Unstoppable Duo – Dominating the Bot Lane 2018

In the latest update in League of Legends, Pyke was a released as a new type of support. It is an assassin-type support which shares its kill gold with the champion who last hit the enemy champion before his execution.

Before Pyke, there was another type of Attack Damage Carry (ADC), called Kai’sa. This is the daughter of Kassadin who came back after being trapped in the Void. She is a new type of ADC. She is a character who puts a lot of thinking on how she scales which shows how Riot’s “High Risk, High Reward” concept is put into use while dominating the Bot lane. 

This changes how the duo bot lane mechanics work. It also clearly shows that Riot does not want to put their champion into one category role only. There are five significant roles in League of Legends. These are Top, Jungle, Mid, Bot, and Support.

For example, we have Ezreal, which is introduced as an ADC. Due to Riot’s effort in making the game more complicated, they integrated a new system on runes and masteries. Ezreal can now be played in any lane. It is also clearly is shown in the recent patches that there was a Meta where Ezreal was played a lot in the jungle. So in this article, we are going to focus on the changes in the bottom side of the map and its effects on the whole game itself.

Duo Bottom Lane League of Legends Account Dominating the Bot Lane
Duo Bottom Lane League of Legends Account

Picking Your ADC – Dominating the Bot Lane

If you recently decided to create or buy a League of Legends account and you pursued being an ADC, you should not overthink about what champion you want to master. Try every ADC champion if you have the chance since Riot is always changing their champion rotation for you to try for free.

Learn the basics of what skills and item build best fits that champion. Every ADC has its strengths and weaknesses, so try to learn what style of play you want in-game. From here, you can try to find similar champions close to your style of gameplay.

Picking Your ADC League of Legends Smurf

Types of Attack Damage Carries That You Need to Learn

There are three popular categories of ADCs. These are Hyper-Carry, Utility, and Duelist. Each has its strengths and unique playstyle. We should start it off with the most popular of the three which is the Hyper-Carry.

Players from Unranked to Challenger love this champion. Why is this so? It is because this type of champion is what the game revolves around on. What do I mean by that? Simply, the Hyper-Carry champions play an essential role in the whole game.

Your team supports you and tries to give you kills/ gold for you to build up your items fast so that you can kill the enemy team quick without them landing damage on you.

Being an ADC is hard since you have the lowest health on your team, but potentially, you will have the highest damage to contribute to team fights. Some champions that are known for being very good Hyper-Carries are Kai’sa, Ezreal, and Vayne. If these champions get a lead on you and build some decent early items, they will have a significant impact on the game later on.

Next, we have Utility ADCs, which are safe-play champions that have good engage/ disengage abilities. These type of champions are useful in starting team fights. They are also great in dealing with decent damage.

Some good Utility ADCs are Jhin, Ashe, Varus, and Kalista. These champions have their own stuns that can either start a team fight or get some nice juicy picks that will be great later on in the game.

Lastly, we have what we call Duelists, and they are called as such for nothing. These are champions who can handle pressure early in the game. If controlled adequately, they can help you attain victory.

These champions can decide the flow of the bot lane since they can freeze the wave and start farming decently without overthinking of Junglers that can gank their lane. Duelists that have excellent Supports can quickly destroy the enemy bot lane. Since it is already hard killing the ADC, having a good Support to maintain its life can give you a hard time gaining an advantage over the other team. Great champions who are good in 1v1 or 2v2 fights are Draven and Caitlyn. These champions possess an excellent skill kit that gives them a lot of opportunities to deal damage to the enemy team.

Being the team’s damage dealer is fun to think about but not necessarily easy to do. You should know what builds are most effective when it comes to the different enemy ADC champions that you will face. Learn the right combinations of your abilities and learn to hit the creeps last. This is crucial since gold is precious. It can help you acquire items fast and get your team the victory. Do not force battles you think you are not capable of winning. The goal is not to show off, but to keep your patience and learning when to strike effectively.

Knowing Your Support

ADCs mean nothing if they do not have somebody to protect them. This further brings the role Supports into the scene. Choosing this role means you have the responsibility to guide and help everyone in your team but your main priority is always keeping an eye on your partner on the bot lane before everything else.

The role of supports is known for being underrated since people think of it as boring and they always want action in the game. This is not the role for you if you are one who charges in once you see an enemy champion. In choosing this role, you focus on macro gameplay and let the other teammates concentrate on their micro plays since you are in charge of keeping your team alive.

A lot of items are dedicated to Supports since Riot wants their community to know that Supports have a prominent role in League. One big team fight that is caused by the engage, shields or heals of supports can turn a bad team fight around.

Supports are the ones responsible for letting the team’s damage dealers like ADC and Mid make plays in the game. Without these supports, the game is already lost since you should expect that you will be deleted once you start engaging on the enemy team without any help or protection.

Knowing Your Support

Classes of Support Champion: Their Purpose and Strengths

Supports also have different kinds of classes. You can use these to your advantage once you pick up countermeasures from the enemy teams composition. Supports have mainly three categories that are effective as of the moment which are Healers, Tanks, and Engagers.

