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Ever since we got the opportunity to witness exciting matches between well-known eSports players, people gathered and took some bets to their favorite teams. Therefore, as time went by, this friendly “LAN” tournaments became something out of proportion that somehow created eSports. As a result, we now have Internet platforms like Twitch that allows us to see a particular match from around the glove. Most noteworthy, these new tournaments are far too much famous that their prize pool sometimes reaches millions of dollars. Due to their successful outcomes, people around the planet look forward to every new upcoming event for each year that comes by.

Taking that into consideration, we’ll discuss in this article about the upcoming eSports Events that most likely be streaming through our screens in the next months. Each of these tournaments is important for the career of any professional player. Besides the prize pool, if their team gets the chance to win it, they probably earn an invitation for an even more significant event. Therefore, the better the earnings from a tournament, the higher the difficulty. Above all, your team isn’t just the best in your region, but the best team that can ever be in the game of League of Legends.

Upcoming Esports Events for League of Legends

Top Lane Looks Busy

With every new tournament that comes our way, there are always opportunities for further professional players to shine. Furthermore, this road is not easy for anyone; it requires a lot of practice within the game and good teammates to pull you through. Therefore, when new names appear randomly in different seasons, its because a singular player as put the necessary effort to demonstrate some dominance as a player. Above all, the performance tends to synergy with his teammates to show us how to handle a professional match. As a result, we get to praise the team itself for their fantastic performance in a season, and we hope that they’ll go through in future tournaments.

LST Spring (April 2019)

Location: Southeast Asia


  • Single-elimination Bracket
  • Finals Bo5
  • All other matches are Bo3
  • Winner qualifies for Mid-Season Invitational

This tournament is the last one that we’ll see for the Spring season. First of all, this time around, players from Southeast Asia compete with each other for a “generous” price and a chance to qualify in a bigger tournament. Due to the date of the year, the winner will have the opportunity to continue their glory and participate in the Mid-Season Invitational. As a result, these last matches are probably full of intense action and lots of exciting gameplay. Most noteworthy, this region always has the chance to show us what a right team’s “cohesion” is, with their coordination and perfect timings.

Mid-Season Invitational (May 2019)

Location: Vietnam, Taiwan


Mid-Season Invitational

Thirteen invited teams:

  • Brazil – CBLOL Summer Playoffs winner
  • China – LPL Spring Playoffs winner
  • Commonwealth of Independent States – LCL Spring
    Playoffs winner
  • Europe – LEC Spring Playoffs winner
  • Japan – LJL Spring Playoffs winner
  • Korea – LCK Spring Playoffs winner
  • Latin America – LLA Opening Playoffs winner
  • North America – LCS Spring Playoffs winner
  • Oceania – OPL Split 1 Playoffs winner
  • Southeast Asia – LST Spring winner
  • Taiwan, Hong Kong, Macao – LMS Spring Playoffs
  • Turkey – TCL Winter Playoffs winner
  • Vietnam – VCS Spring Playoffs winner


  • Ten teams participate
  • Three teams advance

Main Event

  • Six teams compete

Different players across the planet fight each other for the glory; and of course, also for the “generous” prize pool. First of all, these teams already won a tournament in a previous couple of months. Therefore, they previously demonstrated that they got the strength to give it all and take the million dollar reward.

Similarly to the biggest tournaments that come by each year in League of Legends, it is full of excitement. Due to the diversity that each region has to offer in their playstyle, the clashes never miss in entertaining the audience. As a result, take some days off, grab some popcorn or other groceries and try to enjoy every single match that we’ll get on this special occasion.

Most noteworthy, the location for this specific tournament (Taiwan and Vietnam), might be a little harsh for the American viewers. Because of the vast difference in time zones, you’ll probably need to wake a little by early than usual (by “early” we mean around 2 AM). Hence you’ll probably go to need to change your sleeping time, or avoid all social media and watch the replays later.

LPL Summer (June 2019)

Location: China


LPL Summer

Group Stage

  • Single round robin
  • All events are Bo3
  • Top 8 advanced to Playoffs
  • Top 2 teams get seeded into Semifinals


  • Single elimination
  • All games are Bo5
  • Winner qualifies for Worlds 2019

The summer kicks in and new tournaments arise in this time of the year. First of all, we have LPL within the China region, even though the professional players from around this region haven’t been impactful; they never miss to amaze us. Similarly to all these “classification” events, we’ll have lots of matches to talk about, and of course, we’ll surely have great plays to witness. Indeed, American viewers may have a little rough time to watch the streams live (like the Mid-Season Invitational), In other words, gather your Red-Bulls and have some marathons, sleep is overrated (just kidding).

