?

TSM at their HQ playing scrims
The great TSM dynasty is showing signs of life!

Despite having low expectations of North America as a whole, the fact still stands that the region continues to prove itself a major region. They are the gatekeepers that stand in between the Wildcard Regions and the Top Regions in the World. The LCS hasn’t given up on the idea of winning the World Championships, it’s just that they are waiting for the right team to finally appear and show the world that NA isn’t just a meme.

9. Rogue

Rogue emerged as the top team to finish in the LEC’s Summer 2020 Regular Split and is the first team to qualify for Worlds. Even though the team only finished as Europe’s 3rd Seed, this team is still one of the region’s strongest lineup. Larssen has been the team’s MVP and for good reason. Experienced players like Vander and Hans Sama will fully round up this line up by being reliable members who will remind the World Stage of who they are.

Rogue focused on playing their match
The LEC’s Regular Season Top Seed

The TSM vs Rogue dream matchup did not happen after Worlds Group Draw and instead, Rogue got drawn into the Group of Death with both Damwon Gaming and JD Gaming in the same group. Rogue’s chances of getting out of this group is very slim but not impossible. Europe has gotten out of the Group of Death before and it can very well happen again. It’s up to the team to show how much this means to them by fighting harder than they’ve ever before.

8. DragonX

The LCK’s DragonX is a the 2nd seed coming into worlds that features an experienced roster. DragonX’s Chovy is being disputed as the best mid laner in the world alongside TES Knight and DMW Showmaker. Despite being the 2nd seed of the LCK, they are far from being consisted and the team just looks really confused a majority of the time. They put all their eggs in Chovy’s basket which makes their win condition very questionable.

DragonX Roster in Worlds Top Teams
DragonX is reaching for the top!

Even though DragonX beat Gen.G, they are still considered the weakest team among the three LCK representatives. Unless Deft and Keria can dominated the bottom lane like they did in both Spring and the first half of Summer, DRX is left with only one man to carry them. Make no mistake, DragonX is really strong which says a lot about the other Top Worlds 2020 Teams that follow in this list after them.

7. Fnatic

Fnatic still retain their spot as one of the Top 2 teams in the LEC. Despite a roster change, FNC continues to recruit talented players who have proven that they can fill the shoes of the players they replaced. Their newest jungler – Selfmade – has already proven to the World that he is among the Top 5 strongest junglers in the World. Combine this with Rekkles’ consistency, you can expect Fnatic to perform excellently in the tournament.

Fnatic's ADC Rekkles looks stressed out while playing in LEC
Rekkles’ dynasty is not over yet

Needless to say, the team has 2 coin-flip players who have proven that they are the weakest link into the current Fnatic Roster. With Hylissang and Bwipo looking either as Europe’s best or Europe’s clowns, there’s no telling whether FNC can really put up a fight even though they are in a relatively easy group. In the end, it looks like Fnatic getting out of the Group Stage will depend on whether or not some of their members land on Heads.

6. Suning Gaming

Suning Gaming was largely ignored by the domestic and international fans despite having great runs in the LPL‘s Summer Split. It was only during the Playoffs that everybody saw how strong this team actually was, especially after beating a fan favorite, LGD, 3-0 twice in a row. Their jungler SofM is currently carrying the hopes and dreams of the VCS on his shoulders all by himself, as the region’s pride and joy.

Suning Gaming LPL 3rd Seed
The Lions are MAD!

Suning may seem like a no-name organization for international fans, but make no mistake. Suning is the LPL’s 3rd Seed which is not a joke when it comes from the fiercest and most competitive region in the World. TOP Esports may have swept the floor with this team in the Summer Finals, but this team can easily overtake other Worlds 2020 Teams as easily. In the end, it’s up to SofM to show the world what it means to be Jungle Diff.

5. Gen.G

Gen.G has had a dominant Spring and Summer Season, proving that they are one of LCK’s greatest organization alongside SKT (T1). With Ruler and Life putting up the very standards of what it means to have a strong botlane, the team has very few weaknesses that could be exploited. T1 even tried to ban 5 Marksmen in their regional final match but they still managed to defeat them decisively in an unforgettable fashion.

