How to navigate the LoL InGame Store effortless

Learning How to Use the League of Legends Shop

Since the beginning of League of Legends’ time, this particular game began to follow an unorthodox business model that defined the PC gaming industry afterward. Indeed, this time around, instead of buying the game (or license key) to install/download the files and begin playing, you could skip all that. Therefore, you know have the option to create an account on the Riot web page, and download the game for free.

league of legends shop Display with Exclusive collectionleague of legends shop
Prepare Your Wallets!

Most noteworthy, you could play all the different game modes that were available from the start, but the characters of Champions were another story. Rather than having all the roster unlocked, you had the choice to play a few rotating Champions that swapped every week. Still, though, you also have the chance to use some in-game currency to have them ready to use on your account, every time that you’ll like.

Furthermore, there are always two types of in-game currency that follow the business model within the League of Legends’ ideal. First of all, you have the “Free to Play” currency that tends to
accumulate only when you play the game
and obtain more levels in your main account. The other one, though, is exchanged between your real money and Riot’s main servers.

In other words, to accelerate the unlocking process, you have the choice to spend a few bucks to unlock as much as possible. Above all, the lol Champion Price isn’t equal at all between all the available characters. Certainly, the new ones require more currency, while the old ones tend to be a lot cheaper.

The main tool that the Riot developers use to make this exchange has always been the League of Legends Shop in the Main Menu. Indeed, to take full advantage of these microtransactions, in this article we’ll discuss how it works and how can you take advantage of the selling items.

The League of Legends Shop

Shop sub
Bundles, Bundles Everywhere!

In the actual time, there are lots of different items that you can find when you explore the Store. Rather than finding only the Champions to increase your collecting roster, you’ll definitely see lots of superficial
. Even though all those colorful and remarkable Skins may look amazing implemented over you unlocked Champions, they have no effect over the gameplay.

Still, though, if they look appealing to you, there’s always the freedom to gather as much as you’ll like. In contrast to the Champion items, in the Store, you can only unlock these items through real money. Therefore, even though if you play more than six hours per day, doing random matches, technically you’re unable to unlock these cosmetics at all for free.

Although this is a little bit unfortunate, the actual fact still stands, they have no effect over
the gameplay
. Therefore, even though you may see another player with different looks, they have no advantages over you. As a result, they may look prettier, but you still have the chance to over-perform them on the battlefield.

Indeed, the lol Champions Prices still have some discrepancies. Through their price tag, you’ll notice that some characters were added recently. At the same time, you can easily tell that the oldest
Champions belong to the bottom and require a lot less currency to unlock
. Sadly, these old items are somewhat forgotten and have no place in the META. As a result, if you want to play competitively, you’ll have a harder time playing whit these.

Available Currencies

To understand this part of the “game” even more, let’s dive into the different types of stuff that you’ll use to complete the “trading:”

Your tickets for Success!
  • Blue Essence: This is the most operating currency that you’ll find in League of
    Legends. At the moment there are multiple ways to obtain this precious Essence.
    First of all, you have tools such as Capsules that sometimes drops a random
    amount of BE. Furthermore, you have the chance to acquire more by disenchanting
    Champion Shards. Depending on the type of Shard you’ll get a fixed quantity for
    your account.
  • Orange Essence: This is basically the currency needed to unlock all of the
    cosmetic items. Therefore, to gain some OE, you can either get random amounts
    through Chests (Loot Boxes). At the same time, you can disenchant cosmetic
    Shards and gain a little more.
  • Riot Points: Commonly known as the “premium” currency, you can only acquire this
    type of points through the exchange of real money. As a result, you have
    different fixed amounts in the store that can give you the right RP for those
    flashy items. Most noteworthy, you can use RP to unlock different Champions,
    just like Blue Essence, each lol Champion Price is different.
  • Capsules: A particular item that “drops” after you get specific level-ups the main
    Account, or from special events. These items contain random amounts of Blue
    Essence, Champion Shards, and Player’s Icons. Items such as this can give you a
    nice bonus to unlock different Champions. Still, though, it depends solely on
    RNG, and you may get some characters that you do not find appealing.
  • Chests and Keys: An Amazing item that gives you the potential to earn a lot of
    different items to increase your collection. First of all, the “easiest” way to
    acquire a Chest is by earning good performance grades with a Champion after the
    match ends. In contrast, to earn some Keys, you just have to play for a while
    and you’ll surely get “key shards” eventually. Furthermore, you have the option
    to earn both of these items through special events.

LoL Champions Price

Now that you know a little bit more about the different types of currency available at the moment for the League of Legends Shop, let’s discuss more the lol Champions Prices. Currently, there are six different types of established costs that envolves all the Champions available in the game.

Champions price
Sett needs to Wait for a While

First of all, we have the 450 BE (or 260 RP) which consist only in those Champions that basically were added to the game from the first year. Most noteworthy, even though there are old, you can always have some fun learning their gaming mechanics. Afterward, you have the 1350 BE (or 585 RP) group, these characters practically are ancient, but still playable.

Later on, Champions that belong in the 3150 BE (or 790 RP) have some fight in them and are old-time favorites from the gaming community. Furthermore, in the 4800 BE (or 880 RP) collection tend to excel in their position and create a lot of interest to the old veterans.