You would know what each class does based on its categories, but there are more to each than just that. Healers, of course, replenish lost health on your teammates. This can also include champions that shield your team. Good champions for this role are Soraka, Janna, and Lulu since they have abilities like that in their kit, but this is not the only help you can give to your team.

Healers can also deal damage to the enemy team. They usually have abilities in their kit that can help silence, stun, and slow the enemy which gives your ADC an opening to apply damage and win a fight.

Next, we have Tanks – the big boys in League. You may hear a lot of players complain that Tanks are tough to kill. Tanks are also played in different lanes because once they have items that give them health or health regen, they give the enemy team a hard time by letting them waste their abilities on them and still live to tell the tale.

Utilizing Tanks for a support role is also quite useful for your bot lane. They also have abilities that engage, and they are also durable. This can lead them to tank all the damage being dealt by the other team’s ADC and let your ADC deal damage to him. Champions like Alistar and Malphite are Tanks that are great for supports. After using their abilities to engage, they still can live after taking damage.

Finally, we have Engagers, which from the word itself, are champions who use their abilities to start a fight possibly. Champions like Bard, Sion, and Leona, have capabilities that help them start a fight with the enemy team. They can be significantly paired with Duelists since they have an opportunity to punish the enemy team and deal damage to them once they land an ability.

These champions are also great for roaming. In using these champions, you can help your other teammates start a fight and get some great picks. They can also help with vision in the river which can improve their Junglers farm safely and notify their mid that there are no incoming threats from that area.

Knowing what champion to pick as a Support is one of the essential things to think about. Bad match ups for support can lead your bot lane into a defeat. This can then give your team a hard time keeping up with the game. Being a Support is not an easy task. It is also not secondary to any role since you can be a game changer all throughout the game.

Bottom Lane Changes

Riot keeps on pursuing their mission to let League of Legends players try out new things and not stick to old concepts so that they can eventually come up with new ideas. These changes significantly affect the game, and it affects how every lane is played. Bottom lane has always been a deciding factor in knowing the course of the game. Once you have a stable bottom lane composition, you can out-damage the enemy team. Thus, you can expect that the other side will be having a hard time dealing with the pair.

Bottom Lane Changes

Bottom lane is revolutionized as one objective in the game. The game producers came up with an idea of how to make the pair in the bottom lane stronger by doing map rotations. Once they win their lane, they switch positions with their top lane.

Soon after, bottom lanes will switch with their mid lane to let your ADC gain gold and get stronger. This can further lead to more damage that can potentially burst out the enemy team’s health. This leads to the question, besides the gameplay, how are bottom lane champions changing?

Bottom Lane Duo: Knowledge and Responsibilities

Let’s start it off with our Attack Damage Carry champions. They are always known to be squishy characters that deal a lot of damage. But is that the only role they have? Of course not. Since Riot came up with the new Runes and Mastery system, a lot of players have been starting to come up with different types of builds and combinations.

We can start it off with an example for Lucian, alias The Purifier. He is the champion who uses his guns and is known to have a good kit for his abilities.  This champion has a right amount of Attack Damage (AD) and Ability Power (AP) ratio that gives him the opportunity to discover new builds.

Some players try to play him as a Full AD in the bottom lane, Full AP in the Mid Lane and other stuff like Full Critical Item Builds and Full Lethality. Some even considered buying him some tank items for him not to die quickly when encountered by the enemy, but it does not work since he will be useless since he does not do any damage.

The ones that are considered before to be “just” bottom lane champions are now being played in different lanes with different builds and with various runes and masteries combinations.

Next, is the role that will somehow have the most changes, the Support role. When Pyke was released in the 8.11 patch in the PBE servers, everyone thought that this champion was featured as a support, but it does not feel like your “typical” support.

 There are two things that people may see in this new champion release that Riot wants to deliver in their game. First, they want to give every champion a “unique” concept that distinguishes it from other champions.

Second, they want to bring “change” to their current system which is labeling champions for just having one role, but in reality, they can be played in any part. The only issue here is that not all champions are capable of doing every single character in the game that is why you can come up with just two to three useful functions per champion.

Let us go back to the concept of being a Support. Through the release of Pyke, Riot showed us that any champion could be considered a support. It just depends on how you execute your gameplay in-game.

Typical mid lane champions like Xerath and Vel’coz, are now being tested to played as a support. They have abilities that can start a fight like their stuns. They can also deal some poke damage to the enemy. This is an excellent start for players giving the Support role some love. This goes to show that Riot wants to expand this vision more so they came up with Pyke to open up the idea that Assassins can play as an excellent support too.

How to be Good in Bottom Lane and Synergy

In winning your lane, you always have to be good at communicating with your partner. A lot of variables are also considered when it comes to improving your synergy. These are some things that you should remind yourself when playing with someone in the bottom lane.