CBLOL Winter (June 2019)

Location: Brasil

CBLOL Winter


Group Stage

  • Triple Round Robin
  • All matches are Bo1
  • 1st to 4th place will play the playoffs
  • 7th place will play the Promotion


  • Single Elimination
  • All Matches are Bo5
  • Winner qualifies for 2019 World Championship


  • 7th place of CBLOL Winter Vs. 2nd Place of BRCC
  • Match in Bo5
  • Winner qualifies for CBLOL Summer
  • Loser qualifies for BRCC Summer


  • The highest number of unique games won during
    the points phase
  • Less time accumulated in wins
  • A new confrontation between teams (single game)

This tournament usually shows eight teams giving it all to earn the most exceptional prices and qualify for more significant opportunities. Seems like this time around, the winners have a chance to participate in “Worlds,” one of the top events that League of Legends has to offer in the eSports side. Above all, we get a chance to see how the South Americans (mainly from Brazil), get an opportunity to demonstrate their potential to all the community. Similarly to China, even though there are no constant “winning” teams from this region, there’s always a chance to see entertaining games through the online streams.

LCK Summer (June 2019)

Location: South Korea


Group Stage

  • Double Round Robin
  • All matches are Bo3
  • Top 5 from regular season qualify for Playoffs


  • Top 5 from Group Stage
  • Single Elimination King of the Hill
  • Wild Card match is Bo3
  • Round 1 onwards is Bo5.
  • Winner qualifies for Worlds 2019

This region usually shows to the world all their full understanding of the game League of Legends, with their amazing plays. Therefore, when the tournament kicks in, we’ll have the chance to see different streams with their language coverage. As a result, people from around the World (especially the Professional Players,) will have the prestige to witness a higher gameplay level. In other words, try your best to be there supporting these gamers by watching their games live through Twitch or Youtube, you’ll probably learn a new thing or two.

LEC Summer (June 2019)

Location: Germany


Group Stage

  • Double Round Robin
  • Each team plays 18 matches.
  • All matches are Bo1
  • Top 6 qualifies to the Summer Playoffs


  • Single Elimination
  • All games are Bo5
  • Winner Qualifies for World Championship 2019

This region never misses to entertain us. Similarly to South Korea, these professional players have all it takes to give us the best possible plays for League of Legends. Therefore, the eSports in this area is always strongly competitive, as players from different countries across the region fight for a spot in an outstanding team. As a result, playing against one of the European teams tends to be complicated and an exceptional challenge to overcome. Above all, any tournament hosted in this part of the World always contains the proper coverage with different streams over the Internet and with multiple casters with different languages. It seems like if you’re a true fan of the League of Legends eSports genre, you need to witness every single match and learn a lot from these players.

LCS Summer (June 2019)

Location: United States


LCS Summer

Group Stage

  • Double Round Robin
  • Each team plays 18 games.
  • All matches are Bo1
  • The 1st place from Group Stage will select their
    opponent from Quarterfinals
  • The 2nd place from Group Stage will face the
    remaining team from Quarterfinals


  • Single Elimination
  • All matches are Bo5
  • Winner Qualifies for World Championship 2019

Players from around North America gather for a single tournament to prove to the World that they can win it all. It seems that, even though this region isn’t one of the most excellent contestants for the big leagues, they never miss to show us a new trick or two. Due to proximity, the viewers from around this area, instead of the usual “watch,” they now have the chance to view essential matches live. Above all, you can never know with certainty that one of these tournaments, an North American team can with it all and surprise us entirely.

Worlds (October 2019)


One of the highest exciting tournaments that League of Legends gives us and never fails to entertain the eSports viewership. As a result, professional players that have had already recently won essential events, and earned their spot; have another chance to prove their worth to the rest of the World. Furthermore, besides the glory, these players have a chance to win it all and earn a lot of income by doing their best. Therefore, every single match from this event is worth a lot and requires too much effort to advance further. Above all, the prestige that these professionals earn by winning it all is probably the best part about competing in a tournament like Worlds.

What’s next?

Events from League of Legends eSports are far from over. Therefore, this year still has a lot of opportunities to keep us entertained for all of these months to come.  Above all, with an ever-changing MOBA (Multiplayer Online Battle Arena), like LoL, with “meta-changing” updates and acquisitions to the roster; there are more ways to keep us in the verge of our seats. As a result, besides us having a great time within the game itself, we have the opportunity to witness how the professionals do their magic with each tournament.


The thin line between “real” sports and eSports becomes blurry with each month and event that comes in our way. Therefore, professional sports channels now have coverture of the best tournaments and keep us updated with their concurrent news. Furthermore, who knows, maybe we’ll get a chance to see some massive competitive matches with one full Olympic event, nobody knows with certainty.


Still though, without the support from the “real” sports, events such as League of Legends’ Worlds, manage to fill entire stadiums by themselves. Probably, with the aid of online streaming, the viewership may multiplicate even further. As a result, we get to see as the prize pool keeps getting higher and every professional player amaze us with their gameplay. Above all, we have the opportunity to witness how a “team-game” creates cohesion between five people and manage to build greater coordination.

We only get the chance to dream of participating in an eSports team like those we get to see in the events. In contrast, the professional gameplay, we often have teammates that want to make things on their own and “flame” when things aren’t going their way. Still though, with patience, we all have the opportunity to climb up the ranking ladder and hope that the best players have a better understanding of what it takes to play as a team.

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