Meanwhile, in the 6300 BE (or 975 RP) group are those Champions that are relatively new and have a Higher chance to belong in the current META. Last but not least, we have the 7800 BE (or 975 RP) rank that is filled with Champions recently added to the game. Indeed, after a week of release, the characters in this group lower their position.

As you can already tell, the last group is practically a message to the “Free to Play” players that they better wait for a week or totally waste a lot more of their resources.

LoL Shopping Cosmetic Items

Now besides all those powerful Champions that you can unlock by playing the game, these types of items technically require only real money to have them. Indeed, you have the potential to unlock some cosmetics through shards, but they all strongly depend on the RNG. Therefore, there’s
a higher chance to obtain stuff from Champions that aren’t on your collection
. In contrast, there’s a lower percentage to get something from your personal roster, but still, it may not have good quality.

Skins price
Pimp my Champion!

This part of the League of Legends Shop contains items such as:

  • Champion Skins: Different items that have the only purpose to change the appearance of the original Champion. Therefore, even though some of them look cool and powerful, they give core advantages between matches.
  • Chromas: This part of the shop tends to give another layer of customization to some Champion Skins. Hence, they only exist to change the color palette of some fan-favorite Champion Skins.
  • Emotes: Another layer to increase social interactions in a random match. These items are little images that appear above the head of your Champion and sometimes represent an emotion or some achievements. As a result, you can either be friendly to your teammates or taunt your enemies.
  • Ward Skins: Some little customizations to the wards that you place on the map.
  • Summoner Icons: These are little images that represent your account in the game. With these options, you’ll have another layer to customize your account and make it more personal.

Other League of Legends Shop Items

Besides all those elements from the previous groups, you also have the chance to unlock some of these items:

  • Rune Pages: The only item in this list that can be bought with Blue Essence as well. Indeed, the more Pages you get, the more chances you’ll have to create custom Rune sets for your Champions. Therefore, if you’re a competitive player, this is a must-have.
  • Boosts: Exchange some RP to increase the experience after you play a match. As a result, you’ll gain more levels than the usual player.
  • TFT Cosmetics: Different items from TeamFight Tactics that customize different elements of the custom mode, and make thinks a little bit attractive. Obviously, you’ll probably find them appealing if you practice this subsection more than often.
Other items
Taking some Shortcuts

Learning to Buy

Since now you know all the different items that can be obtainable in the League of Legends Shop, here are some tips that can give you advantages on your purchases, and save you some valuable currencies:

  • LoL Skin Sale: Each week, along with the “Free Champions” to try; you also have the opportunity to buy (with only RP, obviously) some Skins on sale. Each of these items becomes hand-picked by the Riot team, with no particular order. As a result, you never know if a Skin you like is getting a price cut.
  • Finishing Quests: Within each important update or special event, you’ll have the opportunity to gain amazing prices as you participate with the gaming community. As you do, you’ll gain rewards on the process that increase the number of Essences in your account. Furthermore, you’ll possibly obtain Shards from Champions or Cosmetics.
  • Personal Shop: This remarkable opportunity appears randomly through different dates in a year. Within your personal League of Legends Shop, you have higher chances to buy Skins for Champions on your collection. Still, though, you can only buy these items with RP.
  • Starter’s Bundles: When you create an account, you have the possibility to unlock a group of Champions with a relatively low price tag. Indeed, you only have the potential to use RP for these types of Bundles.

Buy a League of Legends Smurf Accounts

Picking the Perfect Smurf

There are many positive outcomes that you can take advantage of, once you buy Smurf Accounts. First of all, since you’re practically starting all over again, you’ll have the opportunity to acquire multiple items from the lower level rewards. Furthermore, through LoLFinity, you also have the chance to restart with a handicap and obtain lots of resources when you first log-in.

Furthermore, due to the freedom of changing multiple accounts as you please, there’s always the chance to complete multiple Quests. Indeed, with that advantage, you’ll get the opportunity
to gather more rewards
in a relatively short time. Above all, even though all of the items won’t be unlocked in a single account, you’ll still get to try more stuff than the accustomed player.

Last but not least, you’ll take further advantages from Bundles and Personal Shops. Therefore, you’ll have more chances of getting hard to get Skins with a relatively short prize. Most noteworthy, with these advantages you can gain access to more cosmetic items that make your account flashier than ever.

As you can already tell, getting multiple lol Smurf Accounts, you have more chances to gather more Champions at your disposal. Therefore, you have more chances to experience more gaming mechanics that this game has to offer.

Frequently Asked Questions about League of Legends Shop

How many currencies are available in lol?

At the moment you’ll find Blue Essence for Champions, Orange Essence for cosmetic items, and Riot Points for all the items in the Shop.

How can you increase these types of currencies?

For BE, you can gain multiple amounts when you increase the level of your account. Also, Capsules have the chance to have a random number of Essence as well. Additionally, through special events, you’ll have the chance to complete quests and gain a fixed quantity of Blue Essence. Last but not least, you can disenchant Champion Shards for more BE.
For OE, you can either disenchant cosmetic Shards or after you open a Chest (loot box).
Lastly, for the Riot Points, you can only obtain this currency through the exchange between real money.

When is the right time to use the League of Legends Shop?

Weekly with the Skin sales, using your Personal Shop to gather amazing items or any time through Starter’s Bundles.

Why do you need to buy a League of Legends Account to acquire more items?

Since you practically start all over again, you have more rewards from special events that give you the boost to unlock more items in a relatively short time.

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