Valorant, will it become the next Fortnite?

Riot Taking It to Another Level

Welcome to the virtual world of Valorant! It seems like these developers are taking another risk in the gaming industry with another video game on the market with this new release. Indeed, you already have the eternal League of Legends that still dominates the MOBA’s popularity with its fantastic community. Additionally, Riot games recently shared another option with Legends if Runeterra is moving forward in the Trading Card Gaming (TCG) scene as well.

This time around, we have another option for you in the form of First Person Shooter (FPS). Therefore, keep your reflexes at bay and train your aiming in the next couple of months. As a result, when the release date finally comes, you’ll have fewer problems in winning some matches. Furthermore, you have different options available at the moment that can give you some vital advantages from the rest of the community.

Valorant Gameplay LEAKS And This Game Looks Sick

Most noteworthy, in this article, we’ll discuss the recent news about Riot’s new project. With this in mind, you’ll have a clear idea about what to spect and check if you want to join the “wave” as well. After all, changing between the passive ways between the MOBA genre to the FPS could make a difference amongst players. Furthermore, we’ll check if it’s necessary to get some upgrades on your current Personal Computer (PC). Therefore, you’ll have everything ready when the game releases to the public.

Valorant Joins the First Person Shooters

Since one of the overall gaming classics called “Doom” dominated the market for a while. The FPS genre has come through essential changes in the next years. First of all, the mouse became a lot crucial in aiming and firing your weapons. Therefore, in a complete 3D environment, you have the opportunity to engage different treats around you. Furthermore, you can now immerse yourself with exciting story games that interact with the player. Therefore, when you move across the map, you’ll notice important events happening around you.

Valorant Art from the Game depicting two Agents.
Welcome to the Adventure

Additionally, this genre found its home with the capabilities of the PC and its hardware. Still, though, you have the chance to discover different FPSs within consoles in the market. This time around, they use the capabilities of their “analog sticks” to give somewhat accurate aiming and movement to the player. Hence, giving you the chance to play in front of your Television from the living room.

Above all, you cannot mix up the community between console and PC gamers. Since overall, the mouse gives you a lot more advantage while you’re aiming for the perfect shots. Even though you could have aiming assist with the analog sticks, aiming for the head is a lot easier without this tool. Therefore, the ranking system (and the eSports as well) need to have different pools of players.

At the moment, Valorant will join the PC pool when it becomes available to the public.

Current Top eSports Games of the Genre


A neverending battle between Terrorist and Counter-Terrorist for map supremacy is the key to this exciting game. First of all, when you queue for a match in CSGO, you become randomly placed between the two teams, which each have a goal to achieve. If you’re in the Terrorist group, you need to secure two strategic points with bombs around them. When the time of the match ends, they explode, and your team wins.

In contrast, though, the Counter-Terrorist need to move between either of those two strategic points and defuse the bomb. Indeed, if you’re able to neutralize the enemy’s team, you also win the round.

The gameplay seems to follow a somewhat “realistic” path. Therefore, with a critical shot, you have the potential to neutralize any enemy. Furthermore, once you’re disabled, you’re basically out of the round. As a result, you need to find cover and approach carefully.

Last but not least, in the early stage of the match, you’ll come across an arsenal menu. Hence, if you have the credits, you could buy the best armor and weapons

Counter-Strike GO gameplay screenshot, showing weapon handling and a desert map.
Rush B

Rainbow Six Siege

Fight between groups of Operators that either have offensive or defensive mentalities. Instead of the open field, the defenders have taken a building which they intend to “detonate.” Therefore, the offense needs to find the bombs and neutralize them before the time runs out. At first, it seems almost identical to Counter-Strike, still though it has a lit more strategic measures.

First of all, as a defender, you have the opportunity to fortify walls and doorways, making things a lot more difficult for the opposite team. But most importantly, each character or Operator comes with one unique ability. Therefore, you have a lot of replayability since everything could happen with these choices.

There are other objectives to play the game, like freeing hostages or capturing objectives. Still, though, the competitive scene seems to prefer the traditional “bombs” goal.

Furthermore, each Operator has a preset of what weapons and utility items he/she could equip. Therefore, you don’t have the freedom to use Sniper Rifles on each random match.

Rainbow Six Siege gameplay screenshot, showing HUD and strategic features.
Roaming Around


Break the mold with this Arcade-ish futuristic take on the FPS genre. In this particular game, you have the potential to join a team of six players. Furthermore, you have the chance to pick from the entire roster. Therefore, there’s a chance that you could see multiple versions of the same character.

Most importantly, since Overwatch is less forgiving, you only have a time penalty after you become disabled. As a result, you could rejoin the fight until the overall time runs out.

Each Hero comes with different abilities and ultimates, pretty much like any MOBA. Additionally, they have a different role in fulfilling. This time around, you have the Tanks, the Supports, and the DPSs.

Overwatch gameplay screenshot, showing conflict and team assistance.
Throwing some Balls

Comparisons between Valorant and the Rest

First of all, Valorant takes a lot of inspiration from Counter-Strike GO than anything else. First of all, you come across a group of five players that have the same objective. Secondly, it relies a lot upon precision shots. Therefore, aiming for critical damage is always a must. Furthermore, you have similar options with the arsenal menu when a round begins. Most importantly, since Valve made it Free to Play, you could practice a couple of matches before Valorant becomes available.

