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The Steel Shadow watches over the two cities – Piltover and Zaun – playing the puppet master who runs all the business deals and trade secrets being exchanged. Camille is bound by her drive to achieve perfection in all she does and in everyone around her. Being no longer human, Camille has transcended the capabilities that flesh limits. In this Camille guide, we’ll be learning how to perfectly execute her kit into creating the ultimate top lane champion that does almost everything a top laner is expected to do perfectly.

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The Steel Shadow’s Lost Heart

Born as the eldest child of the wealthiest family in Piltover, Camille was duty-bound by birth to become her family’s sword and shield. After an accident that killed her father, her feelings towards her duty became even stronger – something her brother took advantage of. After Camille met the love of her life, she slowly began healing. His brother, the Clan Master, did not approve of this and tricked her into reliving her past pains. Camille succumbed to the trauma, losing the love of her life and becoming a woman with a heart of steel that feels nothing.

Camille Montage - 1000 IQ

Camille has always been the quintessential example of what a Top Lane champion should be: strong solo laning prowess, siege capabilities, high-mobility, and a powerful CC-chain kit. She can play either as a hyper-carry top side or a solo lane split pusher which are both favored by dominant Top Laners. In this Camille guide, we’ll be talking about the secrets surrounding her kit so that you can perfectly execute her abilities and carry the game.

Camille General Playstyle

Camille is a very aggressive and opportunistic champion that relies on a lot of situations such as cooldowns, terrain, and auto-attack resets to utilize her kit to the fullest. She combos really well with a lot of other champions. This champion has an extremely high skill-ceiling and is not the most beginner-friendly champion to learn. You’ll need to master almost all of the fundamentals to be able to use this champion. In this Camille guide, we’ll be introducing this champion’s capabilities as well as give out some tips to properly use her.

Camille Guide – Skills and Rotations

Camille has a pretty straightforward kit on paper. While anyone can click buttons and use the skills, it takes some real getting used to so that you can maximize her skill kit. There are a lot of things that players need to keep in mind when using Camille, since her flexibility as a champion allows her to outplay opponents and with trades almost 100% of the time. Her biggest weakness as a champion is the player controlling her, which is why we’ll be tackling some things to keep in mind on this Camille guide.

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Passive: Adaptive Defenses

Camille's passive Adaptive Defenses Innate – Camille’s next basic attack against an enemy champion activates an adaptive shield amounting to 20% of her maximum health for 2 seconds.

The Adaptive Shield will absorb either Physical Damage or Magic Damage depending on which was the highest damage source received from the target recently with the addition of counting her Armor and Magic Resist.

Camille’s passive enables her to take aggressive trades by gaining a shield when she attacks the opponent. Players should always take short trades when Camille's passive Adaptive Defenses Adaptive Defenses are up since the amount of shielding received is enough to protect you in short bursts. Avoid battling when your passive is down unless you want to go for the kill. Adaptive Shields only protect you from one damage source so it’s not as helpful in teamfights make sure you hit the highest damage source in the enemy team.

Q: Precision Protocol

Camille's Q Precision Protocol initial cast icon Active – Camille prepares her blades, making her next attack unstoppable and gain 50 bonus range. The attack deals bonus physical damage and gives bonus movement speed for 1 second.

Using Precision Protocol allows it to be recast within 3.5 seconds after landing an attack.

Camille's Q Precision Protocol recast icon Recast – Camille activates this skill again with the same effects. If Camille recasts this skill after 1.5 seconds, the bonus physical damage is doubled and will instead deal true damage to the target.

**Note: Each activation of Precision Protocol resets your auto-attack.

Camille's Q Precision Protocol recast icon Precision Protocol is a straightfoward skill but it opens up a lot of possibilities. Remember that it resets auto-attacks so make sure that you land a basic attack before and after using this skill. In between the initial and recast, you can land 1-2 auto-attacks so don’t be hasty. The first cast also increases your movement speed so use on a minion if you want to close the distance between you and your opponent if you can’t readily use Camille's E Hookshot icon Hookshot / Camille's E recast Wall Dive icon Wall Dive. Utilize this combo each time you Camille's passive Adaptive Defenses Adaptive Defenses is ready.

W: Tactical Sweep

Camille's W Tactical Sweep icon Active – Camille prepares to launch her blade legs in an area. After a short delay, she slices a cone-shaped area in front of her, dealing physical damage to all enemies hit. While she is using this ability, she becomes Ghosted.

Enemies that are hit by the outer half of this ability are slowed by 80% which decays over 2 seconds and take bonus physical damage. When Camille hits an enemy champion in the outer half, she heals herself for the post-mitigation damage of this ability.

Camille's W Tactical Sweep icon Tactical Sweep is a great tool to threaten your opponent to move back. This ability allows Camille to prepare for a trade, slowing the opponent ensures that she can get close to the opponent. Just make sure to hit the outer half of this ability each time to gain the bonuses. She can also use this ability when she’s being overwhelmed in lane to catch minions that you can’t get close to. The healing from this ability allows her to sustain herself in lane.

E: Hookshot / Wall Dive

Camille's E Hookshot icon Hookshot – Camille shoots out a grappling hook in a direction. If the grapple hits terrain or a turret, she will dash towards it and attack herself to that target for 0.75 seconds. She gains Wall Dive while attached to the terrain or turret.

If Camille is immobilized while attached, she will get knocked down from the terrain or turret.

Camille's E recast Wall Dive icon Wall Dive – Camille lunges from the wall that she is attached in, dashing towards a target location and dealing physical damage to enemies hit. If Camille dashes towards an enemy champion, the range of this ability is increased and passes through non-enemy units.

