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Become the best with these Valorant Tips to improve your gameplay. Due to the “Free to Play” business model, which is a common practice between Riot practices, you’re now able to download and play without paying a cent. Therefore, whenever you feel like trying a fantastic “First Person Shooter” (FPS), make a few clicks and you’ll be ready to go. Still, if you’re new to the genre and you need to burn sometime before the download completes, this guide will give you some advantages from the start.

Even though this type of gaming genre is somewhat challenging for some players, you can always give it a chance. Indeed, decision making and quick response is the key to these types of games. Therefore, you’ll need to glue your eyes to the screen and shoot whenever you see the enemy.

DUELISTS // Official Launch Cinematic Trailer - VALORANT

At first, you may die almost instantly without knowing what is going on around your screen. Still, though, with a little assistance from this guide and constant practice, you may turn things out quickly. Just like any other video game in the market, when you get used to the menus and phasing, everything else will come easier.

Most importantly, with the different gaming mechanics and exciting shooting capabilities, you’ll have a great time in between. Furthermore, with these Valorant Tips, you’ll have a lot more advantages than the usual starting player. As a result, prepare your snacks and energy drinks and learn about Valorant with us.

Required Skillset

Screenshot of Valorant Gameplay. Showing the in-game map and weapons handling.
Point and Click!

Before we go deep in the Valorant Tips subject, let’s take a brief moment to evaluate yourself in your capabilities in the FPS genre. Most importantly, even though you do not “qualify” to play competitively, worry not, we all had to start at some point.

  • Setting Things Up: As you already know, this is a PC only game available for free on the official websites. Therefore, you’ll need to meet the minimum requirements for the program to load and run properly. Hence, check the “System Requirements” and begin the download. Remember that you’ll need a Riot Account to access the servers and Queue for Random Matches.
  • Point and Shoot: Even though it looks relatively easy to move your crosshair and shoot at your target, it involves a lot of human reflexes and proper hand movement. At first, you’ll have trouble hitting moving objects, but later on, you will be able to shoot without too much hassle.
  • Pressing the Right Keys: Besides using your Mouse to hit everything that moves, you still need aid from your keyboard for movement and skill activations. Therefore, you’ll need to master the “WASD” key pressing and when to use your abilities properly. The more you use the keyboard for a game, the quicker your responses will become.
  • Map Awareness: Like League of Legends, you always need to keep one eye in the corner for any novelties in the in-game map. At the same time, you’ll know the essential locations and how to navigate to a crucial part of the arena.
  • Weapon Economy: This type of gaming mechanic is becoming a little more famous since its conception in Counter-Strike. Practically it means that you’ll earn cash by making different actions in the game, which you could spend to extend your arsenal. In other words, if you have currency, navigate in the weapon menu and buy something.

Improving Your FPS Gameplay

Now that you know the basics about what you’ll require to have in an FPS game, let us discuss even further in you’ll like to become a competitive player. Elements in this list are ideal for Valorant Tips, but they still work in any other video game from this genre.

Official art from the recent Seasons Pass from Valorant.
Battle Pass Ready
  • Mouse Sensitivity and Wired Peripherals: These games are all about reactions and how quickly you can respond to the sight of your opponent before he kills you first. Therefore, you’ll need different set-ups that can assist in moving the crosshair a lot faster than usual. Above all, different players across Twitch may share their settings when it comes to Mouse aiming. Additionally, it is recommendable that you use wired Mouse and Keyboard. Other items that use wireless set-up are convenient, but they lack response time.
  • Constant Movement: Whenever you’re navigating to the objective or betting any conflict, you’ll need to press the “WASD” keys continually. Hence, if done correctly, you’ll reach essential places of the map before anyone else in the match. Furthermore, your enemy will have a harder time hitting you as you move randomly from side to side.
  • Choosing the Right Gun: Even though you’ll like to save some in-game currency for the deadly Sniper Rifle, there are reliable options for the right occasions. Furthermore, some weapons have a lot more impact on the Agent that you’re using at the moment.
  • Sound Cues: Different types of evolving sound always help a lot in games such as FPSs. First of all, you have the walking steps sounds that could expose the location of your opponents. Furthermore, different abilities and weapons can give you a hint about the strategy of your rivals.
  • Aim for the Critical Spots: Even though hitting extended body parts becomes easy to achieve, critical shoots (like going for the head) are always the best option. If done correctly, in games such as Valorant, you’ll rarely need to use the trigger twice on your target.
  • Know When to Reload: Always keep an eye on the clip size and know if there are no more bullets. In the middle of a fight, if you’re stuck in a reloading animation, you’re practically out of the contest. Indeed, some veterans tend to change for the primary/secondary weapon instead of waiting for the reload to complete.

Important Valorant Tips

Different Valorant Tips Agents from the Game
Unlock them All

In this segment, you’ll see interesting Valorant Tips that apply only to this particular game. Therefore, the more you know about them, the better you’ll become in this video game.

  • Click the “Practice” Button: As soon as you load up the game, use the tutorial, and take a little time to practice even further. With this option, you have the opportunity to check how the Agents work and the different weapons in the game.
  • Running with Knives: This interesting mechanic (even though dangerous in real life) has the opportunity to boost your movement speed. Therefore, if you’re running to a point in the map, keep the knife out.
  • Communicate with Your Team: You could use different elements in the game to warn your teammates about different outcomes in the match. Still, though, using the microphone is the best option for communication.
  • Moving to A, B, or C: These crucial spots in the map involve the current objectives in the game. Therefore, if you’re attacking, always use different approaches. For defense, though, move players to these parts and announce for enemy movements.
  • Planting the Explosives: Sometimes, planting this item will give you additional advantages in the game. Since the defending players need to disable it, you could hide around the corner and shot them while they’re vulnerable.
  • Using the Right Abilities: Depending on the Agent, you have the potential to change the environment, place debuffs, or heal your teammates. Therefore, just like League of Legends, you’ll have a particular role in the match. As a result, if you like the looks or abilities of a specific Agent, take your time to master its capabilities and reach its potential.
  • Unlocking Items: After a couple of hours, if you feel like this is the game for you, make it better with different articles in the in-game shop. First of all, you have the potential to unlock more Agents. Secondly, add some interesting customizing items. And Lastly, you could buy the Season Pass for more items in your account.

Frequently Asked Questions about Valorant Tips

How much does Valorant cost?

You have the option to download and play relevant content of the game without spending a cent. Still, though, you have the chance to give a little support and buy different items in the store.

How many Agents (Characters) You can Pick from the start?

You’ll have the opportunity to play with five different Agents when you download the game (Phoenix, Sage, Sova, Brimstone, and Jett). Afterward, you could use in-game currency to unlock more Agents.

Which are the System Requirements for Valorant?

Hardware requirements:
Windows 7/8/10 (64-bit), 4GB RAM, and 1GB VRAM
Minimum (30 fps): CPU: Intel i3-370M, GPU: Intel HD 3000
Recommended (60 fps): CPU: Intel i3-4150, GPU: GeForce GT 730
High-end (144+ fps): CPU: Intel i5 4460 (3.2GHz), GPU: GeForce GTX 1050 Ti

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