TSM is Back on Track in the LCS!

After a decisive win over the seemingly invincible Cloud9 over at the Week 8 of LCS, TSM is looking like they they are once again a top challenger in the region. As the race for 1st place continues, the NA LCS is looking really strong with the top 3 teams all looking like they are ready to redeem themselves on the world stage. With only 1 week left to go before playoffs, Team SoloMid is looking towards another championship title by winning the North American LCS Finals to be held on August 13, 2020.

TSM at their HQ playing scrims
The great TSM dynasty is showing signs of life!

TSM’s Shakey Seasons

TSM has always been known as the Kings of North America, especially in their peak at the 2016 and 2017 season where they reigned uncontested in the LCS. Winning every tournament in the region, Team SoloMid was definitely not a team you want to go against if you were a team in the LCS. However, at the end of 2017 where another failure in the world’s stage caused the group to part ways, the team would never be the same again.

The TSM 2018 Roster lining up
What has happened to the superteam?

TSM in 2018 just looked absolutely horrible despite making it to playoffs both splits. In 2019, TSM looked like they were finally in form as they finally make it to the finals in Spring against back-to-back champions, Team Liquid. Team SoloMid would lead the series 2-0 and need only 1 win to get the championship but was reverse-swept by Team Liquid in a miracle run thanks to Zven’s Baron Pit moment which lost them everything.

Team SoloMid’s Grand Reunion

In 2020 Summer, the team’s destiny would change once more as NA Superstar and former teammate, Doublelift as well as his favorite support, Biofrost would re-join the team controversially. This change in the roster has given TSM fans hope that the team would return to its former glory and hopefully, take another championship title. As they continue to dominate the LCS this season, is this something that will happen?

The Miracle of Week 8

Despite the roster change, Team SoloMid still wasn’t a team that could defeat top teams like Team Liquid and Cloud9 in the first half. On the second half, it was as if something inside of the players had awakened (perhaps due to the addition of Treatz in the support role). The team’s first game was against Cloud9 and against all odds, would defeat them in a decisive manner and rejuvenate the fans’ faith in the team.

C9 vs TSM Highlights LCS Summer 2020 W8D3 Cloud9 vs Team SoloMid by Onivia

Team SoloMid would then crush Evil Geniuses in the next day and secure their spot in the LCS Playoffs. However, even though they are already secured, TSM would still need to prove themselves as they face off Team Liquid once more next weekend. No matter the result in that game though, they’ll need to retain this form throughout the playoffs to beat their way to the finals and regain the former title of Kings of NA.

Treatz’ Ascension as a TSM Star

Like many other North American rising stars in 2020, Treatz started out as a player in LCS Academy. Despite Biofrost being a consistent player and a long-time trusted teammate, Treatz managed to secure a spot as a starter for the Team SoloMid roster. As aspiring players for NA, this gives a lot of hope for a lot of people who are interested in starting out their professional gaming careers and become the next big name in North America.

A shot of TSM Treatz playing on stage
TSM Treatz has brought a lot of communication to this team

North America is one of the most diverse regions in the world with players coming from almost every other region. As the next NA Scouting grounds approaches soon, aspiring NA pros should try and secure their Level 30 Unranked NA Smurf Account to try and reach challenger as soon as they can. The North American League of Legends Championship Series draws closer to the end, new players will be signing new contracts in the region.

Bjergsen Wins Player of the Week

Bjergsen has always been known as the face of North American League of Legends and has long been the all-time best midlaner in the history of NA. However, for the past years he has been relegated to playing a really safe playstyle with support mid lane champions who can only play facilitative roles instead of hyper-carry champions that play a bigger part. His playstyle has also devolved to the old LCK style which goes slow and steady.

However, it looks like Bjergsen has taken the facilitative playstyle and turned it into something he can use to carry games. With his signature Zilean pick, he managed to keep his team alive for long durations of time while providing pressure on the enemy team and sweeping them with a continuous barrage of time-bombs. Truly, a well-deserved award for the hardworking and talented midlaner of Team SoloMid.

Can TSM Make Worlds this Year?

Team SoloMid is very much capable of participating on the World Finals 2020 if they can maintain this amazing form until playoffs. Since the LCS has 3 spots in the finals, being a major region, the team has a high chance to be one of the 3 major teams to make it there. For now, it is still uncertain whether or not this team can retain this form until the end of the playoffs but one thing is for sure, they have quite a lot of fight left in them.

The Road to Greatness will Continue

TSM fans will be happy to hear that the team is having much success this season since they’ve been deprived of this for so many seasons. You can expect the team to do great, and if they do make it to worlds, they might put up quite an unexpected fight on the international stage. With the rise of LPL teams as well as the LEC and LCK teams right behind them, will the LCS be able to bring glory to the region and prove once and for all that they too are contenders for the worlds trophy.

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