Camille will collide with the first enemy champion in the direction of Wall Dive, forcing her to land. Enemy champions which are hit by this ability are stunned for 0.75 seconds. Camille will also gain bonus attack speed for 5 seconds.

Camille's E Hookshot icon Hookshot / Camille's E recast Wall Dive icon Wall Dive is Camille’s signature move. Unfortunately, this ability requires Camille to make use of terrain so enemies can easily outplay this skill by moving away from a wall or the opposite direction to the wall nearest to you. You can counteract this by using Flash - Win Hard with Rengar - League of Legends Flash as an extender. Make sure to make the most when you successfully hit Camille's E recast Wall Dive icon Wall Dive on a champion by going all-in since you have bonus attack speed which makes Camille's Q Precision Protocol recast icon Precision Protocol even deadlier.

R: Hextech Ultimatum

Camille's Ultimate Hextech Ultimatum icon Active: Camille sets her eyes on a target enemy champion, dashing towards the target. While she dashes towards the enemy, she becomes untargetable and prevents herself from being displaced. This ability also disrupts channeling skills.

After Camille lands on the ground, she creates an inescapable hexagonal cage that traps the targeted Champion for a few seconds. Enemies near the target upon landing are knocked away from the center of the zone. While inside the zone, all of Camille’s auto-attacks also deal bonus magic damage.

Hextech Ultimatum ends either if Camille leaves the area or dies.

Camille's Ultimate Hextech Ultimatum icon Hextech Ultimatum is the ultimate dueling ability. Use this when you plan to go all-out on an enemy champion since your basic attacks will deal more damage. Ideally, you’d want to hit Camille's E recast Wall Dive icon Wall Dive first to gain bonus attack speed so that you’ll be able to deal more damage per second. In addition, this ability is useful to dodge high-damage skills since you gain an invulnerability frame while dashing towards a target. During teamfights, use this ability to displace the enemy team or trap the highest damage source from the enemy team.

Camille Guide – Items and Builds

Next up on our Camille guide, we’ll be tackling useful items and builds. Unlike in previous guides, this will be the first one that will make use of items from the Season 11 Item Shop Rework. Let’s take a look at some of this champion’s most useful items and what items she can utilize after the rework.

Starting Items

Doran's Blade icon Season 11 Art Doran’s Blade – Doran’s Blade is the best item from physical attackers since it offers a good amount of starting AD and HP for survivability. The omnivamp also helps you stay in lane a lot longer.

Core Items

Trinity Force icon Season 11 Art Trinity Force (Mythic) – Tri-Force has always been Camille’s powerspike item since Spellblade allows her to become a sieging monster and increase her burst capabilities. In addition, the new mechanic Swift Strikes increases her AD by a maximum of 6% each time she attacks a champion to a maximum of 30%.

Ravenous Hydra full build icon Ravenous Hydra (Legendary) – Cleave is a necessary passive that Camille needs to enable her to become an efficient split pusher. Ravenous Hydra also gives her a decent amount of AD and Omnivamp to further increase this aspect.

Recommended Items

Sterak's Gage icon, a claw-like glove Sterak’s Gage – Aside from Attack Damage, Camille also needs a decent amount of HP to increase her shield from her passive and make her a more efficient backline diver. Lifeline grants her an additional layer of shielding whenever she falls below 30%.

Bloody greatsword, death's dance Death’s Dance – This item may not be as overpowered as it was before but it’s still a good item for champions that like to deal a lot of damage while maintaining a bit of defensive aspects. It prevents you from being taken down quickly by converting the damage you take into Damage over Time.

Guardian Angel icon Season 11 Art Guardian Angel – Good source of Attack Damage and gives you a second chance at life.

Chempunk Chainsword icon Season 11 Art Chempunk Chainsword – The main source of Grievous Wounds for Fighters. Use this when the enemy team has a lot of healing.

Camille Guide – Runes

Primary: The Rune Icon - Resolve Resolve

Keystone: Resolve Keystone Grasp of the Undying icon Grasp of the Undying – Grasp helps Camille stack health which she’ll need for her passive. It also increases her damage higher when she has more health.

Resolve rune shield bash icon Shield Bash – Increase the damage you deal when your passive activates. It also increases your resistances while shielded.

Resolve rune Second Wind icon Second Wind – Adds a layer of survivability by regenerating a portion of your health whenever you take damage.

Resolve runes - overgrowth icon Overgrowth – Stack up more health to increase your damage and passive shielding bonus!

Secondary: Inspiration Rune Icon Inspiration

Magical Footwear rune icon Magical Footwear – Camille doesn’t need boots early since you can mitigate the need for boots by buying Phage. This should help you get your Trinity Force built a little bit earlier.

a flying biscuit with wings - biscuit delivery Biscuit Delivery – Helps add a little bit more sustain in lane. On the other hand, if you’re good enough to survive lane without using pots, you can sell the biscuits later to buy your TriForce a bit earlier.

Camille Overview

In this Camille guide, we learned that she requires a lot of timing and positioning strategies to fully utilize her kit. Before using this champion, try extensively training on the practice tool to learn about auto-attack resets and learn which walls you can pass through using your Hookshot / Wall Dive. If you’re tired of playing tanks in the Top Lane, you might as well try this champion out so you can try being a hypercarry for your team and be solely responsible for your team’s success.

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How to counter Camille?

Camille relies heavily on her timing and position. Always go to the side opposite of her so that she won’t easily be able to hit you with Hookshot / Wall Dive. When engaging in fights, wait for her to burn her passive ability to gain the advantage. Never engage in short trades unless you can deal a ton of damage in bursts.

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