Gen.G Full Roster Worlds Top Teams
The Generals are back for battle

Gen.G might have been defeated by DragonX in the Semi-Finals of the Summer Split, but seeing how consistent they are proves that the team is a force to be reckoned with. Especially since BDD and Clid have become icons in their respective roles. The competition is stacked, but if the tournament suddenly shifts into a Botlane-centric tournament, you can expect Gen.G to be the frontrunners of the tournament and possibly win it all for a third time.

4. G2 Esports

There’s no question that G2 Esports is Europe’s finest. Caps continues to clap everyone who tries to step into the mid lane just to face him. Caps is even capable of carrying the entire team on his back despite a huge deficit. The other members also work well together because of the camaraderie they have shared, creating a team that is like a well-oiled machine. This team is never to be underestimated when they are pushed against the wall.

G2 Esports lineup while in-game
G2 are back and stronger than ever

The only issue with G2 Esports is that the fact that they have a mid laner in the bot lane still stands. The team is also prone to become overconfident, but with good reason seeing how good they are in the game. The team should be careful about how they will approach the tournament and take every game seriously if they want to win. Or else, one of their players might mess up auto-attacking the Nexus to win the game once again.

3. JD Gaming

JD Gaming is placed as 3rd among the Top Worlds 2020 Teams but it doesn’t discredit how strong they actually are. Even though they are 3rd, the Top 3 Teams on this list are actually closer than all of you think with the difference only being a hairline between the three. Kanavi is currently the Top Jungler in the World and JD Gaming is currently the smartest team. Their control and dominance over objectives and teamfights are unparalleled internationally.

JD Gaming LPL 2nd Seed
The smartest team in the East

People seem to underestimate JD Gaming but don’t forget that they took TOP Esports into 2 best-of-fives already, having defeated them in the Spring Finals. The only way you can break JD Gaming’s strong teamfight-oriented fortress, is to beat them individually in lane. This doesn’t come as easily with players like Zoom and Loken who are also one of the best in their lanes, and it takes a truly talented and skilled team to even take one game off of them.

2. Damwon Gaming

It’s been a long time since the LCK has seen a team as dominant as Damwon Gaming cleanly sweep through the regular season. The team literally looks invincible with such a strong Mid-Top-Jungle synergy. Showmaker, Canyon, and Nuguri are being disputed as the best in their lanes but Ghost and BeryL also play a big part in the team’s success. Even DragonX lost to this team 0-3 in the Grand Finals like they weren’t competition at all.

Damwon Gaming LCK 1st Seed
Dominant and Victorious!

Damwon Gaming’s Nuguri was recently hospitalized for a collapsed lung. Hopefully, this will not affect Damwon’s performance in the tournament. After being denied time and again in the World Stage, the team has finally found a winning playstyle that will favor them for the weeks to come. Surely, Damwon will not lose to any team aside from any of the Top 3 teams mentioned in this list. They even strike fear in the hearts of the Korean teams themselves.

1. TOP Esports

When it comes to making lists about the Top Worlds 2020 Teams, TOP Esports is sure to be on the higher rankings of the list. Being the Champion of League of Legends most competitive tournament series, TOP Esports being number one is not in any way farfetched. With Knight finally making it to the World Stage, he will show the world why he was called the Best Mid Laner to never attend worlds. Alongside the best players in the region, Knight and TES are about to show what it means to be a pro.

TOP Esports TOP Worlds 2020 teams
TOP Esports TOPS the Worlds 2020 Teams list

The team has already proven themselves as the best once, although it was only in the MSC where they were against the LCK. This is not a small achievement especially after they beat T1, Damwon, and Gen.G in a very dominant fashion. TOP Esports isn’t just one man carrying the team, it’s 5-players who are ranked among the Top 3 in their respective lanes internationally. They are the favorites to win it all, no question about that.

Who are the favorite team to win Worlds 2020?

TOP Esports are the favorites to win Worlds 2020 after a dominant Spring and Summer Split Run in the LPL and winning the Mid-Season Cup. The team features Knight, who is currently ranked as both the best mid laner in the world and the best player coming into the tournament.

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