Secondly, it takes the Operators unique abilities with a little twist. This time around, you need credits (the same that you use for weapons/armor) to activate them. Therefore, you have the potential to use these special abilities less frequently. Unlike Rainbow Six Seige, you have the opportunity to use any weapon with your “Agents.” Last but not least, it shares the multiple types of objectives that you could complete in a match.

With Overwatch, you could argue that it looks somewhat similar. Indeed, at first, it seems a little cartoonish with the color palette. Still, though, since it comes with entirely different gameplay, becoming another game overall. Similarly, you have the abilities and ultimates with each Agent, but you see them less frequently.

Correlation with League of Legends

Agent Viper, art from Valorant showing on the Agents available on release date. Viper, a green-ish female with poison abilities.
Viper is Ready

At the moment, there’s no direct comparison with League of Legends. You cannot find any similarity within its core gameplay or even Lore. Therefore, Valorant is practically a game on its own, with a lot of new elements to explore. Indeed, somehow brakes the mold from Riot since they usually make games with LoL’s story in between. Still, though, it becomes interesting by itself.

Indeed, at the moment, we don’t know much about the current Lore of this game. Therefore, there’s a chance that we come across the same planet or even a correlation with their universe. Additionally, there may be other ways to unite everything in between.

First of all, the development team has the opportunity to add one of the Agents from the current League of Legends roster. As a result, you could see Champion’s ultimates in full 3D glory. Secondly, things may look complicated, or out of context, cosmetics are always the answer. Therefore, you could see some Agents looking similar to any character from League of Legends.

Latest News from Valorant’s Development Team

Valorant gameplay screenshot, showing weapon handling, teammates and current art style.
Make Every Bullet Count
  • Release Date: At the moment, the deadline from Valorant is across Summer 2020. Still, though, if you’re lucky, there’s a chance to try the “Closed Beta” on April 7th. There are no plans for Open Beta. 
  • Business Model: It seems that it is following the Riot’s Formula on video games. Therefore Valorant will be free to play from the start. Indeed, you have the chance to support the development team with the commonly monetizing cosmetics (weapon and possible Agent Skins), and through Battle Pass.
  • Ranking System: Event though this feature won’t be available at launch, it’s on their plans. Similarly to League of Legends, you have the potential to queue solo or with a team. Furthermore, there will be several penalties for all those leavers. Last but not least, you have the potential to reconnect to the game if anything comes up.
  • Available Rooster: At launch, we’ll have the potential to try around 4 to 20 different Agents. Indeed, with an estimated number of 10 Agents on release. Furthermore, there are plans to keep everything neutral with balance patches.
  • Console Version: Riot’s development team seems to focus entirely on the PC platform (no Mac), with no concurrent plans for other versions. Still, though, you have the potential to play Valorant with a controller (with no aim assist).
  • Global Coverage: When the “Closed Beta” launches, it will be available for specific regions. In contrast, though, the full release will have no such restrictions.
  • Anti-Cheat Measures: One of the features of Valorant is the “Fog of War” anti-cheat, which aims to reduce the wallhack appearances. Indeed, if you come across a hacker, there will be other ways to report them as well. Most importantly, when a cheater gets caught, they’ll have their hardware banned since Valorant is Free to Play. Last but not least, in the middle of a game, if the system finds one hacker, the match will be over instantly.
  • Rooster Increase plans: The development team wants to keep their player base interested by always adding Agents and Maps to the game. On the other hand, the Weapons in Valorant will remain the same.
  • In-Game Settings: Within the different options that will be available at launch, you have no control over the Field of View (it will always be at 103). Furthermore, to keep everything on the same page, there is no stretch support for huge monitors. Additionally, you’ll have components for the colorblind gaming community.
  • Spectator Feature for eSports: When the game releases, there won’t be any ways to spectate or any replay modes. Therefore, there is no plan for professional tournaments shortly. Still, though, it may be a priority to implement these features soon-ish. Additionally, there’s no way to play the game on Lan.
  • Customizing the game: At the moment, the development team has no plans for any possible mods or custom maps. Therefore every new content can only come from the creators.
  • Lore: There will be room to increase this part of the game with future patches that contain stories and Agent’s origins.

Valorant’s PC Requirements

Minimum Requirements

  • OS: Win XP 32
  • Processor: Intel Core 2 Duo E6600 2.4GHz / AMD Athlon 64 X2 Dual Core 3600+
  • Graphics: AMD Radeon HD 6450 or NVIDIA GeForce GT 420
  • System Memory: 1 GB RAM
  • Storage: 7.6 GB Hard drive space
  • DirectX 9 Compatible Graphics Card

As you can already tell, there’s no need to have a powerful computer to play Valorant with low settings. Still, though, if you want the best graphics and lots of frames per second, you’ll need to upgrade your rig.

A potato Pc Meme. It depicts a potato vegetable with different PC hardware attached around it.
This Potato can Handle it

Frequently Asked Questions about Valorant

What is Valorant?

It’s the newest First Person Shooter video game from Riot.

When is the Release Date?

The deadline is between Summer 2020, with a “Closed Beta” coming on April 7th.

What platforms will be available for Valorant?

At the moment, it’s only for PC.

Do I need a powerful PC to run this game?

No, if you can play League of Legends, you’ll get the chance to play Valorant as well.

Which is the price tag?

It will be Free to Play on the release date.

Do you have any questions about Valorant?
Let us know in the Comments Below!

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