First, knowing your enemy’s champions is a must since there are champions who counter the enemy’s abilities with their own. This can give you an advantage in engaging or disengaging fights. Do not force yourself to play champions you had not played before or had little practice on. Even though this strategy it is a counter for the enemy team, it will still be a disadvantage if you do not know how to play it.

Try to pick the champion that you think makes sense and can match up with the enemy in the early game, so you do not get so far behind in gold. We all know that as an ADC, you need gold to quickly build your starting items to enable you to deal more damage and possibly burst down the enemy team’s health in a fight.

This brings us to the second thing you should consider, which is increasing your Champion Pool. Yes! It is important to master one champion at a time, but it does not mean that it should be the only champion you should choose.

There are times that your champion will get banned by the enemy team, so you should try and learn using other champions too. Learning the abilities of a champion is very easy. You can master this already just by looking at the footage Riot’s been sharing when they release a champion, but it does not mean you can get it instantly. Practice at least ten games in-game, so you know the basics of that champion, and 30 to 50 more games to try and make some combinations that work effectively and efficiently.

The most important thing is having excellent synergy with your partner in the bottom lane. It is hard to win a lane if you do not work together. A lot of national and international teams that compete with one another give a lot of importance in team coordination. You cannot win with just one player doing all the work.

For example, you have a Hyper-Carry in the game. However, that player cannot win the game all by himself, so all of the other players make an opening for him and protect him all throughout the team fights. The same goes for the bottom lane. The duo needs to have synergy to win their lane or at least keep up with the enemy. What are the roles and responsibilities of the ADC and the Support?

First, let us talk about the role and responsibility of an ADC. They are the ones who need to deal damage and put pressure on the enemy team and should put time and effort into mastering their last-hitting to have an advantage in CS gold. They also should know how to position themselves in a 1v1 or 2v2 fights. Try to give attention to your abilities that may help you poke down the enemy. If they are low in health, your support can help you engage with them and have an easy pick.

On the other hand, the Supports are in charge of protecting our ADCs so that they can farm freely. They are also responsible for Warding, which is very important in the game because it gives vision to the map and can help tell your team that it may be a possible gank from the enemy or you can gank the enemy for potential picks.

In team fights, the supports are the ones who should keep helping his teammates while fighting. They can help by stunning the enemy, healing or shielding their team, and just give their all for the team.

The secondary role of a support is ganking the mid lane. These are good for the Engagers-type of Support which has stuns and slows like Thresh, Blitz, and Bard. If you are a Healer or Tank, it is best to stay with the ADC to help him farm freely and protect him/her from possible ganks.

Having good duo synergy in the bottom lane is having the right amount of knowledge on how to play the game and keeping track of each other’s movements in the bottom lane. You should know when to engage in fights so that you can have an advantage on the enemy or disengage in them to keep up. This simple yet essential knowledge about the bottom lane plays a prominent role in winning the game. 

Making Bottom Lane Fun Again

People sometimes buy LoL smurf accounts, and this is so that they can get some special skins that they cannot acquire anymore. They sometimes sell their LoL smurf cheap so that others can have the enjoyment they had when playing with that account.

Although, technically, people who buy LoL accounts will be happy to get what they want. In getting some good deals, there can be a lot more things that can spice up a gaming style. Riot comes up with great skins once in a while. It gives satisfaction to the players’ cravings to see the champions look excellent or silly.

However, the most interesting skins for some are the ADC skins since their abilities and attack animations are long-ranged so you can see the changes right away. Some of the most likable like Bloodmoon Jhin and Bloodmoon Kalista look so great in red. Somehow, it is a right fit since their lore is saddening to read. Pulsefire Ezreal and Pulsefire Caitlyn are on point in these skins because of the way they changed the look on every ability and animation.

Lastly, we have the project skin that involves one of the queens of Frejlord: Project Ashe. This one is a real beauty compared to rest of her skins. It is simple and sophisticated at the same time, and it is indeed a work of art.

Some other good skins like Dark Star Varus and Arcade Corki are great skins to own, so you feel great in-game while facing your enemy. All of the skins can sometimes be included in Riot’s LoL Sale, which is sold at discounted prices.

Of course, Supports get some love as well because they too are blessed with some fantastic skins.  The Starguardian theme is one of the most adorable skins that you can own. Supports like Lux, Jannah, and Lulu have these skins.

Speaking of Lux, she and Sona have special skins of their own. DJ Sona can change into three looks in-game, and Elementalist Lux can pick the element of her choosing and evolve into different skins as you play the game. Some special mentions for exotic and fun skins like Dark Star Thresh and Moo Cow Alistar are great skins to use. These awesome skins can distract your enemy.

League of Legends is not always about the gameplay, but also about exploring different kinds of things that can make your game more fun. This is what the skins are for. ADC and Support skins are improving over time.

Riot is definitely not going to stop producing more incredible skins for League of Legends to try out and play with. This shows that at the end of the day, we play this game for the fun and excitement of it and not for us to be just competitive with other players.

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